Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Defense Specialized and First Battle


「Here should be…uhmm. Status!」


*Vuon* with the sound of that, a transparent blue panel emerges in front of Kaede.




HP 40/40

MP 12/12


【STR 0〈+9〉】

【VIT 100〈+28〉】

【AGI 0】

【DEX 0】

【INT 0】





Right hand【Beginners Short Sword】

Left Hand【Beginner’s Large Shield】










「U〜n…? VIT is defense power right? If I’m correct. A-re…this, I’ve done it?」


Even Kaede who doesn’t play a lot of games, guessed that having 0’s lined up on your status isn’t good.

Even if she looked from her life until now, there’s more things that wasn’t good that it was 0.

What Kaede noticed after checking her statuses one by one, is that her STR could only, somehow, let her hold her weapon, but she had no INT, she had no AGI, and she also didn’t have DEX.


「Ahaha…I’ve done it〜…what should I do…Risa isn’t here too」


*UnUn* she was groaning like that, and after a few minutes of thinking, the idea she went up, was to go fight monsters one time for the time being. And if it couldn’t really work, then it cannot be helped. At that time I’ll make it once more, Kaede thought.


「Yosh, let’s go out of the town…!」


There was one thing that Kaede thought while going towards outside of the town.


「The people nearby……so fast?!」


Here appears the effects of 【AGI 0】 that didn’t show while she was on a stop.

But, without being discouraged with that, *TekuTeku* she walked towards outside of the town.

Her goal, first subjugation.


Even the outside of the town, although not as many as inside, but there were people. If she fought here, there would be at least one who might witness her.


「I don’t want to show my uncool side though〜…I’ll go a little more distant〜」


Just like that, *TekuTeku* Kaede walked to a forest that seemed to have no people in it.


「Yosh, it’s okay if it’s here…Monster-san, you can come from wherever you want!」


It is unknown if it reacted to Kaede’s voice, but a White Rabbit with a pointed horn on it appeared from the bushes. The White Rabbit tackles with a good speed. If you ask the question, does Kaede who has only the same speed in real life can dodge a charging rabbit, then the answer is no.


「Cho!! Wa! I’m Sorry!!」


It is unknown on what part she was apologizing for, but when Kaede instinctively said that, her large shield had shifted strangely. She received the charging attack with a pointed horn to her stomach.


「It hurt…! ……It doesn’t?」


The rabbit was confused because it didn’t inflict the damage that should’ve been a critical hit.


「Ohhhh! Amazing! It doesn’t hurt! As expected of 【VIT 128】! Fufufu……how’s that, Usagi-san. How’s my abs?」


*Ghu* Kaede puts force on her stomach. It’s not like it was muscular. It was rather *PuniPuni*.

It looks like the rabbit took that thrusted, defenseless stomach that as provocation, and charges once again.

Kaede received that without using her large shield.

The White Rabbit was relentlessly charging again and again, *Fufufu* and Kaede who receives that while laughing.

If a person who didn’t know what was going on passes by, it was a profound and mysterious situation, so that person would probably write that down on the BBS in an instant.

That something, that is very doubtful if it should be called as battle, lasted for an hour.


「Come here, come here〜, put a lot more power in it〜?」


Kaede was provoking the White Rabbit a lot, but a system sound flowed inside her head.


『Skill【Absolute Defense】had been acquired』


「n? What’s that?…Please wait a minute, Usagi-san」


Kaede left that rabbit charging alone, and checked her skills.


Skill【Absolute Defense】

Makes the VIT of the skill’s owner times two. The point needed to increase 【STR】【AGI】【INT】 will be three times of normal.


Skill Requirement

Receive attacks continuously for an hour, and not receive damage. And, not afflict damage using magic, or weapons.


「n〜? Then it means,【VIT 256】?! This, isn’t it a very good skill?!…I was only playing with Usagi-san though〜…」


Kaede was thinking that she gained this skill very easily, but the VIT wouldn’t be enough for normal large shield users. Being that said, there isn’t anyone who would make a full build knowing that it would be a trash build later on. In addition to that, there’s no way, that person who made a full build, would play around for an hour with a White Rabbit.

It means, it is not said enough that it was a miracle she was able to acquire that skill. And furthermore, the only one that holds that skill right now, is Kaede.

Although, there’s no way that Kaede herself would know about that.


「Yo〜sh Usagi-san, I’ve kept you waitin……Usagi-san?」




The White Rabbit injured its body every time it hit the ground after charging. And, a HP Bar-like thing was appearing on the top of its head.

That, right now, from red gauge, it became zero.


*Parin* with that sound, the White Rabbit, turns into shining light particles, and disappeared. Without dropping not even one drop item, it disappeared without any trace.





『Your level had risen to 2』




The scream of a girl echoed in the woods.










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