Isekai at Peace – Chapter 3

There was a Proper Death Flag



Although I didn’t notice it, Luna-san has already served me a cup of black tea. It was placed in front of me, so I decided to clench my thirst.

Honestly, I don’t know how good or bad black tea tastes, but my encounter with the extraordinary made me thirsty and I feel like it tastes delicious.


“……what a delicious herb tea.”

“It is my honor to be praised by you. Kusunoki-sama.”


It looks like it wasn’t black tea but herb tea. I mean, how’d I know about that fancy stuff……


“Well then, let me continue explaining. As I have told you earlier, every ten years, we would invite a Hero from your world. That’s why, we understand the difference between your world and our world, so I am going to explain that in order.”


I see. If it’s true that they would invite someone from our world once every ten years, and a thousand years had already passed, in simple math, they would have already invited 100 people from our world. It means, Lilia-san and the others must also know what to explain, but…… our case was an irregular, so our case might be a little different from what they were taught when explaining the situation to the Hero.


“First, about the period of one year, this world’s calendar has the Fire Month, Water Month, Tree Month, Earth Month, Wind Month, and what follows is the Light Month, and after the Light Month is once again the Fire Month to the Wind Month, but instead of the Light Month, the next month will be the Celestial Month. There are 30 days within one month, with 360 days in a year. By the way, the 30th day of the Celestial Month will be the night of the new year.”


According to what she said, a year is 360 days, with 30 days each in the Fire Month, Water Month, Tree Month, Earth Month, Wind Month, Light Month, Fire Month, Water Month, Tree Month, Earth Month, Wind Month, and Celestial Month. I guess it’s fine feeling it just like how I did in my previous world.


“That is why, it will be during the next 30th day of the Celestial Month that we can return you to your previous world. Next, about time, I have heard that it is completely the same, with 24 hours in a day. Do you have any question?”

“No, it’s fine.”

“Well then, next is about our currency. The unit for this world’s currency R or Rira, with six kinds of coins respectively the hard coin, iron coin, copper coin, silver coin, gold coin, and white gold coin. One hard coin is 1R, one iron coin is 10R, one copper coin is 100R, one silver coin is 1000R, one gold coin is 10000R, and one white gold coin is 100000R. A common household’s general monthly income is about 2000R to 4000R.”


It means, 1R in this world is roughly 1 USD, and smaller units don’t exist? One probably earns 2 to 3 silver coins a month, and it might be enough living with 4 gold coins a year, maybe? Un, it’s alright. My head can still follow.


“ーーfirstly, everyone here will be given 50 silver coinsーー50000R each, so please freely use them during your sightseeing. Gold coins and white gold coins cannot be used at cheap stores such as food stalls, so it will be given as silver coins.”


” ” Eh?!! ” ”


As Lilia-san said with a smile, Luna-san placed bags filled with the silver coins in front of us.

50000R, in short 50 grand, five million in yen. Yeah, as expected of a Duke huh……


Ah, uhh……this is too……”

“We understand that you think that it is too small. Adding to the fact that you were suddenly called into a different world, we also understand very well that this much is not enough for apologizing for what we have done to you.”

Ah, no……”


It’s the opposite. This is too much. Though it’s true that it’s enough money to live without inconveniences for a year, this huge(?) amount of money given to a student? I’ll be only confused if you give me that……’

No, wait, wait a second. If you include the living expenses……since I don’t know the standard of living in this world, it might be just enough to live in the same way in our previous world.

That’s right. Even though she told us our food, clothing, and shelter will be guaranteed, it’s not like we’re going to live in the house of the duke, at most, they’re probably going to prepare us a room in an inn or something.


“Of course, your food, clothing, and shelter will be prepared separately, and you do not have obligations to pay tax as well. Please use that money during your sightseeing and for your hobbies.”


The living expenses not included?! Then, this is too much after all?!!


“I-If it’s like that, then isn’t this too much?”


Good job Kusunoki-san! Yes, that’s right, that’s what I wanted to say.


