Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Tragedy in the Mansion






「That mansion huh……」(Misasagi)

「Seems like it」(Toel)

「How sumptuous, having a private land in this place」(Al-san)


The noble’s home was in a little far away place from the town.

After checking where the noble is, the three of us went away from the mansion once, and discussed.


「I want to finish it before dawn」(Misasagi)

「I think so too, it would be hard to move if morning comes」(Toel)

「Infiltrating and gradually reducing the number of enemies should be good」(Al-san)


I worked up a plan with Al-san’s opinion as a reference.

Even so, it’s really convenient for us since they’re far away from the town.

Since it’s also far away from the main road, we don’t need to worry about witnesses.

I organized the plan this time, writing it on the cheat book.


  • Time Limit, it is until dawn
  • The target, revenge towards the noble
  • Fundamentally, infiltration
  • Avoid combat and killing as much as possible
  • I’m the only one who would infiltrate the mansion and Toel and Al-san would take caution of the surroundings


We would proceed with this as the fundamental plan of action.

Unlike usual, I’m sneakily moving.

I should hold back being flashy from time to time.

I asked the two to stay at the mansion’s surroundings, and leave the ones who escapes for them to catch.

With my quote, I could easily infiltrate after all.



【〈Infrared Goggles〉has been quoted】



When I put on the strange shaped goggles, my vision became dark in an instant.

And when I looked towards Toel in that state, Toel’s whole body was completely red.

Ohh, amazing〜.

In short, it’s the thermography-ish thing.



【Skill〈Thermo Vision〉has been acquired】



The goggles became useless so quickly.

I immediately took it off although I had just put it on, and passed it to Al-san.

With this, the preparations are finished.

Well now, shall we go then.



【Title〈Convictor〉has been activated】



I haven’t used it for a long time huh.

This time, that noble’s an enemy too, so this title’s effect that increases the attack power if the target’s a criminal should have some effect.

When I was about to run towards the mansion, my shoulder was firmly grabbed from behind.


「That mansion has someone that has detection type abilities」


When I turned around thinking what it was all about, Al-san warned me.

It’s exactly as he says.

I should take some countermeasures.



【Skill〈Snipe〉has been activated】

【〈Sniper Rifle : Illusion Bullet〉has been quoted】



It’s dangerous to go near without thinking.

I should shoot the watchers from far away just as usual.


While〈Thermo Vision〉is active, I peeked on the sniper rifle’s scope.

I confirmed six shadows that lights as red within the darkness.

There is 300 meters of distance from here to the mansion.

It’s quite some distance, but my skill on sniping because of doing it frequently since I came to this world became quite good.

Besides, I could clearly see the enemy so it’s an easy game.


And just like that, I succeeded on sniping six people without getting anyone to notice.

Well, although I said that, I shot them an illusion bullet so it’s not like I killed them.

I’m sure that even if anything happens from now on, they could only see a night full of peace.



【Skill〈Counter Detection〉has been activated】



I searched for the person who is using a detection type skill inside the mansion.

And the result, I found out that there is only one.

It’s probably the woman called Shamaal that I met in the afternoon.

It seems like she’s a close aide to that noble, so I think that it would be hard to approach her.



【Title〈Domineer〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Covert Action〉has been activated】



If that is so, I should take actions while hiding my existence.


I have the〈Domineer〉that has additional effects for tricking actions and〈Covert Action〉, so I should be able to infiltrate without getting found.


「Well then, I’ll go for a bit」

「Be careful」(Al-san)

「Leave outside to us」(Toel)


I approached the mansion while being sent off by the two.

I arrived at the iron fence that surrounds the mansion, but it is still quite inside the building.

However, here’s a problem.

I need to think of where would I enter the mansion.

Going through the front gates would be out of the question, and the back door is probably being monitored.


I looked up to the mansion while crossing my arms.



【Skill〈Ingenious Odd Idea〉has been activated】



This skill might be of use if it’s right now.

And just like that, I thought for two to three minutes.

And, I came up with a plan that is the best for this situation.

