Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Scenery Branded in the Memory






Is it about some several hours that have passed since we started heading to the hideout of the band of thieves, we’re finally seeing something that looks like that.


It’s open around here, so to not let ourselves get found out, we hid in the mountain of rubbles nearby.


Their base seems to be an old castle that existed from a long time ago.

I’m sure, those thieves must’ve dwelled in there since it was abandoned.

There’s some wreck here and there, but I feel like it has the atmosphere of thieves because of it being so rough looking.


While observing that old castle from afar, I asked the two.


「How should we attack?」


「I’m sure that there’s someone watching from the old castle. We should defeat those guys first」


The one who answered like that is Al-san.

Currently, it’s a little past noon, the sun is at its peak height.

If it were the night, we would’ve been able to sneak in through the darkness.



【〈Sniper Rifle : Silenced Bullet〉has been quoted】

【Skill〈Snipe〉〈One Shot Kill〉〈Mental Concentration〉has been activated】



For the meantime, I looked at their base with the scope of the sniper rifle.

n〜, from how it looks from here, there’s four of them taking a watch.

Every one of them is being cautious of the surroundings.

They would’ve probably found us easily if we just charged in without thinking.


So, since it’s like that, I aimed towards the watcher near the entrance.

That one looks the strongest within the watchers and there’s some distance from the other watchers so I thought that even if I kill him, they wouldn’t see him die.

When my aim aligns to the head of the target that stopped moving, I silently pulled the trigger.


The bullet that was shot by the sniper rifle destroyed the target’s head without error.

I’m sure that that guy didn’t understand what happened to him until the end.


I laughed at the scene that could be seen through the scope by sounding my throat.



【Skill〈Silent Killing〉has been acquired】



I killed another two of them just like I did earlier, but the last one noticed.

It seems like he hasn’t noticed our existence, but it became noisy on the base.


After killing the last one, I jumped out from the back of the rubbles.



【Title〈Domineer〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Covert Action〉〈Squall〉〈Visual Misrecognition〉has been activated】



I quickly sprinted towards the base.

I used illusions while using〈Covert Action〉, so I think the thieves hasn’t noticed me.

When I reached in front of the castle gate, I held the cheat book with my hand.



【Skill〈Create Trap〉has been acquired】



I left a special present that I made and returned to where Al-san and Toel is.


When I have rejoined the two, I heard screams coming from the base.


I’m sure that they became the victim of the directional anti-personnel mines.

They probably didn’t see it because I used〈Correction〉making it invisible.

Ah, but, there’s some guy that hasn’t died yet, poor thing.


Thinking of that, I put an end to those remaining by sniping them.


The ones that came out of the old castle’s gates seems to be their advance reconnaissance squad, so there are still a lot of thieves inside the base.


「Then, shall we go now?」(Misasagi)

「Alright, I’ll charge with my sword first」(Al-san)

「I will support the two of you」(Toel)


Al-san rushed towards the old castle, and the remaining two of us followed him.



【〈Grenade Launcher : Unlimited Ammo〉has been quoted】



I shot a damn lot of grenades towards the old castle.

It didn’t seem to have caused that much casualty, but it looks like it succeeded planting fears on them.

Arrows flew from the old castle, but the arrows were just going through the sides because of Toel’s wind magic.

These thieves, they’re somewhat pitiful.

After all, strange explosives were flying towards them, but their attacks don’t work.


And when we have finally arrived in front of their base, boiling water was dropped from above.

It’s quite dangerous to get hit by this.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】



The thing that they sent, I should return it.

The boiling water that was supposed to fall to us returned as if it was a rewinding tape, and finally, I could hear vivid screams.

It’s the punishment for doing such petty tricks.


It’s good that we have reached the gates, but it was closed tightly.

It wouldn’t even budge when we tried to move it.

They really closed it huh.

When we are here, we might receive some attacks again, so I should hurry up and destroy this gates.


