Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 12 Part 1

Chapter 12 – The Skills of a Seasoned Warrior (Part 1)






Escaping from the dungeon, the three of us is in the entrance right now.


「Ah! Didn’t they say it’s alright to destroy the dungeon?」

「That’s right, if I am correct, the knight captain-san said that」


We defeated the boss, but they requested to destroy the dungeon is possible, so I decided to destroy it properly.



【Title〈Bomber〉has been activated】

【〈Dynamite : Enlarge〉has been quoted】



I emerged dynamite that was very large that I could only hold it with both hands, and placed it on the entrance of the dungeon.


「Hey, hey〜, the two of you, it’s dangerous so take distance〜」


While saying that, I also evacuated.

After a few seconds, the entrance of the dungeon exploded, and the cave started to be destroyed.



【Skill〈Ground Subsidence〉has been activated】



To be sure, I also destroyed the ground of the explosion point.

With this, the Geena’s order of knights should be relieved.


「Well, shall we return to Geena then」


We returned to Geena from the dungeon very quickly.

It is insignificant compared to the time we spend moving around inside the dungeon.


When we entered the town, the people of the order of knights quickly gathered.

Were they waiting for us.

When we roughly reported what happened, a few knights rushed out of the town.

And when I asked what it was about, they replied that they went to confirm the labyrinth.

It looks like they went to confirm whether we cleared the dungeon properly.

Although, even if they went now, they would only see signs of landslips.


After that, we met with the knight captain.

At that time, they have already finished checking the dungeon, and the captain was very grateful to us.

But, it seems like the meaning of what he said that it’s alright to destroy the dungeon, he only wanted us to have that much resolution.

Un, if that were the case, it would’ve been the best if you said it clearly.


We received 10 gold coins as reward including the fight in the fields from the order of knights.

Of course, it will be divided between the three of us, but……


「Great, rewards this much, it’s quite rare」


Rare, means, you can receive them sometimes huh.  

As expected of Al-san.


「And so, how will we split it up?」


When I asked that……


「I do not mind on however we divide it」

「I don’t have problems regarding to money as well」


The two of them, they’re, well, how can I say this, humble or what……

Well, we should just split it evenly I guess.

I have a lot of silver coins, so I can exchange it minutely as well.

I was thinking of that though……


「Uhmm, why did it go like this again?」

「If I’m correct, Misasagi-san said something like “let’s go big”, was the reason, I think」

「Ah〜, come to think of it」


Right now, we are in a plaza in Geena.


This place, it seems like it’s mostly used by adventurers to do mock battles.

And, just like them, we are also going to use it like mostly.


「Well then, let’s repeat the rules. There is no time limit. Use of weapons, titles, skills are prohibited. Of course, you should not go for the kill. In the case where it is decided that the match could not continue, we will stop you」


The Geena’s knight captain that we asked to be the referee declared that, and Al-san who is ten meters away in front of me made a stance.


Uwa! His eyes are serious.

Aren’t I, going to be killed?


The reason for this, is just like Toel has said, it’s me.


I suggested doing a mock battle for the remaining 1 gold coin that was left after splitting the 10 coins, having 3 for each of us.

However, I prayed that I noticed at that time.

The fact that, Al-san’s eyes were already in battle-mode.


I, I just planned it to be just a little game though.

On top of that, skills and titles are prohibited, so aren’t I disadvantaged?

He has the bonus of his job after all.


「Well then, please start fighting」


Soon after the captain declared the start of the match, Al-san’s appearance disappeared.


And the result, I lost.


I could only endure for 3 minutes, and I was always overwhelmed.

Weapons were prohibited so the two of us were bare-handed, but I couldn’t see most of Al-san’s attacks.

My dynamic vision should’ve been good, but when I saw a kick coming, I already felt the pain in my jaw.


I thought that I would’ve been able to resist somehow, but I was completely wrong.

I’m sure, my body is full of bruises now.


「Are you alright, Misasagi. I held back, so it shouldn’t have been so painful right」

「Eh……y-you weren’t serious right now, you say……」


Toel was sitting in the audience seat while holding juice and fruit.

Ahh, unexpectedly, she’s cold.

Or maybe, she’s not worried about me because she knows how good my regeneration is.


I stood up slowly, and talked to Al-san.


「Ahh〜, ouchie〜. Al-san, you’re too strong」

「Misasagi’s combat skills are just too pathetic. You just, only need to experience fights from now on. You’re still young after all」


And while we were talking like that, with the effects of〈Regeneration〉started to work, and I could now move normally.


「The winner is Albert-san it seems, so 1 gold coin would be given」


The captain gave the gold coin to Al-san.


Well, I’m not troubled with money as well though.

Al-san whose almost unscathed puts the gold coin inside his magic bag.


