Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Return and Departure






「Well then, what is the monster whose looks are taken from devils, has high resistance from physical attacks, and made from clay called?」

「n〜, it’s that, you know, that. Hmmmmm……」


I groaned while crossing my arms.

The answer’s just at the tip of my tongue you know.


「……time’s up! Al-san, you can say the answer」

「Clay Gargoyle」

「Eh, what’s that」

「Correct, with this, it’s Al-san’s ten consecutive wins alright」


Right now, we are just continuously walking back to Reno.

However, it was so boring along the way so we started to play a quiz game.

Toel is the questioner right now, and creates questions for me and Al-san.

The thing that she is using to create questions is my cheat book.


Even so, I feel like the questions since earlier are too maniac-ish.

I have also read fantasy novels during my past life, but I’m not that knowledgeable that much.

Things like「Clay Gargoyle」, even if I’m asked what it is, I wouldn’t know.


「Ah! I know! This time, Toel should try and answer」


I suggested to change the mood.


「I will answer?」

「Un, I just wanted you to know how difficult this is」

「Yes, it’s okay. I will do it」

「Yosh, then, I’ll ask the questions okay〜. Well then, first question. *Deden!!*」

「……is that sound effect needed?」


It looks like Al-san doesn’t know about the cliché.


「Well, the atmosphere is very important」

「Is that so……」

「Uhm……this should be good. What is the monster that is being called as a sub-species of unicorns, has two hornsーー」




No, aren’t you too quick.

On top of that, they answered at the same time.

They aren’t planning to make me read the question.


「Misasagi, is something the matter?」

「No, it’s nothing……」


I let the two of them answer the same time.

It’s a quite a tough question for me though.

When I asked Toel about it, she replied to me that it’s common sense for adventurers to remember the names of the monsters.

It means that, I’m a person who lacks common sense, huh……


「You should start remembering monsters that have high frequency of appearing. You already remembered undeads or Hunters right?」(Al-san)

「Also, you have also fought orcs and the ghost knight too」(Toel)

「I’ve already remembered those」(Misasagi)


However, this cheat book, it’s really amazing.

With just this book, I can check various kinds of information.

With just using this ability, it could already be called as marvelous.

Honestly, without this book, I think that I have already died a long time ago.


And from then on as well, we moved on to the road while I’m learning knowledge about monsters.

However, I couldn’t win in a quiz game against Toel and Al-san, not even once.

I felt that it was so pathetic so I thought of a countermeasure.



【Skill〈Speed Reading〉〈Perusal Reading〉has been activated】



I don’t know how much of an effect it would have, but isn’t it not possible to remember it all at once if〈Speed Reading〉that increases the speed of reading literature and〈Perusal Reading〉that increases the comprehension ability when reading was activated at the same time.

In that kind of state, I looked through the monster encyclopedia that was absorbed into the cheat book.


……I did it.

I could clearly remember them with a lot more efficiency compared to earlier.

I wished that I had this ability during before exams.

However, I found out its weakness at the same time.

This makes me soo tired.


Adding the fact that we passed through the headquarters of the band of thieves, we were able to arrive at Reno faster than scheduled.

The three of us immediately went towards the guild, but I immediately felt something strange as soon as we entered the building.

I have entered this place many times, but something’s different.

What is it……


「It’s somewhat noisy」(Al-san)

「There’s also a lot of people」(Toel)


The two spoke out the thing that I was thinking of.

That’s right, for some reason, there’s an excitement going on inside the guild.

For the meantime, I should try asking about the cause of this situation to the dog-ears-san in the reception.

I mean, this person’s working a lot.

The guild’s work must be unexpectedly very busy.


「Excuse me, why is it this noisy here?」

「It’s because there’s a tournament in the imperial capital ten days from now. The information about the tournament just arrived earlier, so everyone’s talking about that right now」


According to what I heard from her, there’s going to be quite a lot of people who would join, and there are no particular qualifications that are needed to join as well.

