Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 12 Part 2

Chapter 12 – The Skills of a Seasoned Warrior (Part 2)






Al-san was already standing by the waiting place.

Very different from me who’s a bit lax with time.


「You finally came.……that’s quite an interesting thing you’re wearing」


He immediately noticed the ring.

This person, he’s really scary.


「I won’t lose today. After all, it’s alright to use abilities」


More specifically, the two of us decided to not use dangerous abilities that would destroy a wide range.

Even though it’s on the outskirts of Geena and there’s not a lot of people coming here, it’s still inside the town.


「That’s some confidence you have there. I look forward to fighting you」


Al-san looked at me while smiling.

Can I really win against this person……


「Well then, please excuse me」


Saying that, the captain left the plaza.

Actually, we asked Toel to be the referee of the fight this time.

With this, there’s no need to fake our true skills.


「Well then, please fight fair and square」


With Toel’s declaration, Al-san and my fight started.


Immediately after it started, Al-san suddenly slashes towards me.

The huge bastard sword he is holding with both hands is just about to slash through me right now.

Even so, his movements are really fast.

Is he using some kind of skill.



【Skill〈Insight Eye〉has been activated】



While dodging his initial attack by stepping to the side, I tried to smash him using the bat I’m holding in my hand.

But, when I noticed it, I was already blown away backward with Al-san’s kick.

I bounced off the ground several times, and crashes into a tree.

I spat out the blood inside my mouth, and shook head a lot of times.

If I didn’t have〈Regeneration〉, I would’ve died because of that right now.


Staggering a little, I stood up.


「What’s up, Misasagi. You aren’t serious at all yet right?」


While making a stance with his sword, Al-san approached.

It can’t be helped huh.

I think that it’s a little unfair, but I’ll attack at once.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉〈Ground Subsidence〉has been activated】



I destroyed the ground where Al-san is standing on, and also pressured him with gravity.

With this attack, Al-san sunk to the ground up to his waist.

He shouldn’t be able to move right now.



【Skill〈Charge〉〈Dual Wield〉〈Monstrous Strength〉has been activated】

【〈Japanese Sword : Ultra Vibration〉has been quoted】



I charged with a bat on one hand and a katana on the other.

Did he give up getting out of that, Al-san readied his sword in that position.

I should be able to win with this.


First, I slashed towards him using the katana.

Al-san received it with his sword, but the blade of the Japanese Sword that I quoted is vibrating, so its destructiveness is increased.

I have also activated〈Monstrous Strength〉.

Because of that……


With my once attack, his bastard sword was broken into two.


Ah! I should reimburse him later……


In addition to that, I attacked using the bat I held up.

However, this time, he had expected my action, and my hand was grabbed.

I tried to pull it back, but I don’t feel that I could escape at all.

I tried to attack using the katana once again, but this time, he hit my hand with the broken bastard sword’s hilt, so the katana fell from my hand.


I’m telling this to be sure but, Al-san is currently buried in the ground up to his waist.

Aren’t you too strong, Al-san……


And here suddenly, my body became light.

I was surprised and when I looked at Al-san, he raised my body with just one arm.

And following that, he strikes me on my stomach while holding the handle of his sword.




It’s so painful that I can’t breathe.

Isn’t this too much.

He wasn’t this violent when we first fought though.


Furthermore, Al-san threw away the handle, and raised me using both his hands.

Just like a barbell.

When I predicted his next attack, I was already closing to the ground.


I was slammed to the ground, and I felt the bones inside my body breaking.

I think that this is the worst injury that I had, coming to this world.

I can’t feel half of my body anymore.


I can’t thank the existence of〈Regeneration〉enough.

Even if I’m injured this much, my body will fully recover within 30 seconds.


When I stood up, it was just the same time when Al-san got out of the ground.

And in his hand, there was the katana that I dropped.

And, with a face full of composureーー


「You’re really sturdy huh. I thought I’d defeat you with that right now, and heal you using recovery potions」


He said.


There’s no more doubt, he’s trying to hurt me until I’m unable to fight.

What the heck is this spartan instructor.


If he goes this far, even I would get pissed off.


I didn’t know how much strength I should release because it’s a mock battle so I have held back a lot but, it seems like my concern isn’t needed.



