Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 13 Part 1

Chapter 13 – Magic Sword and Magic Weapon (Part 1)






After the fight with Al-san, I didn’t move from that place for a while.


I’m spent.

This person, isn’t he too strong?

When I have just arrived in this world, I felt like I’m the strongest or something, but gradually, I’m finding out that that is completely wrong.

I’m worried about my defense as usual, and there’s a huge gap between me and Al-san, if we’re talking about purely attacking strength.


「That was quite a good fight. This time, we didn’t use ranged attacks but, it might have also been good if we had used it」


……oh my.

If you’re adding ranged attacks to that fight, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Really, I can’t see through this person.

Maybe, even in the dungeon, was he still holding back?


After that, the three of us went to Geena’s adventurer’s guild.

The three of us have completely forgotten, but we haven’t received the reward for the escort quest.


I know that the number of undead I defeated will be shown in the guild, so for that, I thought of a countermeasure.



【Title〈Domineer〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Visual Misrecognition〉has been activated】



To be sure, I activated two illusion abilities.

The guild’s receptionist should only see that the number that I defeated is only 1 digit.

And just like that, the quest report ended without me getting suspicious of.


However, there’s a problem that occurred there.

My quest rewards were very little.

Compared to Toel and Al-san who received lots of silver coins, I only got 20 copper coins.


I am very dissatisfied, but it can’t be helped.

I don’t want them to know that truth, and also, I have received rewards for conquering the dungeon from the order of knights, so I should just be content with that this time.


By the way, the status of the three of us is shown like this in the guild.








【Job】Ranger Lv10


【Title】〈Adventurer〉〈Dungeon Conqueror〉




【Name】Toel Ludiesona


【Race】Elf   Sky Fox

【Job】Warrior Lv 20   Fencer Lv15   Mystic Warrior Lv12


【Title】〈Mixed Blood〉〈Adventurer〉〈Conductor of the Wind〉〈Dungeon Conqueror〉




【Name】Albert Lawyer



【Job】Warrior Lv40   Knight Lv22   Heavy Warrior Lv29   Fighter Lv26   etc.


【Title】〈Adventurer〉〈Protector of the Group〉〈Single Mass Murderer〉〈Seasoned Warrior〉 etc.





My status is of course, fake.

It seems like there are quests that travelers cannot take, so I changed it to Ranger.

They said that jobs that don’t have additional bonuses like Villagers or Travelers would disappear when a different job was gained, so I removed Traveler from the display.


But even so, Toel’s growth is very fast.

It looks like she is suitable to Mystic Warrior so its growth is surprising.

According to Al-san, it looks like jobs that are just gained shouldn’t level up this fast.

The experience points gained from the labyrinth boss and Hunter might’ve been a lot for her.


Al-san’s level also went up.

I mean, there’s “etc.” added in his job column……

When I asked him about it, he said that he gained a new job called「Grappler」.

On top of that, he said that he gained it during the fight with me.

It’s rare to have five jobs, so the guild’s receptionist-san was also very surprised.


As I’ve thought, the experience points gained from that labyrinth must have been at a different level.

Ones like Hunter, normally, they are monsters that would be defeated with several parties helping each other.

And we defeated that with just the three of us, so there’s no helping that our level would go up.


We finished our errand to the guild, and when we were discussing where should we go, I asked Al-san.


「Al-san. If possible, together with us……」

「Ahh, of course. If it’s fine with you guys, I’ll be happy to join you」


Somehow, it ended so easily.

Well, it feels like there’s no need to put it on words though, moving together like this up until now.

The ones in the guild also thought that the three of us is in a party after all.


Al-san is far stronger than me and he also has plenty of battle experiences, I’m thinking that I should learn a lot from him.

No, well, to tell the truth, I wanted him to be my comrade since I saw the fight in Geena.

After all, there shouldn’t be a lot of very good solo adventurers like Al-san.


「With this, a three-man party huh〜」


「Anyways, let’s continue on getting along〜」


Once again, I called out to the to.


「Of course」

「Please take care of me」


And with this, Al-san is officially our comrade.


In the afternoon, as promised, the three of us went on sightseeing in Geena.

We only went to the accessory shop in the morning, so I want to go to a lot of stores.


「Al-san, about the bastard sword that I destroyed during the mock battle……」

「Ahh, that huh. You don’t need to mind it. I have a principle of not sticking to a particular weapon. And also, I have other main weapons」

「Was that so. Then, if it’s okay, can you lend me that bastard sword?」

「I don’t mind, but……what are you going to use it for?」

「I’ll keep it a secret for now」

「I am very curious. Please tell me later okay」

「n〜, I’ll show it to you if I succeed. Until then, it’s also a secret to Toel」


Hearing that, Toel was dejected.

Her tail also was completely straight down.

That, it’s also quite lovely.

When I patted her head for some reason, it seems like she cheered up.

I was sooo soothed.


First, with my wish, we went to the bookstore.

There are many bookstores in Geena, but the store that we went to is a bookstore that specializes in history books.


In my past life, I didn’t have interest at all in studying history so my grades were full of despair, but since it’s a fantasy world’s history, I really want to know.

Besides, if I absorb it with the cheat book, I could quote the strong weapons that appear within the long history.

By the way, legendary weapons are very conspicuous, so I’m refraining from using it as much as possible.


And so, quickly now, I am looking at the bookshelves inside the store.

The two were also looking around.


「How about this book」


Toel said, and showed me one book.

「The Three Heroes」huh.

I should buy this one.


「Oh! This is good. Thank you, Toel」


I said thanks to Toel, and started to search for books once again.