“Kusunoki-sama, your concern is unneeded. For me who had made you caught up in all of this, I can only apologize to you in such a way. Please do not think twice on using all of it…… if it is not enough, we shall prepare more for you.”

“By the way, the money prepared is My Lady’s private money, so you do not need to hold back. She is the head of a lonesome household of a duke, not having an expensive hobby, not to mention a husband, not even a candidate for such position does not exist. The wealth that she had saved is quite considerable.”

“Luna, oh, Luna…… why are you intentionally gouging my heart? You are my maid right?”

“Yes. I am Lunamaria, a maid who had sworn her absolute loyalty to My Lady, Lilia. I swear that I am always My Lady’s ally.”



Lilia-san’s, having quite a hard time, huh. No, really…… also, Luna-san’s official name seems to be Lunamaria-san. I should take note of that.


“Well then, My Lady. Though I understand your feeling about your worries in exceeding the best age to marry, I believe that it’s about time……”

“I-I did not mention that at all right?!! You just intentionally added it!! Ah, no, leaving that aside. It is true that we cannot continue talking here for an extended period of time. Everyone, I would like to ask for your patience to receive the explanation about the common sense of this world later when we move to my house…… is that alright?”

Huh? Isn’t this place LiliーーDuke Albert’s house?”

“Miyama-sama, it is fine to call me by my first name Lilia. Also, you do not need to call me by my title, and you can speak in the way you are comfortable with.”

Uhh, yeah, okay. I’m going to call you as Lilia-san then. Also, you can call me by my name…… my first name Kaito too. No need for honorifics.”

“I understood. Well then, I shall call you Kaito-san from now on. Hmm, about your question earlier…… Yes, this is the temple where the Hero Summoning is initiated, and it is not my private house, so let us continue our conversation after moving.”


The way Lilia-san gently smiled was really pretty. Her smile was so beautiful that I could not help but be enchanted by it. Hmmm, beautiful, kind, has a high status, rich, but single. The world really works strangely.

And after Lilia-san went to check the progress with Mitsunaga-kun’s side, the three of us, plus Lunamaria-san were left behind in the room.


“Everyone, would you like another cup of tea?”

“T-Thank you very much. Uhm, Lunamaria-san?”

“Yes. What is it, Yuzuki-sama?”

“This might be a rude question, but…… Lilia-san, she’s super beautiful, her style’s amazing, on top of that, she looks so kind…… but, why, doesn’t she have a boyfriend……?”

“Hina-chan…… you……”

Ah! No, uhh, right, Senpai is also curious about it right?”


It looks like, thanks to Lilia-san(?), Yuzuki-san got plenty enough of breathing room, so she asked Lunamaria the thing that I was also curious of. The reason why Kusunoki-san isn’t wholeheartedly stopping her is probably because she’s also curious about it.

And towards our question, Lunamaria-san made a wry smile while pouring us another cup of black tea.


“Actually, His Majesty the King, in other words, My Lady’s elder brother…… His Majesty really loves his sister, My Lady Lilia very much. Yes, His Majesty really is…… there is also rumors saying ‘if a man approaches My Lady Lilia, he will disappear in the next day’.”

Eh? That’s……”

“Yes, it is very troubling. Thanks to that, all of the servants in the House of Duke Albert are females, and it is treated as ‘men prohibited area’.”



Wait a second, what is this maid saying……? In short, the current king is a severe case of a siscon? Lilia-san’s house is virtually forbidden for men? And the answer derived from above is?


“Miyama-sama, congratulations. This is a great achievement since the House of Albert was founded. Well, My Lady’s generation is the first generation though……” (Lunamaria)


“……Miyama-san, was it? It was nice meeting you albeit for a short time.” (Aoi)


“……even after we return to Japan, we shall never forget about Miyama-senpai.” (Hina)

“……eh? ehhhhhhhhh?!!!”


Dear Mother, Fatherーーthe other world was at peace. Butーーthe death flag properly exists.








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