Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Defense Specialized and Boss Extermination


「Boss room-like room, I found it!」


In front of them was a door that didn’t exist until now.

Opening the wooden door which was about 5 meters, they entered.

Inside was wide, and dim.

It was about 10 meters to the ceiling, and looking around, the width is about the same.

And the depth was about twice, and a huge throne was placed in the deepest.

And, on that, a giant goblin that has a hideous face was sitting.

It was sitting, so its size was not clear, but it was about as large as the door earlier. It was about three times of the normal goblin.

The goblin noticed the two, and roars.

To its tremendous volume, the two scowls.


「Let’s defeat it already! It’s too noisy!」

「I agree, let’s go!」


Risa nodded.

Kaede changed her large shield to the Mirror of the Dark Night, for the final battle.

The distance to the goblin was about 20 meters.

Risa closes that distance with her top speed.

But, the goblin did not see that off.

Beside the throne, it took a giant saber that was placed in it and stood up, it was drawn violently while moving forward.


The impending deadly blade together with its tremendous sword pressure.


「【Cover Move】! 【Cover】!」


Risa didn’t knew if she could dodge it. Because Kaede received the saber that was twice her height with her large shield without being intimidated, and erased it. The enemy’s main weapon with overwhelming destructive powers was removed from the start of the fight.

The saber became light and disappeared.


「Nice! Yosh……!!」


Risa approached the boss further, and from this, Kaede’s movements were unexpected for Risa, and maybe even to the goblin.


「【Cover Move】!」


To Risa who was running, Kaede was able to keep up by suddenly accelerating. The attack from the goblin hasn’t come.

Risa, while being surprised, approached the boss.


「【Cover Move】!」


Kaede forcefully keeps up with Risa. With this, the two of them arrived in front of the goblin together.

The goblin swings down its muscular arm together with a roaring sound.

But that attack did not hit Risa.

With her proud dodging skills, she did not receive the simple attacks of the goblin. Risa, just like that, jumps up and aimed at the goblin’s stomach.

When Risa’s dagger was at the distance when it can reach the goblin’s body.


「【Cover Move】!」


Risa made a wry laugh because of the way she uses Cover Move was already ridiculous it could be called its name.

Kaede was now close to the goblin, and entered the distance where the large shield can reach.

After Risa dealt an attack, she left that place.

Kaede twists her body and swings the large shield.


「How〜is〜it!! This power!」


A flashy damage effect the width of the large shield was ground on the goblin’s abdomen, and its HP bar was reduced by 30 percent.

And as if it provoked the anger of the goblin, it hit Kaede and fell to the ground.


「Fufufu… two times damage? Two times zero is zero!!」


The two times damage received demerit of the 【Cover Move】became nothing in front of the erratic defense powers of Kaede. But that being said, her armor wasn’t like that, and it had cracks and crumbled.




Kaede was surprised, but when the armor shines faintly, it immediately

came back to its former shape.


「Ah!! I see,【Destruction Growth】!」


The destroyed equipments would grow more robust and solid.

Risa called out to Kaede.


「Can you do it one more time?!」

「Of course!」


Kaede stood up, and looked at Risa’s movements.

And, the instance that Risa was about to be hit by the goblin’s fist.


「【Move Cover】! 【Cover】!」


She stood in between the fist and Risa and adjusts her large shield.

That hand was devoured to from its fist, became light and disappeared. It was swung down in full force to catch Risa who was quickly so its momentum wouldn’t stop.

The HP bar decreases tremendously again.

There was only remaining 40% left.

Kaede draws out Shingetsu.


「I should at least do something right! 【Super Acceleration】!」


Risa’s body blurred, and accelerates.

Risa moves behind the goblin in high speed.


「【Double Slash】! 【Wind Cutter】! 【Powered Attack】! 【Double Slash】!」


Combined with the speed of the 【Super Acceleration】, it was hit with high speed consecutive attacks. Even doing all of that, the gauge only fell by 15% so it was really clear how ridiculous Kaede’s large shield was.

After being attack by this much, the goblin couldn’t help itself to face Risa’s direction.

As the goblin turns around, as if to overlap the red damage effects, golden effects envelopes its arm and punches.

That attack didn’t hit Risa but the ground it hit was caved..


「Its power is rising, but… it’s too slow!」


Risa moves away from the goblin, and the goblin tries to chase Risa with blood-shot eyes.


「Is it okay? Chasing after me? I’m sure… that one’s scarier?」

「【Hydra(Poison Dragon)】!」


Kaede’s voice calls out a three-headed poison dragon.

The goblin that left behind the huge threat trying to chase after Risa received the attacks of the Poison Dragon from behind.

In addition to the huge damage of the Poison Dragon, the top level poison damage.

Even so, the goblin was somehow standing, probably because of its pride as a boss.

But that couldn’t last long, and its huge body changed into shining lights and explodes.


「Good job〜!」

「You too… and? what was that weird movement?」

「Weird movement, oh you mean【Cover Move】? That’s great right! It had moved as I’ve thought so I was able to use it for attacking!」

「The only one who can live using it like that, and be able to deal decent damage, is Maple alone you know……」


In reality, if a large shield user was to copy that, he would probably sink after receiving two times the damage.

In addition, the only person who have that ridiculous attack power is about Kaede alone.

If it was only fire power needed, it doesn’t need to be a large shield.


「Sally was also so fast! That last one!」

「Well, it increases AGI by 50, so. I can’t use it because of its 30 minutes cooldown, but… it’s enough I guess」

「But, I can only use 【Akujiki】7 times left… I tried to not use it that much in the short term decisive battle…」

「Well, the Maple right now has bad fuel efficiency huh. This time’s skill acquisition, let’s get good ones!」

「Un, I guess so!」


After saying that, the two went towards the throne where the goblin was sitting on.

There wasn’t much decorations but it was a huge treasure box.


「I’ll open it?」

「Okay〜! Open it!」


Risa opened the treasure box.

Inside was, a saber that looks just like the one that the goblin had.

And, two pieces of silver medals shining.


「We did it! It’s a medal!」

「In addition, two of them, it’s two of them!」


The two didn’t care about the saber and was crazed about the medal. In the first place, the two cannot equip the saber, so it was natural that they weren’t interested.


「If there is two medals per dungeon, then… there is 150 dungeons…?」

「The difficulty might be different? Having a stronger boss for example! Other than that… something like, it is hidden but it has no boss…」

「Ahh, I see, there’s something like that huh」


Risa stopped thinking of it, took the saber and looked at its specs.


【Saber of the Goblin King】

【STR +75】

【Damage Acceleration】


「Uuo〜… that’s a pretty brain muscle weapon〜…」

「How does it look?」

「It’s easy to get destroyed so it’s not for long fights, but it has STR+75」

「We can’t equip it right?」


「The equipment’s a miss huh〜…」

「Do you want to search for the next dungeon? There’s a magic circle in the back of the throne, I think we can go outside when we stand on it」

「……if it’s only one, maybe we can do it today? I also think that the skills can take it!」


After discussing, the two stood on the magic circle.

Thinking of Kaede’s【Akujiki】, it would be better using all of it in a day’s exploration.

It couldn’t be carried over tomorrow, so the number that they can capture would decrease.


And when the light disappeared, they were at the grassland earlier.


「I forgot…… for the meantime, we should start from getting out of the grasslands…」

「W-Where do you think we should go?」

「Forward! Probably that is the best way. It shouldn’t be all grasslands up until the tall mountains that we saw on the start」

「Well, that is true!」


The two started walking towards the mountainous terrain.









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