I immediately put it into action.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉〈Ground Subsidence〉has been activated】

【〈Oxygen Tank〉has been activated】



I equipped the oxygen tank, and gradually increased the gravity that affects me.

And when I destroyed the ground in addition to that, I slowly disappeared into the ground.

And finally, my whole body including my head entered the ground.

Well then, here’s the crucial part.



【Skill〈Eavesdrop〉has been activated】



Relying on the faint sound that I could hear from above, I moved towards the mansion inside the ground.

I controlled gravity, and moved it as to make myself advance towards a direction.

Doing that for a while, I found a place where I could almost hear nothing.

So there, I slowly appeared above the ground.


I collected the oxygen tank into the cheat book, looked around, and found out that there’s no one around me just as I’ve expected.


Yosh, it looks like no one’s around.

I started to walk while wearing the gas mask.



【Skill〈Squall〉has been activated】



I surveyed the area inside while moving quickly.

The place where I came out from the ground was an inner garden, and my armored car was parked there.

I should collect it later on.

The results of my surveying, I found out that there’s a total of ten watchers outside the mansion.

It was very difficult moving around while not letting them find me.


I attacked each of them from behind, I made them fall asleep using a handkerchief soaked in anesthetic.

Of course, it’s something that I quoted.

When I ensured safety by neutralizing the guards around the inner garden, I recovered the armored car while I’m at it.



【Skill〈Neutralize〉has been acquired】



Next should be inside the mansion.

Ahh, this is so troublesome.

I want to just attack them right now.

I opened the door with those kinds of feelings.





The instant I entered the mansion, there was a patrolling guard in front of me.

〈Good Fortune〉, please do your job.

That guy tried to shout so I attacked his throat with a karate chop in a hurry.


However, that guy drew out his weapon while coughing.



【Skill〈Shut Voice〉has been acquired】



It looks like this patrolling guard doesn’t seem to be that strong.

I closed the distance between us in a blink of an eye and grabbed his neck, and punched his stomach several times.

He was making a painful expression but I didn’t care.


Finally, the patrolling guard stopped moving as if he lost all his strength.

I thought he died, but it looks like he just lost his consciousness.


Well, it’s just natural.

I grabbed his neck, but it’s not like I blocked his air pipe.


While looking down on the patrolling guard that is laying on the floor, I fixed my collar.

Such an upright me is quite rare you know.


Even after that, I neutralized several patrolling guards but my existence is yet to be found out.

I myself think that it’s amazing.

Although the area of the building is wide and there are many places to hide, I think that it is a daunting task to not be found by tens of people guarding this place.

And I proceeded without problems even after that, finished searching the whole floor, meaning, I neutralized all the enemies on the first floor.



【Skill〈Infiltration〉has been acquired】



I suddenly thought, and stopped while heightening my hearing.

The footsteps that I could hear with〈Eavesdrop〉became noisy.

It looks like the soldiers in the upper floors was moving around in a hurry.

Most probably, they found someone that lost his consciousness.

The footsteps started to gather.

I’m very sure that the security became very tight now.

Honestly, I was planning to finish the task before it came to this.

I thought of what should I do while fixing the position of my gas mask.


Infiltration is harder than I thought.

It’s so different to a search and destroy battles where I only need to defeat the enemies.

Nevertheless, they already found out that there is a trespasser, so there shouldn’t be any problem if I make some noise.


I took out a sub machine gun, and shot the furniture that I could see.



【Skill〈Warning Shot〉has been acquired】



I threw away the emptied magazine.


With this shooting sounds, the presence that I could feel from above became panicky.

It looks like a few of the people that are near the stairs went down.

I wouldn’t like it if they came at once, so I destroyed the stairs in the first floor making a pit hole trap.

And adding to that, I shot the lights in the surroundings to hide the hole.

And while they’re busy with that, I decided to escape to the second floor using different stairs.


When I reached the second floor, I heard a huge sound together with screams from below the floor.

As the one who created the trap, I feel really good since it was effective.


I searched in the second floor’s corridors without hiding.

