Isekai at Peace – Chapter 5

The Duke-sama was a Good Person (Part 2)



After lunch ended and the after-meal tea is served, for some reason, Lilia-san asked me “Is it alright to borrow some of your time?”, and brought me to another room.

And my comment once againーーwhy did it become like this?

Right now, there are women standing in a straight line in front of me. There are those wearing maid clothes, there are those who are wearing armor, and those who are wearing their respective working clothes. The eyes of those tens of women were all pointing towards me, so I can’t even describe how uncomfortable it is.


“……it would seem that most have gathered.”


Lilia-san stood in front of me who is completely clueless on what’s going on, and silently…… but sharply, she stared at those women.


“First of all, I am sorry for the suddenly calling all of you. It is because it would only be better to say this at the beginning, so I asked all of you to gather, while leaving some, but enough people to do your work.”


I can swear that she did not use a loud voice. But, Lilia-san’s voice echoed throughout the silence. Looking at her beautiful and elegant face from the side, I could even feel the elegance coming from her disposition.


“Well, about the main problem…… concerning Miyama Kaito-sama. It is true that he is male, but he is also a very important ‘guest’ that I have invited. Towards such gender that I rarely invite, it is only natural for you to be confused about how to treat them. It must have been very hard to all of you.”



After listening that far, I finally understand what Lilia-san is trying to say. I also understood the reason why Lunamaria-san described Lilia-san wise.


“However, I must say this clearly to you. Even if he is male…… treating him with injustice for such reason, I shall never allow it. After hearing these words, if things of such kind were to be intentionally done to him…… it is equal to pointing your sword at me!”


Her words were filled with a strong will that would not allow any objections. It was as if a sword came swinging down within the silence. Ahhh, how shameful of me…… how shameful it is to think that I have once thought that she is a bad person.


“Do you understand? It does not matter whether there is damage done or none. Even if it is on the range that you yourselves think that there is no problem, if I think that it is…… I shall show no mercy. That’s all. Return to your respective jobs.”


After Lilia-san finished speaking, the gathered women went back to their work, and only Lilia-san and I were left behind the room.


“With this, I believe that it should make it more comfortable for you.”

Ah, uhh, thank you very much.”

“No, it should be me who should apologize…… although it was not intentionally, our House started to have airs that make it seem to ban males, and there might also be some among us that might hate you just for the fact that you are a male. I could only say sorry to Kaito-san who might’ve felt uncomfortable.”

Ah, no.”

“I wonder if…… it’s because I don’t have male friends? Mmm, it might be because I lack the charm as a lady.”


Lilia-san’s dignified and noble expression disappeared, and showed a bitter yet mischievous smile.

I now know that thinking of nobles in an isekai are all evil is just my prejudice. I rather felt that it should be me who should apologize.


“……I think that, Lilia-san is a very kind and charming though.”

“……!! Fufu, thank you very much. Well, Aoi-san and Hina-san must be waiting. Let’s return.”


Honestly, I’m not that rich in interpersonal experiences to say clever and sensible lines. But, simple words of praise naturally fell out of my mouth.

Following Lilia-san who showed a slightly surprised smile then giggled cheerfully, I also left the room.

Come to think of itーーit might be this instant that made me look forward to the next year that I would spend in this world.


“By the way, was there a problem in my lunch earlier?”

“……Yes. It is very shameful, but when I ‘kindly’ asked the cook, it looks like they used lesser quality ingredients, with only Kaito-san’s portion.”

“I see…… but, I think I wouldn’t have known the difference even if I ate that.”

“……I also couldn’t tell the difference.”


“From the server’s reaction, I believed that it was like that, but…… even after eating it, it tasted good. I do not seem to have the talent to be a food critic.”

Ahaha, that’s…… it must be fortunate to have such a wonderful cook.”

Fufufu, yes. Unfortunately, my tongue could not catch up with the cook’s cooking skill.”


Dear Mother, Fatherーーthere’s only women in the surroundings near me in this world, it’s so hard being a loner. But, the Duke-sama that is taking care of meーーshe was a very good person.









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