Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Encounter with a Noble






「That group, you know what they are?」(Misasagi)

「They’re probably a private army of some noble」(Al-san)

「It looks like they’re going straight towards us」


The group that is wearing extravagant armors ahead is approaching.

They’re private soldiers of some nobles according to Al-san, but what should we do if they’re high-handed.

I might not help my hand get itchy and attack them.

Ah! Rather than my hand, my foot might step on the accelerator.


「……Misasagi, it would be troublesome later on if we kill nobles」


Al-san, can you read people’s minds?

Eh! You don’t have it but〈Mind Reading〉skill really exists huh.

Hmm, it’s a big world huh.


While we were talking about that, the distance between the armored car and the group became smaller, and right now, they’re approaching to a 70-meter distance.

The number of people in that noble’s group is about 50, and with this distance, I still can’t check their status.


「Ahh〜, this smells some trouble〜」(Misasagi)

「What should we do? I think that it’s too late to turn around now……」(Toel)


Toel whispered with worry.


「Let me think〜. For the meantime, let’s talk to them」(Misasagi)

「If, the atmosphere becomes dangerous?」(Toel)

「In that case, it’s time for destroying evidence alright〜!」


In other words, it’s the thing that I’m best at.


When the distance between us was only 20 meters, I stopped the armored car.

When I was going out alone, Al-san warned.


「Wait, Misasagi. I feel that something’s strange. Someone in their group is observing us using their skill. I think that all that they could grasp is our presence, but you should be careful」


They had that kind of ability huh.

I heightened my sense of hearing to the sounds in the surrounding, slowly closed my eyes and concentrated.



【Skill〈Mental Concentration〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Eavesdrop〉has been acquired】



My thoughts sharpened.

In the darkness of my consciousness, I saw something that was like a hand.

That hand touched us as if it was searching us.

I found the source of the hand.

This is the one who’s observing us huh.



【Skill〈Counter Detection〉has been acquired】



To think that I could acquire a skill with this kind of way.

The effects of〈Mental Concentration〉might be greater that I expect.

I immediately activated〈Counter Detection〉.


I could grasp the target’s presence just like〈Hostility Sensing〉.

But, they aren’t planning to attack yet so I left it alone.

And here, when I was about to get off the armored car, Toel called out to me this time.


「Misasagi-san, you can falsify your status right. If so, I think that you should do it」


Toel knows my abilities better than me huh.

I immediately faked my status.





【Name】Derrick Berett



【Job】Warrior Lv30   Assassin Lv28







I faked it without thinking deeply.

Even if I fail on something, no one should find out that it’s me.

I went off the armored car while wearing the gas mask from some time ago.


There’s the corps lined up properly ahead.

They’re intimidating if you look at them directly.

There’s an extravagant carriage that had stopped in the front.

I wonder if the noble’s inside that.


And here, one of the guards protecting the carriage shouted.


「Oi, you adventurer there. Come here!」


Ahh, he’s so noisy.

Should I just shoot you first.

A level 11 Guardsman huh.

He also has Knight, but honestly, he’s so weak.

However, I went off the armored car without saying anything.


「Oi, tell us your name」

「I’m Derrick Berett」


The man turned around and talked to the female guard.

She’s the one who was using a skill to observe us.

It looks like her name is Shamaal.

I’m sure that she could check statuses as well.

It looks like they found out that I wasn’t lying.


「Well then, Derrick. Without delay I order you. Give that strange carriage that you are riding to us」


Saying that, the man kneeled on the ground.

The one who came out from the carriage was a man wearing pretty clothes.

He clearly has a noble air with him.


I almost reached out to my weapon on my waist because of the male guard’s arrogant way of speaking, but I restrained myself.

I should follow Al-san’s advice as long as it’s possible.

I coped with them by calming myself.


「Forgive me for my rudeness, but that vehicle is important to me. But if you really insist on wanting to have it, I cannot give it to you without receiving compensation」

「Hou, you’re quite brave aren’t you.……well whatever. Speak, what do you want」



【Skill〈Negotiate〉has been acquired】



Ohh, I got a good one.

Even so, what a generous noble.

Or is it that he’s just a collector.

I thought that there was going to be some trouble but it looks like it was just my imagination.

But, I don’t have anything that I want in particular, so I asked for money.

Did the〈Negotiate〉skill had some effects, the armored car was sold with 100 gold coins.

I myself was surprised with this result.


「A-Are you really sure?」


The noble-like man shouted at the male guard that was confused just like me.


「I am saying that it is good. I have heard from Shamaal that you have some company. Hurry up and make them get off」

「Yes, I understand」



【Title〈Pacifist〉has been acquired】



It looks like I happily became a〈Pacifist〉.

Peace is so wonderful.

Receiving the male noble’s command, I quickly went to the armored car.


「What happened」(Toel)

「The negotiation went well. I’m giving this armored car to them」

「Eh! Are you sure?」(Toel)

「It’s alright, it’s alright. After all, it’s 100 gold coins you know!」

「Aren’t you blinded by gold or something?」(Al-san)

「Money is important you now. Well well〜, what a good day it is〜」


The three of us got off the armored car.

