Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Scarlet-Colored Lightning Helper






The other subjugation groups, they were cleaning up the undeads using their weapons.


As expected of those who volunteered themselves, each of them is quite strong. I don’t have confidence fighting bare-handed combat against them. And within them, Al-san was the strongest by far.


I can’t see any openings in his movements. On top of that, he is accurately hitting the enemy’s weak points. I think Al-san is also quite a cheat. I mean, do I still need to join the fight?


And even while thinking of that, I approached a skeleton defenselessly. Toel is standing by behind me.


「Oi, you there! What are you doing, you’re gonna be killed!」


A warning was kindly sent from ahead.


I ignored that, and approached the skeleton furthermore.




【Skill〈Insight Eye〉has been activated】




I activated the required skill for the plan this time. If I don’t have this, I might get injured. I lightly hit the skeleton’s shoulder from behind. *KonKon*, that sound echoed, and the skeleton turned back to me. Looking at it closely, it looks appealingly strong.


And while thinking of those useless things, I intentionally attacked slowly using the iron sword. My weak attack was parried by the skeleton’s scimitar, and slashed through empty air. I greatly lost my balance, and the skeleton attacked through that opening.


And here, I stared at the scimitar with eyes wide open. Slow, slow, slow. I could see it like in slow motion.


While acting as if I’m desperately dodging with my lost balance, I intentionally let my chest get cut vertically. Blood sprayed out, and the skeleton in front of me was dyed red. Was there poison in the blade. I lightly patted the wound where a strange itchy foam was coming out.




【Skill〈Defenseless〉has been acquired】






Toel immediately ran to me and carried me to the rear at her full speed. Un, she’s a great actress. Is it something like a supplementation of her job, even though she’s carrying me while running, it doesn’t seem she feels heavy at all. But, it’s a little embarrassing getting carried by a girl.




【Title〈Coward〉has been acquired】




I’m not a coward. This is a legitimate strategical retreat.


「I’m sorry! Misasagi-san got injured so and I’m going to heal him nearby!!」

「Ou!! I got it! Don’t let him die!」


Someone answered to Toel’s call. It’s probably the person who warned me earlier.


I feel bad somehow.


And after that, Toel brought me to a nearby cave. This place can’t be seen from the battlefield we were in earlier. There should be no worries that someone would see. I stood up as if nothing has happened.


The wound that was inflicted by the skeleton has already disappeared.


As expected of〈Regeneration〉, it works fast.




【Skill〈Poison Resistance〉has been acquired】




「Thanks, Toel. For carrying me to here」

「No, I’m alright. But, are you really okay?」


It’s a natural question.


I only told Toel roughly about the act. Well, there’s no meaning making a pompous air, so I immediately used it in front of Toel.




【Skill〈Electrical Discharge〉has been activated】




My whole body was covered by electricity. The dark interior of the cave was lightened.


This is still the first stage.




【Skill〈Ignition〉has been activated】


〈Ignition〉is〈Electrical Discharge〉’s flame version. If its output were turned to max, my appearance would become a flame monster.


Actually, I had my doubts during guarding.


Thinking, what would happen if these two skills are activated at the same time.


There was no timing to use it up until now so this is the first time, but the effects were tremendous.


There’s no difference that my form is humanoid. However, the thing that envelopes my body is different. It isn’t pure red flames, or pure blue lightning. It’s surprising, it is a red lightning.


In short, the two combined. Toel who was near me was also surprised.




【Title〈Scarlet Lightning Demon〉has been acquired】




Ohh, I got a new title. Looking at the effects of the title, it seems to be stronger than activating the skills at the same time so I turned off the skill, and activated the title. The color of the lightning became denser than before, and it’s true that I feel that the ability was strengthened.


In this state, no one can tell my face, so I can freely rampage. It is a really splendid and efficient plan.


To be sure, I gave Toel the jet black robe that has a hood that I quoted. After all, there’s no meaning if I was the only one who hid my face.


I turned off the title once, and talked to Toel.


「Well, let’s go then」



Toel who was wearing the hood answered. Well then, I should collect the massacre flag.


I ran going back on the path we came from, and returned to the battlefield.


Looking around, the ground that was a vibrant green before was dyed with red from the blood of the defeated undead. There are broken bones and rotten flesh scattered here and there. As I’ve thought, my party comrades were quite strong.


But, however, looking towards the direction of the town of Geena, there are still a lot of undead. As I’ve thought, the difference between numbers are clear, and they have let the undead army match up to there. But even so, the number of the enemies decreased to fifty percent just within ten minutes. Toel and I also went to back them up.




【Skill〈Covert Action〉has been activated】




Getting closer to Geena, the scene that I saw became worse than the battlefield I saw earlier. It looks like the adventurers were fighting with the town of Geena on their backs. Even if their strength as an individual is high, it would be overcome by the power of numbers. They were gradually getting cornered. There are still a kilometer from the town, but it might be only a matter of time that they would let some get through.