「Come out, my excellent minion!!」

「Are those lines really needed?」


And here, Al-san pointed that out calmly.


「No, well, it isn’t needed though. I just thought, I should make that kind of atmosphere by saying it」


While having a leisure conversation with Al-san, I took out Chale.

He’s holding the warhammer in his hand.


「Well then, destroy this gate okay」


Chale nodded quietly, and raised the hammer high.

And he swung it down quickly.


And the result of that, the gates were completely destroyed.

Some unfortunate thieves got caught in it and died.

It looks like they were standing by on the back of the gates just in case.


「Then, Al-san and the rest should attack here. I’ll go on a different route」


After all, there is no need to start head on from the gate.

Of course I’m going to use a way that is very easy.



【Skill〈Artificial Floating〉〈Create Magic Barrier〉has been activated】



I ascended, floating upwards till I reached the place where I could look down on the old castle.

Along the way, a tremendous number of arrows flew towards me, but all of them were blocked by the barrier.

Its strength is inferior to the one that the dungeon boss used, but it’s enough to fend off some arrows.


I continuously shot the grenade launcher that I quoted earlier from above.

This time, it hits perfectly.

It’s good enough even if only one lands a hit.

After all, it explodes.



【Skill〈Bombing〉has been acquired】



When I have annihilated all the enemies that I could see, I landed on a roof.

I can hear loud voices mixed with screams and shouts from below.

It became quite tragic below.

I only took things that are needed from the dismembered corpses, and walked down the stairs.


Did all the enemies rushed towards Al-san and the rest, there are no enemies near me.

Only, I could confirm several killing intents coming from the big door to the left.


When I walked up to the door, my〈Search Trap〉reacted.

Taking a careful look, something’s pasted on the door’s handle.

I think that it’s something poisonous, so I dropped the door itself to the ground using〈Ground Subsidence〉.


When I entered the place that seems to be the throne room, there were several thieves there.

That guy who’s being surrounded by women in the middle is probably the head of the band of thieves.

Looking at their status, the thieves around has a level of around 15.

Their head whose name is Angus has three jobs.

His highest leveled job which is the Thief is level 30.

A level 30 thief huh, how much sin does he need to do to reach that level.

Also, he has so many titles that “etc.” was added in the end.


「Are you the one who’s rampaging inside my caslte」


Is that something that you need to ask.


「Hmph, ignoring me huh. Well, whatever, I can’t contact that bastard Bill as well, so I’m quite bored. I’ll play with you」


Saying that, Angus slowly stood up.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】



I won’t read the atmosphere.

Fighting several people alone, I won’t do something as troublesome as that.

I killed the thief henchmen using〈Gravitation〉and pressuring them, and I controlled the gravity that affects Angus to come from above.

Angus jumped up towards the ceiling.

His head crashed into the ceiling, then fell down.


It looks like he’s still barely alive, but he also barely moving.

It became somewhat an anticlimactic scene.

While thinking of that, when I released the captured women and was about to go out the room……



【Skill〈Emergency Dodge〉has been activated】



Angus attacked me from behind.

But, I was able to somehow avoid it by rolling on the floor.

The floor broke and the surroundings were covered by a dust cloud.


Angus has three jobs.

The first one is the level 30 Thief, the second one is the level 27 Heavy Warrior, and the third one is the level 24「Berserker」.

This guy who has the title of〈Destroyer〉is more dangerous than I thought.

He probably knew he couldn’t win and released his ability.

To test him, I shot him with the gun.


Ah, he dodged it.

What a ridiculous speed.

However, I can’t read any emotions from his eyes.

Is it the characteristic of the Berserker’s ability, I could see that he doesn’t have sanity.


「Kihihi! Haa, haa……」


Uwa! How disgusting.

I should hurry up and kill him.



【Title〈Scarlet Lightning Demon〉has been activated】



I entered the「Scarlet Lightning Mode」, and shot red electricity.

However, Angus charged at me without dodging my attack.

