Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Defense Specialized and Material Collection


The next day of the first event. Kaede was taking notes in front of the BBS.

To take the task of taking damage reduction skills once again, she is recording all the damage reduction skills that have been found until now, and their skill requirements.


And right now, it had been just three months since the New World Online was released. Together with that, there will be a large-scale update tomorrow. A few skills and items will be added. That also made the internet on fire, but that was not the highlight.

The highlight was, the players that had defeated the dungeon boss on the north end of the map, will be able to move forward from there towards the new map that is added in the update.

Of course, even it was challenged by solo or by party, there is no problem.

In simple words, the players that cleared the first stage will be able to go to the next stage.

Kaede also, was thinking of going there after she gained skills.


「Today will be…let’s go acquire 【Large Defense】!」


Kaede eagerly said that, but she found one problem. The Mirror of the Dark Night has the deadly skill that devours everything it touches. Because of that, she wouldn’t be able to receive attacks that are needed for the skill requirement of 【Large Defense】. After all, before she could receive it they will be erased.


「U〜n…but I think I don’t need it if I have this large shield though〜…no, but still〜… I want to have a lot of skills〜…」


Kaede who was thinking for a while, she started walking as if she had an idea.


「I wonder if it would go well?」

Saying that, she went towards the Izu’s store that she was taken by Crom before.


「Ara! Welcome. You surely had become famous huh〜…when you came here, you only had beginner’s equipments though〜」

「Thank you very much! And then…there’s something I want to talk today…although it’s okay if it was impossible……」


Saying that as prelude, Kaede started talking about it. And Izu who heard what Kaede was saying until she ended, started reciting it as to check.

「You want an equipments that with its specs not considered, you want it white and detailed. And to make that, how much will it take…huh. Let me think…if there are some materials that you will have that can be used, probably about one million gold for one set. Depending on the materials you bring, the specs will get higher though」


The Mirror of the Dark Night is a large shield for battle that is not suitable for taking skills.

Because of that, Kaede decided to have a large shield that is for skill taking, but she wanted to consider how it looks. That’s why she didn’t think think of buying cheap shields. Now that she had gathered attention, she wanted to be fashionable.

That’s why she wanted to have a complete set of equipments.

After the jet-black equipment, next is pure-white equipment.

*Mufufu* Kaede laughed. Inside her head, she imagined herself being clad in those equipments.


「I understand! I will come and bring the money and the materials!!」


Just like that, Kaede jumped out of the store.

To find out where to get the materials needed for the equipments that she wanted for herself, Kaede came back to the information bulletin boards.


First of all, a pure-white material that have a certain hardness is needed. Kaede picked up two materials that are fit for that from the BBS.


The first one is White Crystal. But, Kaede knew that she couldn’t mine it with her 【DEX 0】.

That’s why, Kaede decided to go for the other one.


The location is the wide underground lake south from the town. It is being told that this lake has some kind of secret, but suspicious things like that hadn’t been found.

Her target in there is a fish that swims with a group, that has snow-white hard scales. One of them is a blue-colored leader that is almost transparent in water.


「There was that kind of story in elementary school right〜! That’s nostalgic!」


After buying new fishing tools, Kaede eagerly started walking towards the underground lake.


「Well then…Fishing, Let’s go!」


*Pochan* with the sound of that, that was the start signal for fishing. After that, she should only wait silently until the prey get caught.

And, after 20 minutes.


「I-It hooked!」


Kaede puts strength and pulled the fishing rod. The splashing waters echoed through the silent underground lake.

And, finally caught a pure-white fish, and it *PichiPichi* flopped behind Kaede.

After leaving it like that for a while, leaving about a one 5 cm scale, it became light and disappeared.

The original scale was smaller, but it’s she thought about it as the game’s setting and put it in her inventory. She still needs to fish a lot, but Kaede has school tomorrow.


「To think, that it would take this much time…gugugu…after fishing the last two, I’ll just have to go back for today huh…」


Fishing was set to be relevant to the DEX and AGI status, so Kaede’s efficiency is the lowest. If it was a non-combat player’s status, they probably can fish one every minute.

It couldn’t be helped, so Kaede ended it there and logged out.

She couldn’t neglect the real life just for the sake a game.


「Fuu…I’ll end it here today! I have to prepare for tomorrow!」


Kaede turned off the hardware, and stuffed her bag according to tomorrow’s schedule.


「Well then……good night」


After laying in bed after a few minutes, *Su〜Su〜* Kaede started to sound asleep.

She is surely seeing a good dream.









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