Looking closely, the number of adventurers have decreased. It looks like three of them was killed in this fight. Well, those who died were the three who made me go on a lookout at night though. The ones remaining are, Natalie who is a female fighter, the axe-user Ossan named Gadomas who warned me earlier, and Al-san who was very strong. Not one of them had heavy wounds, but the three of them have small wounds all over their body.


I confirmed that using a binocular while running, bent my feet when I was about 50 meters before the undead army, and charged strength. After that, I strongly kicked the ground.




【Skill〈Leap〉has been acquired】




Toel, she can use the powers of the spirits(精霊) because of the characteristics of an elf. The powers of the spirits are also usually called as magic, but the difference from normal magic is, the power of the spirits does not require magic powers. However, only some races and jobs can use it.


I asked Toel to cast a spell using the wind spirit’s powers that makes one lightweight. With this, for a little while, my body will be as light as a feather. And this huge jump was also possible because of this magic.


No one has noticed that I’m in the air. It looks like〈Covert Action〉is working properly.


When I was about directly above the undead army, I activated the effects of the ring I wore on my arm. This ring, it is the〈Armlet : Gravity Conrol〉that I magically remodeled using my ability. This can change the user’s gravity.


Actually, there is the ability「Cotrolling Gravity」that I have wanted to use quite a while before. I admired it every time I read literature that has connection to it. And the reason why I was able to create this armlet this time, is actually because of a physics book. You don’t know when studying would be of use after all.


While being saying thanks to the great ancestors in my home world, I changed the gravity that is affecting me to a hundred times.




【Title〈Matchless Warrior〉〈Genocider〉has been activated】


【Skill〈Smash〉〈Monstrous Strength〉〈Full Swing〉has been activated】




Ah, I got carried away. An unbelievable stress was placed into my body, and there were the sounds of my bones getting broken all throughout my body. I almost lost consciousness, but I braced myself, and descended while healing using〈Regeneration〉.


There was quite a number of undead to my landing point. However, it looks like the enemies that do not have a physical body like ghosts were already exterminated. This is good. I measured the timing I would raise my left hand.


I charged strength to my fist……now!!


I swung my left fist using full strength, and hit the ground. In that instant, loud sounds that were as if the ground exploded echoed, and raised a cloud of dust.


The bodies of the undead that were in the surroundings were destroyed just by the shockwave.


The ones that were in a distance were blasted away without resistance. The three adventurers who were very far seemed like it was their best supporting their body to not fall down.




【Title〈Scarlet Lightning Demon〉has been activated】


【Skill〈Surprise Attack〉〈Gravitation〉has been acquired】




When the cloud of dust had cleared and I used the〈Scarlet Lightning Demon〉, my whole body was immediately enveloped by a red electric current. The cloud cleared, and I confirmed the surroundings. It looks like it was instant death for the tens of those who were near my landing point, and they were crushed so much that their shapes were unclear.


The remaining undead, they energetically came towards me. The adventurers were looking at me surprised. A-re! I feel like Al-san smiling a little bit, was it my imagination.


The skeletons that attacked were about twenty. Each of them has different kinds of weapons.




【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】




I reached out my hand towards the skeleton troops. In that instant, their movements became bad; they were trying to desperately attack in a low stance. After a few seconds, one of the skeletons had its skull split, and it collapsed there in a chain reaction.


Skill〈Gravitation〉is similar to the ability of the armlet earlier. The difference is, the skill can’t adjust the gravity setting to a precise number, and it can also target other than the user. It means, it looks like I have to get used to my own feeling using it.


When I was moving ahead while stepping on the bones that were crushed due to huge pressure, this time, a zombie appeared. I grabbed the head on the ones who were trying to catch me, and raised it. 〈Scarlet Lightning Demon〉is activated, so the zombie’s head burned while lightning was clapping out. It’s disgusting so I burned it completely at once. Only powder-like ashes remained.


Ah! When I was letting my guard down, I was bitten by one zombie. Well, the fate of the zombie who bit my burning electricity body, isn’t needed to be said.


By the way, after I attacked from the air, Toel was dealing with the enemies behind me. Well, although I said that, I’m killing most of the monsters.


A giant skeleton holding a saber that you’d rather call a huge sword was running towards me. However, I stood like a pole watching the skeleton. When Toel who was behind me swung something, the skeleton’s saber was slid off before it hit me, and stabbed deeply to the ground.




【Skill〈Wind Shroud〉has been acquired】




Inside the magic bag that I gave Toel, there are several of my weapons. And within those, the one Toel chose is「Wind Fan」. This fan that was also useful in the fortress fight, Toel used it for applying magic. The wind that Toel shot slightly covered my surface, and parried the slash.


When I hit the giant skeleton which were desperately trying to pull out its sword on its head using my back fist, its skull scattered while melting. I should let Toel pick up the giant saber for something in the future.


The rotten smell here is so bad. That’s why I want to wash my body fast. And for that, I will exterminate this undead army as soon as possible.











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