「Well then, Misasagi. Shall we fight releasing the prohibition rules next. With anything goes, other than killing」


Al-san suggested a frightening thing.

“Are you serious, that’s absurd”, but when I was thinking of thatーー


「I also agree with that! Misasagi-san’s true strength is with using his abilities!」


Toel seems to be very enthusiastic about it.

I became desperate, and started to convince the two otherwise.


「But, shouldn’t we stop it for today. I’m also tired, I want to go to sleep」


At least, I want to avoid it for today.

After all, we just got back from the dungeon you know?

Al-san, aren’t you too lively?

Let’s rest for a bit alright.


「Alright, let’s not. Well then, Captain. Tomorrow around lunch, can you let us use this place」

「Yes, it is fine. I am always around, so please come whenever you like」


For the meantime, with this, we finally went back.

I was so tired, that when I reached the room, I immediately fell asleep.




「……sagi-san, Misasagi-sa〜n」



The next day, I woke up with Toel’s voice calling me.


When I opened my eyes, Toel’s face was very near, and she was taking a peek at my face.

I was so surprised, that I pathetically covered myself with the sheets.

Ahh, I wish that she would have some awareness of how she looks.

I mean, can you please stop looking at my sleeping face, well, normally.


When I was covered by sheets like that, I heard Toel’s voice urging me.


「Today’s the mock battle with Al-san right. Let’s hurry up and wake up, and warm up your body」

「n〜, I want to sleep just a little more……」

「No way! It would be lunch just after a little while」


It’s already that time huh.

I sluggishly woke up, and stretched my neck.

By the way, after yesterday’s mock battle, it seems like Al-san went to train alone.

Well〜, he’s amazing right, Al-san.


After eating breakfast, I went sightseeing together with Toel in Geena.

We promised that we’d go sightseeing with the three of us after the mock battle, but this town is very wide.

That’s why, preparing a little for that, we went to go shopping.

Well, the truth is, I just wanted to take a look at the bookstores quickly.


First, we entered an accessory shop.

Even though it’s called an accessory shop, it isn’t just for decorations, but ones that have effects in battle.

There were books with illustrations of equipments that I absorbed within the cheat book, but there weren’t any accessories, so I wanted to take a look at the real thing.


「Welcome. Are you looking for something」


The young woman across the counter talked to us.

When I looked at her status, she has Minstrel and Equipment Merchant jobs.

Minstrel huh, that feels fashionable.


「No, we haven’t decided to buy anything yet」

「Is that so, then, how about this product」

「He〜, what effect dos it have」

「This is, when equipped, it would increase your resistance against magic」

「Then, how about this?」

「That one would increase the power of flame affiliated attacks」

「This ring looks pretty good」

「Ohh, you have good eyes. This product here would increase your agility and attacking powers. The price would be a little expensive, but its value is very good」

「Toel, what do you think?」

「Uhmm, it would be for the best if we would be equipped with accessories. It could be used diversely, and it would be very useful when it is needed」


「I see. Then, we’re buying this」

「Thank you very much. We also have many other things, do you want to take a look」

「Yes, please」


And just like that, we used all the time before the mock battle in this shop.

Well, we had good gains, so I shouldn’t mind it.

The money that’s left, is a total of 4 gold coins.

It was quite an expense, but the store clerk was also very happy, and gave us some discount.


Within the many things that we bought, for the meantime, Toel equipped the bracelet that would increase the agility and attack powers.

While increasing her strong points which is speed, it would also decrease her weakness which is the lack of attacking powers.

That delicately made bracelet also looks good on her.

I mean, anything would look good on a beauty.


I bought a ring that would give good fortune, one that would really seem like a bogus in my past life.

I have a lot of skills and titles that would increase my abilities, so I chose this one that has an interesting effect.

I wore the ring right away.



【Skill〈Good Fortune〉has been acquired】



Ah, it looks like the effects are for real.

Even if nothing has happened, I got convinced because of this.

It looks like even luck could be bought in a fantasy world.

Of course, this skill, just like〈Regeneration〉, I activated it at all times.

With this, I would have the double effects with the skill and the ring.

From how I feel, nothing has changed though.


For the meantime, I placed all of the huge number of accessories we bought inside Toel’s magic bag.


「Uhm, thank you」

「It’s alright, it’s alright. I’m also happy if you’re glad」


In this shopping, I used my money to pay everything.

Money only has a limited use for me, and I really didn’t mind, but Toel was very grateful.

She said thanks with her blushing face.

Did she really like that ring.


After this, there’s no time left so we went to the plaza.

It isn’t that far from here, so we should arrive there quickly.


It was very fun shopping, but thinking that I’m going to fight right after this, I feel heavy.

I should do my best, not let myself get beaten like a dog just like yesterday.












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