Isekai at Peace – Chapter 4

The Duke-sama was a Good Person (Part 1)



Inside the slightly shaking carriage, I could not even think of coming up with a comment for my first experience riding a carriage. All I could do was to worry.

By the way, we are currently moving towards Lilia-san’s house, and the members who received an explanation from her earlier are all in the carriage.

It looks like Mitsunaga-kun agreed to participate in the Hero Festival, and would go to the palace as a state guest. After he lightly greeted Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san with goodbyes, he went off on a very extravagant carriage. I only wished that he took me with him.


“……uhm, Kaito-san? Are you alright? If you do not feel good, we could take a break……” (Lilia)

“No, I am fine?”

“My Lady, I believe that Miyama-sama is still confused.”


This maid, so shamelessly…… she knows why, but she won’t say it!


“I see, he cannot be blamed. Although these might not be the words of that suits the one created the cause, and could not even apologize properly…… please do not worry too much. Please tell me if there is anything I could help you. Of course, that goes the same with Aoi-san and Hina-san.”


“Thank you very much.”


Lilia-san’s kindness is piercing through my heart. What I’m feeling in a nutshellーーwhy did it become like this? Lilia-san’s house is full of women. I’m feeling so away. Not to mention my previous world, I’m going to be alone even after being summoned here. This environment is too much.

Is this the punishment for doubting the kind Lilia-san? Uu, if only that other high school student that I saw before came as well…… I mean, don’t tell me that I robbed him of his position? I’ll apologize, so can you exchange places with me now?


In the end, worrying about it had no way of changing the reality, and after 30 minutes in the carriage…… we arrived at the destination, Lilia-san’s house.

Its size is clearly not something that a common person would live in, vividly showing how high her status is. There are female knights wearing armors in front of the widely opened gate, and it even looks like art.


We passed through the beautifully maintained courtyardーーreaching the entrance of the structure that is worthy of calling a mansion, and followed Lilia-san in getting off the carriage. In my commoner’s distinctive imagination, I thought that there would be servants welcoming her back aligned by the sides, but I did not see such a scene while we normally advanced through the corridors.

Just like Lunamaria-san had said, there really seemed to be only women in this mansion, and all of the people we passed by, were clearly women. I feel completely out of place. I mean, they’re looking at me with cold gazes so much that it almost physically hurts!



“My Lady?”

“Luna, it is already lunch…… everyone must be tired now. Let us eat lunch first. It should be ready?”

“Yes, I believe it will be immediately served.”

“Well then, I’ll leave that to you.”


Lilia-san said so, and guided us to another wide…… room that could be used by tens of people. It was exactly before lunch when we were summoned, and I didn’t take lectures for the afternoon, so I’m quite hungry. Since Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san were on their way back home at that time, they probably only have half a day for their lessons, so I think they haven’t taken their lunch.

When we were about to take our seats, servants wearing maid clothes almost naturally pulled the chairs for us. For some reason, I felt like my chair was pulled in a not so kind way, but I think it’s just me.


U-Uhm, Lilia-san…… I, I’m not good with table manners……”

Ahh, it is alright. It is not like we are at a formal banquet, so please eat as comfortably as you wish.”


Lilia-san showed a gentle smile towards Yuzuki-san who voiced that out anxiously. Honestly, I’m clueless about table manners too. All that I know is using the fork and knife starting from the outside. That’s the degree of my knowledge, and in fact, I never tried to eat like that.

After a while, female servers that I think I saw similarly on tv appeared, carrying a tray with a silver dome cover. And at the timing when it was about to be served in front of us, a voice called out.


“…… exchange my meal with Kaito-san’sーーwith that man over there.”

Eh? M-My Lady?”

“Did you not hear me?

“N-No, but……”


That voice was not the kind one that I heard earlier, but a graceful voice that somewhat felt sharp.

Hearing Lilia-san’s words, the female server showed a hesitant expression.


“……I shall say this so you would not misunderstand. I am not ‘asking’ you. I am ‘ordering’ you……do you understand what that means?”

“Y-Yes. As My Lady wishes……”


Receiving a colder and sharper voice than earlier, the female server’s face paled and quickly abided to Lilia-san’s order and exchanged the food.

And after the food were all served, Lilia-san’s kind smile returned and called out to us once again.


“Please, enjoy your meal. I hope it would fit your taste.”

Ah, yes.”


“Let’s eat.”


I have an image of being served a full course when you talk about food for nobles, but what came out was bread, soup, salad, and the main dish that sounds very fancy, though I didn’t understand what it meant. It’s like a foreign-style set meal, and it was very delicious.

There are many otherworldly cuisines that is described as not delicious in isekai light novels, with the most popular being hard bread and too-much-salt soups, and I was also expecting that, butーーthe food I’m eating right now is delicious.

The bread is soft enough, the soup tastes like consommé, and the least I could say is it is far more delicious compared the convenience store bento that I’ve eaten.

Oh, there, suddenly I instinctively looked at Lilia-san’s direction. Lilia-san took a spoonful, but after eating that, she sighed.


“……Luna, before the lunch ends……”

“……as you wish.”


After she gave Lunamaria-san a command with a quiet voice, she noticed my gaze and returned me a gentle smile.


“How is the food?”

Eh? Ah, it’s very delicious.”

“I am relieved that it suits your taste.”


Lunamaria-san who received some order silently told me while she passed by, while I blushed seeing the smile that seemed like a blooming flower.


“……Miyama-sama, although I have said things that surprised you earlier…… well, please be at ease. It is alright.”


“Although My Lady is clumsy sometimes, she is very wise……”


After smiling after she finished speaking, Lunamaria-san left the room. I wonder what that was about? Did it have something to do with exchanging the food earlier?









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