Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Defense Specialized and Status Discussion


【NMO】 The mystery of Maple-chan 【Discussion】


1 Name: Nameless Spearman

I made the thread, there


2 Name: Nameless Large Sword User


The agenda is about our Maple-chan


3 Name : Nameless Magic User

honestly, I think she’s worse than Pain

why that #3?


4 Name : Nameless Spear User

because she was drawing in the start at the ruins


5 Name : Nameless Bow User

she was too cute lol


6 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

I start to get worried if that is really a large shield

Ah! btw I’m #9


7 Name : Nameless Spear User

As expected

how can you do that using a large shield

(Looking away from Maple-chan)


8 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

Well then, this is the summary of Maple-chan this time

First Event

Maple #3

Death Count 0

Damage Received 0

Number Defeated 2028


Her equipments are the mysterious large shield that devoured enemies, the ridiculous short sword that releases status debuff, and a dark armor.

The dark armor doesn’t seem to exhibit ridiculous specs.

She had ridiculous defense powers, could receive concentrated attack from 40 magic users.


9 Name : Nameless Magic User

how much I look at it, I can only say crazy


10 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

Large Shield → well, there might be that kind of equipment…un

Short Sword → well, there might be one

Maple-chan herself → Ha?

The number one mystery is her stats and skill build

Maple-chan, how high is your VIT…


11 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

she’s really a walking fortress you know



12 Name : Nameless Bow User

it looked like she received it with only her VIT stats right〜

I mean, isn’t there someone who has an idea on what skill Maple-chan have?

like the time when she received the magic attack, she was shining brightly, so it’s sure that she used some kind of skill


13 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

Status debuff → idk

defense power + → if there was a skill that makes it that hard I got it

Large Shield → dunno


14 Name : Nameless Magic User



it is unknown what skill Maple-chan have but she probably got the basic ones

but Maple-chan’s unique skill is really unknown


15 Name : Nameless Bow User

maybe the strongest 1v1?


16 Name : Nameless Magic User

that’s probably true

something must be done with that AoE status debuff or else its impossible to win

she was saying lethal poison so probably high-level magic

there’s a question there, what happened to her MP?

using that magic so lightly, and she’s probably VIT full build right?

MP isn’t enough right, normally


17 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

that is〜…the large shield is probably used as a tank

like charging what it eat as magic power


18 Name : Nameless Spear User

then, that red crystal is probably that

I’m sure that it shattered when she used magic


19 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

It means, Maple-chan is

She herself have a ridiculous high defense and makes all kinds of damage to zero

and trying to strip that armor, attacks and players are changed to MP

be crushed with status debuff

That means like that huh


20 Name : Nameless Spear User

wtf is that last boss


21 Name : Nameless Bow User

yeah…freaking devilish〜


22 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

but it is said that she might have a skill still hidden

its unknown because there’s no one who dealt damage to her, but her HP might recover


23 Name : Nameless Magic User

wasn’t it promised from a long time ago that the HP of the last boss won’t recover right!!?


24 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

when I wrote that, I had a weird laugh

in addition, she had just started playing

a very huge OP rookie


25 Name : Nameless Magic User

in the next event, the armor also has ridiculous specs!

see that


26 Name : Nameless Bow User

in reality, she’s already a top player right〜…

that’s too OP

she’s cute and she’s strong, she’s the best huh


27 Name : Nameless Spear User

let’s watch and protect her yo

even if her stats are highest level, the player is a beginner


28 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

I agree

I’ll count on you guys with individual investigation from now on too yo


29 Name : Nameless Bow User



30 Name : Nameless Magic User



31 Name : Nameless Spear User



32 Name: Nameless Large Shield User








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    • Hydra Burning says:

      i would say 20-50 for a high level tank

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        Btw, thanks for the new chapter Paichun ;3

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    wtf is that last boss

    LOL this guy has it right. Also where the heck is Maple’s IRL Friend anyway?

  15. Dogecore says:

    The fact that she has status debuffs skills like paralyze shout plus the lethal poison plus the shield which eats everything thrown at her then changes it into magic power for lethal poison and her high defense that without even using a skill defends against like 50 magicians who I guess specializes in the role main damage dealer thats literally a walking fortress.

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    What’s more its pitch black.

    • Mychael Dark says:

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