Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Defense Specialized and New Knowledge



After the water that has accumulated disappeared completely, a large treasure box appeared in the middle.

Rather than being happy first, Risa laid down on the ground faced up.


「Ah〜…concentrating seriously is tiring after all…」


Notification of level up and skill acquisition echoes, but as if to say checking that is for later, Risa continued to lay down.

If possible, she didn’t want to enter that mode, but even if it was Risa that barrage and the high-speed laser was too hard.

After laying back for a while, Risa returned her tension to normal, and went towards the treasure box.


「Here I come, Open!!」


She quickly opened the cover with both hands.

What’s inside was a muffler with a vivid blue base just like the sea, and to its end, there was white that reminiscences bubbles.

A thick coat that a little darker color on the white fur on its neck line, and top and bottom garment that matches that.

And two daggers that were dark blue as if it was the deep-sea where light does not reach, and a dark blue belt that can sheath those with.

Risa checked the specs of all equipments.


『Muffler of the Surface Water (Minamo no Mafura)』

【AGI +10】【MP +10】

Skill【Mirage (Shinkirō)】



『Coat of the Ocean (Taikai no Kōto)』

【AGI +30】【MP +15】

Skill【Ocean (Taikai)】



『Leggings of the Ocean』

【AGI +20】【MP +10】



『Dagger of the Deep Sea (Shinkai no Dagā)』

【STR +20】【DEX + 10】



『Dagger of the Bottom of the Water (Minasoko no Dagā)』

【INT +20】【DEX +10】



「This is…maybe the way I took skills had an effect? Fufufu…equipments that I like. I have more equipments than Kaede…but I don’t have 【Destruction Growth】 and skill slots huh」


Equipped them with the equipment window, and cheerfully made a turn. As a belt equipment, it a part of the leggings, and did not fill a slot on the accessories.

Different to Kaede’s time, wearing unique skills that have a big increase in status, Risa left the cave.

While thinking of checking the skills tomorrow with Kaede. She was that tired.

The next day.


「Ohh〜! You became cool!」

「I know right〜! I didn’t get shoes so I bought black boots…with this, the uniform appearance is perfect!」


And, the two checked the skills that they gained one by one.

First was the skill that was with the equipment.

After that, the two new skills acquired will be checked. But even that said, one of them was a skill even Kaede knew.


【Mirage (Shinkirō)】


When activated, the opponent’s visual information on coordinates and the true coordinates can be distorted.

Target is everyone excluding the user.

Can be used 10 times a day.

The effect duration is 5 seconds. Also, if an attack was received by the vision 【Mirage (Shinkirō)】 created, the effect of 【Mirage (Shinkirō)】 will be lost.


【Ocean (Taikai)】

When touching monsters, players, water that reduces AGI by 20 will be spread thinly on the ground in a circle around the user. Cannot be used in air.

Area of effect is fixed at a 10-meter radius.

Only the user will be excluded to that effect.

Can be used 3 times a day. Has a 10-second effect duration.


【Jack of All Trades】

Damage dealt reduced 30%. 10 MP consumption cut.

【AGI +10】【DEX +10】


Skill Requirements

10 Weapon・Attack skills acquired

10 Magic・MP skills acquired

10 different skills acquired

Within that, more than 10 skills are at their lowest level.

After completing these requirements, attack a monster.


The last one is 【Giant Kill (OomonoKurai)】.


「Oh〜…I see I see. If I got 【Jack of All Trades】 before that giant fish it would’ve been bad」


After that, *U〜n* Risa groaned.


「I don’t need 【Giant Kill (OomonoKurai)】 I think〜…」

「Eh?! Why?!」

「Well if it was Maple it would’ve been useful…but I’m not a full build so depending on the opponent, the AGI raises or not raises, that would make my senses weird you know」


When the status suddenly increases regardless her intention, the sense for dodging would be distorted so it would be troublesome for Risa’s play style.


「Ah〜I see…」

「This would be 【Discard】 huh…」

「What’s that?」




The two of them looked at each other.


「【Discard】skills…that was possible…」

「I’m rather surprised that you didn’t know thought? Well, but to regain the skills are used with 【Discard】a special facility will be needed and 500k gold is needed to be paid, so it’s really only for the time it’s not needed」


After saying that, Risa 【Discard】 the 【Giant Kill (OomonoKurai)】.

Her level that was 12 raised to 15.

There is already 40 status points with this, but it looks like Risa won’t use it yet.


「Yosh, it’s enough with this I think! Also, that’s right! What happened to Maple’s equipment?」

「n〜I don’t have gold so I asked for a large shield for the mean time. Short sword and armor will be postponed」

「I see! The event is close too…I want to gather more skills a bit〜」

「If it’s like that…you want to go to the second stage?…what do you want to do? Probably, there’s unique series there though…」


The requirement to go to the second stage is breaking through a『Dungeon』. Equipments would probably be gained in a solo breakthrough.


「U〜n…I think I’m fine with it〜…I also like the equipments right now」

「If Sally was fine with it, then I’m fine too. I can gain a large shield normally too」


The two went towards the dungeon that goes through the second stage. The way of moving is the same as the time with the underground lake.


「It’s fast as I’ve thought〜!」

「Grab on firmly?」


Their destination is the north.

With this pace, it shouldn’t take too much time.










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