There weren’t any enemies so I could easily explore the rooms, but when I opened the third room, the maid-san inside screamed.

Ahh, what a blunder.

I quickly made the maid-san faint, and tried to leave the room.

But, I felt a killing intent coming from across that door.

From how the strength of the killing intent feels, the enemy is probably very near this room.


When he found out that I’m not coming out of the room, he entered while kicking the door open.

That man was already ready for battle.

And when he saw my appearance, he took a deep breath……



【Skill〈Throwing〉〈Piercing〉〈Shut Voice〉has been activated】



Before the man screams, I threw the knife that I was hiding.

The knife stabbed into the man’s throat, stopping him from calling for reinforcements.

Well, it can’t be helped that I killed him.

He also showed a genuine killing intent towards me.


When I peeked outside the room, I found the soldiers just coming down from the upper floor.

I completely mistook the timing to do that.

The soldiers rushed to the room that I was in.

I have a plan ready for times like these.

I opened the cheat book, and called out Chale.


「Yosh, can I leave luring them to you until I finished my task」


Chale nodded without saying anything.

Un, what a good boy.

This time, I didn’t give Chale any weapons.

After all, if he swings around his warhammer, this mansion might get destroyed.

I quickly left the room and run towards the stairs connected to the third floor.

It seems like the soldiers tried to follow me from behind, but Chale blocked them for me.

I’ll leave this place to you alright.


The instant when I went up the stairs and reached the third floor, I felt something strange.

Was it because the people here went down to the floors below, the people who are patrolling are very few.

From how this looks, it seems like I would be facing the noble very soon.

While whistling, I took out the cheat book.



【〈Shotgun : Unlimited Bullets〉has been quoted】

【Skill〈Single Point Concentration〉〈Double Trigger〉has been activated】



From here on, I should proceed without holding back.


I held two shotguns one with each hand, and walked brazenly through the corridor on the third floor.

I’ll put a hole on the enemy with this as soon as I meet them.

If it’s shooting inside a building, I shouldn’t be missing any shot.

Other than that, I should probably be able to massacre them one-sidedly if I’d be careful with the distance.


I placed a finger on the trigger while making a fearless smile.


「Well, well〜, having such a bloodthirsty killer visiting him late at night, that corrupt noble-san is soo unlucky〜」

「I think that I’m the one who’s unlucky having someone like you following me everywhere though?」


This god, she’s holding a pink colored shotgun taking the same pose as me.


Is she mimicking me or something.

I glared at her lightly, but of course, she didn’t mind my gaze at all, and just played around repeating the gesture of shooting.


For the meantime, I poked the back of God’s head without saying anything.


「Ow! Hey, I say no to violence!! ……oh, it looks like the enemies very near. I’ll be watching your fight leisurely so, Misasagi-kun, do your best okay〜」

「Really, you don’t need to tell me that, I’ll leave none of them」


While making a wry smile towards God who disappeared as if she was an illusion, I readied the shotgun once again.

I’m completely thinking of venting out all my annoyance and everything else on the next enemy that I meet.


And very quickly, several soldiers jumped out from the corner ahead.


They immediately saw my appearance, and rushed me.

I had pulled the trigger before they reached the range of the sword.


The soldier was blown away with their bodies in the shape of く after receiving the bullets that were strengthened by〈Single Point Concentration〉.

However, while that happened, a different man started to charge me with a slash.

Following from earlier, I shot once again and he was blown away just the same.

And repeating that for a while, when I noticed it, I’m the only one left in the corridor.


I shrugged my shoulder with a wry smile because of the very easy win.


From how the mansion looks from outside, it only has four floors.

I explored all the rooms on the third floor, and searched for the stairs connecting to the fourth floor.

By the way, there were several maids and soldiers planning to attempt a surprise attack in the rooms on the third floor, but there was no problem at all.

My infiltration plan became a massacre just as usual, but I shouldn’t mind it so much.


I thought while walking through the corridor died with red.

Come to think of it, it became quiet from below.

Chale should probably come later.

I threw away the shotgun, and used the stairs connecting to the fourth floor in front of me.










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