A-re, the noble’s group that looking at us feels strange.

I activated〈Mental Concentration〉again, and added〈Counter Detection〉with that.

And the result is, I understood that the noble’s group was looking at us.



【Skill〈Catching Gaze〉has been acquired】



Almost all of them were looking at Toel.

Is the〈Mixed Blood〉rare or something.

However, there are also unpleasant looks towards Toel that is coming from them.

I heavily glared at those guys.



【Skill〈Gaze of Killing Intent〉has been acquired】



It looks like the glare with the skill activated made the soldiers afraid.

The guys who had their eyes meet mine had blue faces and turns to the side in a hurry.

The male noble was looking at us, but he isn’t saying anything in particular.

However, it looks like this guy’s also interested in Toel.


「Is that female demi-human also your companion?」

「Yes, that is correct, do you need something?」

「How much do you want to give that woman to me?」


Haa? What the heck is this guy talking about.

I thought that he’s someone who I could talk with, but it looks like it’s just my misinterpretation.


「I am not giving her to anyone. She’s a very important companion of mine」


Toel was looking down on my side, but I didn’t take note of it right now.


「I see. It cannot be helped them. Forgive me, asking something like that」


The noble said with a tone without any emotions, and after looking at Toel once, he ordered his subordinates.


Unexpectedly, he withdrew so easily.

That’s also better for us though.


After that, I taught one of the guardsmen on how to drive the armored car.


And immediately after that, the noble’s group turned back to where they came from.

Maybe they came all the way just to take our armored car?


……although, I felt a dangerous air coming from that noble.


「They went huh」(Toel)

「It’s somewhat, so fast」

「But, gold coins, this many……」(Toel)


I just pray that this meeting doesn’t have any effects to our journey.

For good or for bad, I really don’t like having connections with some noble.

It’s simply troublesome.


「But, we don’t have a vehicle anymore」(Toel)

「We could only walk from here, huh……」(Al-san)


That’s right〜, it would be soo troublesome walking from here〜.

There aren’t any villages around here as well.

We haven’t met anyone else other than that noble up until here after all.

Then, what should I do〜〜〜.



【〈Armored car〉has been quoted】



Well, I took it out.

I immediately quoted it.

It’s not like it’s going to leave a mark on something or anything.

The armored car that was passed to that noble, it was for traveling so I removed the weapons that could be attached to it as well.

Besides, if they continuously use it, they’d run out of gas sooner or later.

Well, well〜, what a good deal〜.



【Skill〈Fraud〉has been acquired】



How rude.

It’s not a fraud.

I gave them the goods properly you know.

Seeing me taking out a new armored car as if it was nothing, it looks like the two seemed to be rolling their eyes.


「You have another one」(Al-san)

「Well, rather than having another, it’s basically unlimited」(Misasagi)

「I somewhat feel sorry for that noble earlier」(Toel)

「You don’t need to think like that. After all, those bastards tried to buy Toel you know?」

「They probably mistaken me as a slave」


There’s a slave system in this world, and it seems like having a slave in an adventurer’s party is normal.

And as I’ve expected, it looks like having〈Mixed Blood〉is very rare.

That’s why those with〈Mixed Blood〉could be sold at a high price at human trafficking markets.


After that, we once again continued on our journey with the armored car, and took camp when it became dark.

This time, I also left the night watch to Chale.

I got tired after driving for a long time so I think that I could sleep very well tonight……



And late at night at that day, I woke up after suddenly hearing a sound.

Looking at the side, I saw Chale restraining two humans.

It’s good that I told him to not kill them if someone comes to be sure.

I used〈Gravitation〉and〈Ground Subsidence〉combo to those two who were desperately struggling in the darkness of the night.

And just like that, only the heads of the assailants were out of the ground.


「Heey〜, why did you attack us?」


「I can’t tell anything, if you won’t speak, you know」



【Title〈Merciless Executioner〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Gaze of Killing Intent〉has been activated】



It looks like〈Merciless Executioner〉has the effect of suppressing one’s conscience, so my “talk” with these two assailants progressed without my conscience having a part of it.

It took two hours, and I finally got the information that I wanted.



【Title〈Torturer〉has been acquired】



The two assailants were now only barely alive.

Well, they reaped what they sowed.

And here, I think that I should organize the information that I got in this two hours.


First, the one who hired the assailants, what a surprise, it was that male noble from earlier in the day.

As I’ve thought, he was a so-called collector, and he wanted the rare and beautiful Toel.

However, according to them, he wanted to forcefully steal her since I refused.


The two assailants were assassins that exceeded level 30, but I didn’t feel that they were strong at all.

Well, my usual training partner is that Al-san after all.


「Yosh, shall we do(kill) it」

「I also agree this time」(Al-san)

「Please wait! No one  would forgive us in this world if we go against nobles」(Toel)

「For me, it would be a greater problem if Toel disappears. And also, I’m not planning on making an enemy of him head-on. After all, if I do that, I would be a major lawbreaker」

「You’re still going to participate in the tournament right?」(Al-san)

「Of course. That’s why, I’ll “take care” of that noble tonight」


It’s somewhat starting to get fun, as I’ve thought, my journey should be something like this.











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