There was also tournaments up until now, and every time, fatalities occur.

It’s quite a dangerous event.


And for the reason many people would join that kind of dangerous tournament.

That is, the grandness of the prize.

If you would be able to come out up to a certain ranking, it looks like you would be able to get a huge sum of money.

And if you were able to get to the top, you would be given strong items.

I could very well agree to that reason that makes it lack no participants.


I also asked about the rules of the tournaments.

They are the following.


  • Free to use all weapons
  • Free to use titles, skills, and other abilities
  • Victory could be gained if the opponent was killed or left unconscious 
  • Most of all, the safety of the audience must be prioritized.


Un, it’s so barbaric.

I mean, isn’t that mostly about killing each other?

Soo dangerous.

The danger’s that high, but the audience’s safety is most prioritized.

In short, don’t trouble your surroundings when you’re going to fight.


「What do you think?」(Misasagi)

「No need to ask」(Al-san)

「That’s right」(Toel)


Just like that, we immediately decided to participate.

It seems like the dog ears-san had expected our answers, so before we told her about it, she already gave us the participation papers.

She’s quite prudent.


「Hey, what should we do with Chale?」(Misasagi)

「That’s too absurd」(Al-san)

「It’s too dangerous……for the opponent」(Toel)


Unfortunately, I gave up on letting Chale participate.

Well, if that guy joins, it’s most likely that he’d be invincible.


「The tournament this time would have many participants as well, so we will ask you to go to the elimination site in Fuunin’s Hill near here」


What’s that, Fuunin’s Hill.

It sounds cute.


It looks like there would be an elimination for each areas to reduce the number of participants.

According to her, it looks like around 100 people from each elimination sites would be able to enter the main tournament.

The elimination round would start three days from now.

Three days from now would be the elimination round, and a week from there would be the main tournament……

It’s quite a hard schedule.


We finished giving the participation entry, and we talked about the plans from now on after leaving the guild.


「It feels like it’s a waste just waiting for three days」(Misasagi)

「I want to become stronger」(Toel)

「That’s right. Even with just three days, we can become stronger」(Al-san)


It would take about a day to reach Fuunin’s Hill from here, so we decided to train while having some stops along the way.

Going on a detour just to annihilate some band of thieves, we should already be the professionals on stopping by at places.

We departed from Reno where we had just arrived at, and started to walk with Fuunin’s Hill as the destination.


After we walked for a while, I suddenly thought of something.

……how stupid can I be.

I should’ve realized it earlier.



【〈Armored car〉has been quoted】



Three hours had just passed when we started walking.

There’s no doubt that riding on an armored car would be faster than walking.

I’m the only one who could drive, but it’s better than continuously walking.


And just like that, we advanced at speed incomparable to earlier.

Even Al-san who is cool all times was surprised to the vehicle called armored car.

I wanted to see his reaction clearly, but I endured since I’m driving right now.


「Misasagi, what’s the monster that lives in the desert and has magic eyes of petrification called?」


Oh! It’s a surprise test huh.

It’s quite surprising for Al-san to be so stylish.


「n〜, if I remember correctly……was it, basilisk……?」

「Oh! That’s correct. You’re quite good」

「Well, I’ve read the book quite a lot earlier after all〜」


I grinned while looking ahead.


「Then, what’s the monster that has three heads and is being called as the guard dog of the netherworld called?」


This time, it’s a question from Toel.

But, it’s too easy.


「That’s Cerberus〜」

「Correct! Amazing, you really remembered it so fast!」

「Well yeah〜」


I didn’t tell the two about using the skills.

If I told them, it would be uncool after all.


I bathed myself with feelings of superiority, but after that, I noticed that there’s something ahead.

People are marching a hundred meters ahead.

Each of them is wearing armor that has uselessly extravagant armors, and that group is advancing towards us.


……I could only have a bad feeling about this.











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