The red electricity landed onto him directly, but he didn’t mind it although he is burning while getting electrocuted.  

I dodged to the side in a hurry.

And after that, Angus continued charging and started to attack the women.

The burning Angus attacked the women, and they got killed one by one.

Poor thing, they got caught in the fight.

I used the precious time they created with their sacrifice and opened the cheat book.



【〈Shotgun : Charging Type〉has been quoted】

【Skill〈Electrical Discharge〉has been activated】



I released the「Scarlet Lightning Mode」for once, and aimed with my shotgun.

And I infused the electricity that is coming out of my body into the gun.

I haven’t tested this yet, but this guy should be a good target.


The instant Angus turns to me, I pulled the trigger.

The fired bullet accelerated while being enveloped by the electricity charged near the muzzle.

And just like that, the gun fired the bullet so fast that even I couldn’t see it, and opened a hole through Angus’ stomach.



【Skill〈Electromagnetic Acceleration〉has been acquired】



However, even receiving this much injury, Angus wouldn’t stop.

I hate insistent guys.

Reaching this point, this guy isn’t something that can be called as a human, he’s just a beast.


I counterattacked Angus who was charging with a kick, blowing him away to the wall.

Is this thanks to Al-san, I’m getting used to closed quarter fights.

After that, I slid the grip, and placed another bullet shell.

Angus’ appearance of trying to stand with the help of the wall looked pathetic.

A band of thieves where their head would be a guy like this, it’s just right to destroy it.

I pulled the trigger while pointing the gun to Angus’ head.


Confirming that he had already taken his last breath, I only took the useful things in the room and left.

A-re, it’s so quiet now.

It was so noisy earlier……


When I went down the stairs, just in time, I met Al-san and the rest.


「What happened on the floors above」

「Ahh, I killed everyone including the boss. What about this floor」

「I haven’t taken a look yet. This floor’s probably the last」


Everyone explored the floor.

I left the fighting to Chale.

When I checked this guy’s status, he’s already level 3.

I’m sure that he had gotten stronger again.

In the end, we found around 10 people hiding in the last floor that survived, but we found and killed all of them.


And just like that, an hour after the battle started, we destroyed one band of thieves.



【Title〈Annihilator〉has been acquired.】



All of us leisurely went outside.


「By the way, there wasn’t any challenge at all〜」(Misasagi)

「It cannot be helped. The region around here has an overall low level, the adventurers, the monsters, and the thieves or bandits as well」(Toel)

「For the record, even though they were only that much, that band of thieves has some decent scale」(Al-san)


Hearing my rants, Toel and Al-san consoled me.

But is it my imagination, the two seems to be feeling anticlimactic as well.


「I was expecting some stronger guys」

「Next time, should we go find some labyrinth then」


I immediately agreed to Al-san’s suggestion.


「Ah! That’s great! Let’s do it for sure」


It would be the best if there’s a dungeon that we could go on a day’s trip.


「I want to get stronger too!」


To this, it looks like Toel agrees as well.


While talking like that, we went to a certain place.


「Uwa, so beautiful……」


I couldn’t help but let those words out because of the scenic beauty.


「Yes. This isn’t a place where a lot of people visit, so there are no signs of it being devastated. It’s very nice」

「I have not seen a tree like this」


It looks like Toel and Al-san felt the same.

Under the starry night, we rested under a giant tree.

When we arrived in front of that tree that is called Beautiful Peach Tree – Toureiju, my breath was taken away by its beauty.



The tree released a fantastic atmosphere, and I thought that it didn’t fit being near the base of the thieves.

It’s really good that we annihilated those thieves.


While eating the food that I took out by quoting, we quietly enjoyed the scenery.


The giant tree that has the full moon behind it, dyed with the light peach color, it continuously looks down upon us.

You can say that, this scenery was the number one reward given to us for subjugating the band of thieves.


I made a wry smile being able to go flower viewing in a fantasy world and drank a rich fruit juice.










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