Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 13 Part 2

Chapter 13 – Magic Sword and Magic Weapon (Part 2)






After I had returned to Geena, I gave the modified bastard sword to Al-san.


「Misasagi, is this really that bastard sword?」


It looks like Al-san was surprised with the change of the sword.


「That’s right, I played with it a little bit, and it became like this」

「How did you play with it that it became like this. Can I really use this?」

「Of course. In the first place, it’s something that I borrowed from Al-san」

「I see. Then, I will thankfully use it」


And looking at us, Toel sends looks of envy.

I gave you that rapier right.

Ah, don’t make those eyes, I think that that’s cheating.


「I-I’ll also make something for Toel later okay. So just look forward to it」


The instant after I said that, the colors of Toel’s eyes changed.


「Eh! Really?! That’s a promise okay!!」


Saying that, she draw nearer while asking.


However, she suddenly regained her composure, and apologized with a red face.

And while we were like that, Al-san was just looking with enjoying eyes.

Can you send some help to me at least.


And after that in that day, we slept, and it became the next day.


The result of talking where should we go for today, it was decided that the three of us would go on separate ways.

It’s because we’re planning to return to Reno tomorrow, each of us could go to places that we want to go to.

And of course, I’m going to the library.


The library in the center part of Geena could be called as huge even compared to the ones in my past life.

According to Toel, it looks like it is rare in this world to have a library this big.

It seems like entrance fee isn’t needed, but it is prohibited to take the books outside the library.


And when I excitingly entered inside, it was cold inside the library.

The temperature outside is quite warm, so I think, maybe there’s an air conditioner somewhere.

Inside the library, there were more books aligned on the bookshelves than I have expected, but well, I guess I shouldn’t absorb them.

I should just honestly enjoy reading the books.


Other than the bookshelves, there are also very long tables placed around, and people seemingly scholars or magicians are reading the books there.

I could even feel their passion and enthusiasm from far away.

But in my opinion, I don’t like reading books like that.

I think that reading leisurely and enjoying it is the best.


I took several seemingly interesting books and sat on a chair, and engrossed reading them.

Since I came to this world, I haven’t had time to spend leisurely, so I’m very happy.

And when I read the books continuously like that for four hours, I left the library.



【Skill〈Speed Reading〉〈Perusal Reading〉has been acquired】



I also gained skills, so it’s two birds with one stone, I should come again sometime.

The place that I’m going to while I’m thinking of that is the forest that I visited yesterday.

I’m thinking of experimenting with “him” that I made today.


I checked that there’s no one around, and took out that guy from the cheat book.

*Zushin!*, the golem that came out while shaking the ground stood straight without moving.


First, I should think of a name.

I left it on the side since it was cumbersome, but it’s also troublesome when I would call him, so I should decide it.


「n〜, then, your name is Chale. Got it?」


Chale comes from「Chaser Doll」.

Hunter has the title of〈Labyrinth Seeker〉, and if you’re talking about golems, you can say that it’s something like a doll.

I combined the two of them.

Well, I myself think that it’s a facile name, but it’s okay right.


*KokuKoku*, Chale silently nodded.

I can’t see his face since it’s covered by monster bones, but it looks like communication is possible.

Yesterday, I had only simply checked his battle strength, but today, I’m thinking of doing some precise adjustments.


First, I took out the war hammer that Chale equipped while he was still alive from the cheat book.

Really〜, I was almost killed a lot of times by this.

While thinking of it solemnly, I stared at the hammer.



【Skill〈Monstrous Strength〉〈Unparalleled Strength〉has been activated】



I raised the giant hammer, and gave it to Chale.

Chale easily made a stance with the hammer.

Hmm, it really looks good on him, I think.


I took out the blacksmith table, and told Chale to put it on it.



【Skill〈Magic Stone Utilization〉〈Create Wrought Iron〉has been activated】



I modified the hammer just like I modified the bastard sword yesterday.

This time, it’s not like it’s broken or something, so the work progressed very smoothly.

In the middle of blacksmithing, I used the various kinds of metals that I bought beforehand.



【Skill〈Equipment Modification〉has been acquired】



Somehow, I was able to strengthen the war hammer.

I placed a magic stone inside it so it should resonate with the magic stone inside Chale’s body, its performance should be strengthened if magic powers were infused.

Of course, its normal state is strong enough though.

The originally sturdy war hammer would become sturdier, and its ability to destroy would become terrible.


Well then, after the weapon, next would be its armor.

The monster called Hunter, it is said that normally, it doesn’t wear armor, usually only wears leather shorts or pants and wears nothing on its upper body.

Well, their muscles itself could be called as armor though.

And as a proof for that, sub-machine guns and shot guns doesn’t work even against low-level Hunters.


And I’m thinking of equipping an armor on that kind of guy.



【〈Dark Abyss Armor〉has been quoted】



I took out a jet-black armor from the cheat book.

This armor’s size could change up to a certain level, so even Chale would be able to wear it.