I hesitated on which ones I should buy, but I decided to just buy them all.

I have enough money.

I’m not planning on using every penny, but even so, it should be possible to easily buy 20 books.

I chose while Toel suggested some once in a while.

Within the history books, there were books where the Demon World is described in detail.

I don’t know what kind of place the Demon World is, but I’m thinking of going there someday.


In the end, I bought 33 books, and after going out of the store, the next place we went to is the tools store.


I haven’t gotten books about medicine, so I’m thinking of buying here.

I bought a lot of potions in each of various kinds and left the store.


And after that, the three of us enjoyed the stores that each of us requested.

But well〜, shopping is also great in this different world.

I bought books just before I died after all.

Well, thanks to that, my quotes are very strong.


After that, we rented a room in an inn, and the three of us stayed there.


The next day, Al-san left early to go practice.

I told Toel that it’s okay if she wants to go shopping by herself.

Left alone, I went to the nearby forest.

There aren’t any signs of humans in the forest, it is very quiet.

Thinking of what I am about to do, it’s perfectly fit.


Because, the reason that I went to this forest is to go on several experiments.

First, repairing the bastard sword I borrowed from Al-san.

And also, I was thinking of making a certain something.

The things I needed, some of them were bought yesterday, and some were taken from the dungeon.


For the meantime, I took out the handle and blade of the bastard sword from the cheat book.

And also, I took out several other items.



【〈Blacksmith’s Hammer〉〈Blacksmith Working Table〉has been quoted】



I quoted a working table that has great resistance to fire, and fix the bastard sword on top of that.

It’s boring to just fix it, so I’m planning on modifying it on some parts.

By the way, I have bought several books about blacksmithing, I’ve also finished reviewing them.



【Skill〈Create Wrought Iron〉〈Create Magic Sword〉has been acquired】



With two hours, I finished repairing the bastard sword.

Thanks to〈Ignition〉, I have no problems with fire.

I used special metals that I quoted on the blade, so its durability must be multiple times compared to before.

And adding to that, I used the golem’s magic stone to craft it, making the user’s magic powers strengthen the sword.

As a result of that, I gained a skill that is different from what I expected.

What’s the heck is this,〈Create Magic Sword〉.

I thought that I would gain〈Repair Weapon〉.


I collected the bastard sword into the cheat book, and started creating the certain thing.

First, I took out the rampaging golem’s magic stone, and took out a certain “corpse”.


The corpse is large, and has robust muscles.

However, there’s a “hole” in its back……

That’s right, this is the Hunter’s corpse.

It’s that guy that I defeated at the deepest part of the dungeon.


Golems are monsters that move because of magic stones.

Their body are originally just stones, so even though the stones are strengthened by the magic stone, it doesn’t have a decent hardness.

However, their resistance to magic is very high.


And opposite to that, Hunters are very strong against physical attacks, but their magic resistance is not high at all.


I am trying to make a “golem made out of Hunter’s body”.


I have already finished reviewing the how-to-make golems in books.

Generally, one should send magic powers in the magic stone that will become the core, and place that into the materials that will be used as its body.

After that, it would be completed by placing a special paper made out of animal skin.

However, the problem would be the amount of magic powers needed, and the strong materials are needed by a lot.

Magic powers of several high-leveled magicians are needed for even just a stone golem.


By the way, I don’t have that much magic powers.

I only have the same amount with a normal magician.

So, not mentioning a Hunter’s corpse, I wouldn’t be able to create even a single stone golem.

However, I have a very convenient ability.



【〈Saint’s Bracelet : Abundant Magic Powers〉has been quoted】



This is a bracelet that would make the magic powers within the body overflow just like a spring.

It is a very strong equipment, but it has the cons of being unable to stop making the magic powers overflow at all times.

Also, there’s the possibility of dying when the magic powers being created exceeded the amount that user’s body could withstand, so it should be better if I don’t use it many times.


I wore the bracelet very carefully.



【Skill〈Magic Stone Utilization〉has been activated】



I sent a huge amount of magic powers inside the magic stone, and pushed the magic stone that was full of magic powers into the body of the Hunter from behind.

And, I pasted the paper made out of animal skin that I quoted beforehand to the Hunter.

And, by rubbing a secret medicine, I closed the opened hole on its back.


After a few seconds, the paper burned, and the Hunter’s body started to emit light.

And, it slowly stood up, and looked down to me.

It is said that if golem creation fails, it would berserk, so to be sure, I readied my weapon.


Ten seconds of being on guard, the Hunter that stood up still wouldn’t move.

It’s just staring at me.

I should try and give an order.


「Raise your right hand」


In that instant, the Hunter raised its right arm very quickly.

It looks like I succeeded.



【Title〈Taboo Technique User〉has been acquired】

【Skill〈Create Magic Weapon〉has been acquired】



Somehow, I got a very ill-sounding title.

I guess I can’t show this to people.


The sky is starting to get dark, so I decided to halt my work here and go home.

I’m thinking of doing experimentations like this regularly.


Along the way to Geena, there is a Hunter on my side.

No, well, specifically, I should say that it’s a golem.

I got curious, so I decided to check its status.






【Race】Golem Lv1






As I’ve thought, it’s a golem.

Also, it looks like this guy still doesn’t have a name.

It looks like he’s also starting from level 1.

It’s like, its status is very simple.

Well, I should think of a name later.

There’s no need to hurry after all.


This guy who’s walking beside me, he would completely listen to all of my orders.

By the way, it looks like this guy isn’t treated as a living thing, so I can place him inside the cheat book where living things can’t be placed inside.

I have created such a convenient thing.


I walked through the road going home very satisfied.











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