【Title〈Matchless Warrior〉〈No Weapons〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Self-taught Hand-to-hand Techniques〉〈Unparalleled Strength〉has been activated】



I activated my attack specialized abilities one next to the other.


Al-san slashes towards me with the katana with an ultra vibration that I quoted.

His speed was enough to be a threat to me even in my status right now, but it is within my expectations.



【Skill〈Create Magic Barrier〉has been activated】



Walls of magic powers surrounds me.

Al-san’s slash created a crack in the barrier, but being inside, the damage doesn’t reach me.

Al-san shouldn’t be blamed having a surprised expression.

It was something that the dungeon’s boss used after all.



【Skill〈Piercing〉〈Single Point Concentration〉has been activated】



I released a stab towards Al-san who is unguarded.


However, he was able to barely dodge.

You’re able to avoid that right now, are you serious.

I wonder if Al-san’s really a human.

I seriously doubted right now.


Al-san who evaded my stab forcefully released a slash in a posture where he lost his balance.

I was also staggering right now, so I couldn’t evade the slash.

I stopped it using my hand knowing the injury I would get.

A sharp shock went throughout my body from my arm.

The instant that my arm and the katana touched each other, the katana was the one that got destroyed.

It looks like the weapon destruction effect of〈Body of God〉has activated.

I ignored it since it would only activate at a certain chance, but the effect of〈Good Fortune〉might’ve activated.

The ring immediately did its job huh.


Al-san had a surprised expression, but that was only for an instant.

This time, he attacked using his hands.



【Skill〈Surprise Attack〉has been activated】



Without a moment’s delay, I released a fist-sized rock from the cheat book.

Al-san tilted his head, evading it.

However, when he turns to me again, his eyes can’t see me anymore.



【Title〈Domineer〉has been activated】



While deceiving Al-san’s sight, I attacked several times.

The strengthened hits made Al-san receive damages.

However, I couldn’t land a clean hit even once.

All of the attacks that aimed towards his vitals were blocked.

He might have〈Intuition〉.


The illusion effect by the title〈Domineer〉is starting to fade away, so I took a distance for once.

Maybe, he had gained a resistance skill while I was attacking him right now.

However, I think that I had attacked enough.

Al-san’s body is full of wounds, and blood is dripping out from those wounds.


「As expected huh, those hits right now were quite effective. I didn’t like having someone hold back on me, so although I didn’t want to, I provoked you. Thanks to that, I was able to see your serious strength so, it’s great」


Even if you tell me you provoked me that refreshingly……

But, however, it looks like the actual damage is different from how it looks like.

Al-san is smiling towards me.


No, he’s smilingーーnot.


When I noticed it, he was right in front of me.

I only felt it like he teleported.


Thinking that he would attack immediately, I instinctively guarded myself, but nothing happens.

When I thought of it strangely and took a look, there was Al-san taking out the cheat book from my belt, and throwing it away.

Eh, isn’t that cheating?


This time finally, he released a kick.

I dodged it using〈Artificial Floating〉, and as a return for that, I elbowed his face.

His nose wasn’t broken, but Al-san’s nose was dyed red.


Right now, because the cheat book isn’t in my hands, I can’t quote or use the item box.

I don’t have any weapons.

If so, I can only rely on titles and skills huh.

And when I was thinking about how to end this battle, an idea popped out of my head.

I never tried this, so I don’t know if it would be successful, but it has enough value to be tested.

The problem is, the timing……



【Title〈Destroyer〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Squall〉〈Barrage〉has been activated】



I have finished preparing, so it’s only about how much I would be able to fight huh.

Al-san and I ran at the same time, and collided with our fists.

And in the next instant, we exchanged kicks.


That fight continued for several minutes.


Within the relentless attacks and defending, Al-san made an opening.

I didn’t let that escape, I closed the distance between us, and reached out my palm towards Al-san.

And, I invoked.

“Come out”.


There was a book on my hand, and the page opened right in front of Al-sans face.

And in there,「Short Sword」was written.

Al-san was looking at me without moving an inch.

I also looked back at him while making a wry smile.


I could make the cheat book emerge and disappear just by invoking it.

It seems like this is possible if the distance isn’t that far away, so I made the cheat book that was far away disappear once, and made it reappear in my hand.

If, I have failed to do this, it would’ve been my defeat.

After all, Al-san’s hand was already touching my neck.


And just like that, our fight ended with a「draw」.













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