Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Out of the Fry Pan……






This is something I heard from Toel, she said that other than a huge library, is looks like there are various kinds of bookstores in Geena. Hearing this, my mood raised highly. I did not actually want to fight against disgusting undeads, but the story’s different if it’s about protecting books. I will go with all of my strength.




【Title〈Bringer of Destruction〉〈Step of Genocide(One Step Towards the Extinction of a Race)〉has been activated】


【Skill〈Self-taught Hand-to-hand Techniques〉〈Squall〉has been activated】




I activated the titles and skills on top of each other. If it is this strong, there isn’t even a need to take out a weapon by quoting. Well, besides, even if I took out a weapon right now, it would just melt since〈Scarlet Lightning Demon〉is activated.


Did they saw me as a new target, a lot of undeads are going towards me.


Does they want to be killed this much. I charged at them before they could. I punched the zombie wolf in the vanguard, and then, the smell of burning flesh came out. n〜, I should not use〈Scarlet Lightning Demon〉when against undead if possible. I’d die because of the smell.


Ahh〜, is there a skill like〈Seal Sense of Smell〉. I’m close to my limit. And when I was defeating zombies and skeletons by punching them while enduring the rotten smell and burnt flesh……




【Skill〈Unparalled Strength〉〈Stuffy Nose〉〈Barrage〉has been acquired】




Yay〜! I got a new skill! It’s great that I did my best enduring the smell. This might be the happiest I’ve been when I got a skill. I’ll activate it immediately.


Ohh! The bad smell got lessened. If it’s like this, I can not mind it and fight. The only problem was solved, so I continued on the subjugation.


And Toel who was assisting me at first, also started to stab zombies and skeletons using her rapier with the power of the wind. The wind spirit magic, it’s destroying enemies while protecting Toel.


Ah, the three adventures also returned to the frontlines. They were defeating the undead while being a little on guard against me. But when I was thinking of that, Al-san ran towards my direction and talked to me.


「For your assistance, I thank you. But, from now on, leave the rest to me」


After Al-san said that, he returned his sword to its scabbard, and placed both of his hands to the ground. It’s like a beast’s posture.


And soon after that, Al-san shouted towards the sky.


No, rather than saying he shouted, I think that it’s better to described that he “howled”. It echoed just inhuman as that. When he raised his head, Al-san’s eyes changed to a yellow-green color, and his pupils became vertically long. It was like a cat’s or something. From his slightly opened mouth, something that seemed to be like fangs, could be seen. That was about all of the changes in his outer appearance, but the pressure coming out from him is completely different from before. This kind of aura, it is not something that a normal human could let out.


Yes, I got cold feet. He was like a werewolf. It isn’t a full moon today though……


And that Al-san, he slowly looked towards my direction, and talked to me.


「What, are you surprised about. You’re somewhat the same right, am I right, Misasagi?」


Unlike his appearance, his tone was unchanged from before he transformed.


n, a-re? Was my identity found out or something?


He lightly laughed at my surprised reaction, and Al-san ran towards the remaining enemies that are less than a hundred. He drew his sword along the way, and hit the ground. Huge cracks ran, and many undeads were swallowed by its openings.




Tens of enemies with one attack……you’d doubt if he’s really a human.


I mean, there’s no meaning for me to come at all. While thinking that he could annihilate them by his own, Toel and I escaped from the battlefield.




【Skill〈Escape〉has been acquired】




And two minutes from there, the undead army was cleared. After meeting up to the guards of the caravan with the subjugation members, we advanced towards the town of Geena.


In front of the gate of the town of Geena, there was an order of knights on standby. It seems like they were planning to protect this as the last defense line. If they would just do that, it would’ve been better if they joined the fight earlier.


「Welcome to the town of Geena. I have heard the story from the guild, please enter inside. Also, you have done a great job of annihilating the undead army outside. Please let us give our thanks to you too」


“Ah, then, books would be the best for rewards!!” ……just kidding, and without saying things without reading the atmosphere, I shut up and listened to what the captain was saying.


「Recently, a dungeon has appeared near this town. Those monsters, they had come from there……」


According to what the captain said, it was about a month ago when the dungeon appeared.


And even though they wanted to clear it, its difficulty is too high for the order of knights of this town. And at that time, we came, well, it looks like they want to request from us to clear the dungeon as adventurers. If possible, please destroy the dungeon itself, he said. What a sudden and ridiculous thing he is asking〜.


Of course, I’m planning to accept this request. I’d be troubled if this place were attacked and the books disappear after all. And with that, Toel also accepted.


For the remaining adventurers, they didn’t have good reactions. The party who have lost their important comrades has lost the will to fight, and the remaining party also got scared and gave up.


The remaining one, it is only Al-san……


「Of course I would go. What would you guys do?」

「Of course I’ll go. The books……uh no, I want to protect the peace of this town」


O〜to, my real feelings almost leaked.


「Well then, the three of you are willing to go then. I think that you are tired for today. Please depart tomorrow」


And just like that, the three of us, Toel, Al-san, and I, happily became a party.




In the next day, when the night has already dawned, we have departed towards the dungeon.


I wolfed on the makor fruit that I have stocked in my magic back as usual, and gave Toel a cold drink. Al-san is eating some kind of a preserved meal. We arrived at the dungeon without taking an hour. The surroundings were quiet, and there were torches places in its entrance.


However, it was completely dark in the middle. Al-san who is in the vanguard is raising a torch, but honestly, it’s an unreliable light. It looked dangerous, so I should quote something.




【〈Flashlight〉has been quoted】




A straight light appeared inside the completely dark cave. As I’ve thought, things from modern civilization are convenient. I repeated the opinion I had ever since I reincarnated.


「That light, that’s amazing. Is that a magic tool or something?」

「Well, something like that」


Toel also looked at the flashlight I had very curiously. Come to think of it, it’s something that I quoted for the first time. It’s convenient to use, so I should probably stock some.


And just like this, the very long dungeon attack has started.









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