A 2.5m man holding giant war hammers while wearing a dark armor……

He became a monster that even I wouldn’t want to have as an enemy.

Anyways, with this, I gained a very strong minion.


Getting satisfied with that, I collected Chale into the cheat book, and returned to Geena.


When I returned to the inn, the two had already finished what they wanted to do, and had already returned.

There’s nothing in particular that we could do even if we stay here, so although it’s already in the evening, we decided to go back to Reno earlier than scheduled.

The three of us quickly finished our preparations, and immediately left the town.


And after that, we advanced through the road while chatting, and it became late in the night so we decided to make camp.

And here, I quoted the tent.

There’s also tents in this world, but its performance not needed to be said, the one in my past life is better.


「It’s quite easy to erect it huh」

「I’m always ready to go on out door……I mean, go camp」

「How convenient this is. It’s also very comfortable inside desu〜!」


Saying that, Toel laid around inside the tent.

It’s good that she likes it.

Al-san is looking at how the tent was erected.

Is it really something to be curious of.


「By the way, what should we do with the night watch? I could always do it though……」

「Ahh, about that, you don’t need to worry about it」


I have a minion that is perfect for this.

Come out, my excellent minion!!


And the thing that came out was an ominous looking monster.


While getting surprised, the two started to get ready to fight.


「Ah, this guy’s my minion so it’s alright. He’s called Chale」


When I said that, Chale lightly bowed his head.

He’s quite respectful huh.

The two were doubtful at first, but they were believing me at the least.


「I’m called Toel. U-Uhmm, please take care of me」

「I’m Al. Aren’t you looking strong. I’ll look forward to you」


After the two finished their introduction, Chale showed his proud chest.

And looking at that, I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

Maybe this guy also has emotions.

I should check that part next time.


「However, I can’t believe that you were able to scout such a strong looking guy」

「No, well, I made this guy」


The two who couldn’t understand were dumbfounded, so I explained how Chale was born.


「This guy was made from that Hunter huh. On top of that, he’s wearing such a high-quality armor」(Al-san)

「He really seems reliable too」(Toel)

「Chale doesn’t need to sleep or rest and he’s very durable as well, so we can leave the night watch to him」


And so, with that, the three of us left the rest to Chale and slept leisurely.

If this guy’s around, even if someone or something attacks, he should be able to chase them away by himself.

Well, not mentioning chasing away, this place around here might even be dyed with blood.

……I should pray that the first scene that I will see in the morning isn’t bloody.


Since I have concentrated in blacksmithing, I was tired, so sleepiness attacked as soon as I laid down.


The next day, I cautiously went out of the tent.

Thankfully, the surroundings didn’t change compared to before I slept.


「Ah, good morning Chale. Was there any trouble?」


I talked to Chale who is standing near the tent.

Chale silently shook his head.

It looks like nothing happened.


And after a while, Al-san and Toel woke up.

When I took out the curry that I quoted as breakfast, they liked it very much.

Chale cannot eat, so when I infused magic powers to him, he seemed very happy.


We prepared ourselves, and departed once again.

I have collected Chale right now.

Just think of how he looks.

There’s no way that he wouldn’t stand out.

I decided to take him out just when he is needed.


「Toel, how long would it take to Reno?」

「With our pace, I think that we should arrive around afternoon tomorrow」


Toel answered while checking the map on her hand.


「It’s gonna be boring if nothing happens like this」


Al-san spoke out his boredom truthfully, so I followed him.


「I guess so〜, you want to stop by somewhere」

「There is a hideout of a band of thieves nearby. So, I think we should leave quickly……」


Toel was worried, but hearing about the band of thieves, I got interested.


「Ah, you want to go there? It looks interesting too」


At the least, it would be stimulating.


「I also agree with Misasagi. If we passed by there, how long would it take to Reno?」


It looks like Al-san was also eager.


「Uhm, if we pass there, it would be a shortcut so we should arrive around in the morning tomorrow」

「Then, it’s just right. Yosh, let’s go then」

「Eh, are we really going there?! We don’t know how many enemies there would be you know!」


Did she think that we weren’t really going there, Toel raised a panicked voice.


「Then, does Toel think that we would lose to some thieves?」

「But, I think that there’s no need to bother going through dangerous roads」

「Isn’t that interesting. This is also a kind of training」


Saying that, Al-san made a fearless smile.


「That’s right, that’s right, let’s look forw……I mean, let’s get stronger!」

「……that is also true. I will follow the two of you」


Toel seems to be rolling her eyes, but well, it’s abnormal to say something like “let’s go annihilate the band of thieves” as a stopover after all.

Al-san was also very eager, but he has some points that are similar to me.


But, that Bill guy that I fought in Reno before was also a leader of bandits, so I think that these band of thieves isn’t that strong.

In addition to that, I also have several trump cards.


And just like that, having the matching opinions, we went off the road, and eagerly went towards the base of the band of thieves.











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