Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – A Sudden Insight






I hurriedly went to help Toel and Al-san

However, the thing that was there, was a gigantic 10-meter golem.


I understood with a glance that this guy is bad.

If I were caught off guard, I’d be killed in an instant.

For the meantime, I’ll activate the titles and skills that would strengthen my physical strength.

It’s not the time for holding back after all.


The boss, it floated upwards, landing on the golem’s shoulder.

From its height, it wouldn’t be easy to attack him, and a strange barrier-like thing seems to be protecting him.

It looks like there’s a thin dome-shaped film around the boss.


The golem for offense, and the barrier for defense huh.

That’s quite some balanced offense and defense.

As expected of a dungeon’s boss, I could say.


「We’re attacking from three sides at once. Let’s destroy the golem first」

「I understood」

「Got it」


Following Al-san’s command, we surrounded the golem.


From above, it should look like we’re making a triangle.

And from there, we’re going to attack at once from each side, destroying the golem.

That was the plan Al-san’ thought of.


I have given Toel a magic bag with several weapons.

It would be a disadvantage, if she uses a rapier against a golem after all.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】



I threw a grenade while pressuring the golem to stop its movements.

Al-san and Toel approaches the golem quickly, and attacks it directly.


I’m starting to get used fighting with the three of us.


However, the golem was very sturdy that the damage was almost nonexistent.

Even the explosion from the grenade would only scratch its surface.


On top of that, it’s not like the boss isn’t doing anything while riding on the golem’s shoulder.

From time to time, it summons the undead.

It was troublesome fighting while cleaning those up, so half-way through, I decided to fight while using “Scarlet Lightning Mode” at all times.

Looking at the side, I could see Al-san having the air of a beast similar to that some time ago, he’s moving at a fast speed that when I looked away from him for a bit, I would lose sight of him.


The fight continued like that for a while.


Even though it’s the boss, did it finally start to get tired, it stopped summoning the undead quite some time ago.

It’s probably what you call being out of MP I guess.

It was breathing roughly on top of the golem’s shoulder.

However, there’s no sign of the barrier disappearing.

What a cautious guy.


On our side, we’re also fatigued.

Especially Toel, she seems to be having a hard time.

After all, she had used spirit magic when defeating the undead.

Her spirituality might be spent out.

By the way, Al-san was almost not gasping for breath at all.


「Fuu〜, if it’s like this, it’d start to get hard……」


In fact, I’m also in bad shape.

Is it because I have used〈Gravitation〉and “Scarlet Lightning Mode” for a long time, I’m starting to get dizzy.

The golem’s movement was very limited because of this, but I’m starting to reach my limit.


「The two of you, the golem might start to go on a rampage〜」


I called out to the two before I released the skill.

And, I stopped using〈Gravitation〉.


Soon after that, the giant golem charged towards me while stomping on the ground.

It looks like it knows that I’m the one that’s suppressing the golem using gravity earlier.


While running away in a hurry, I dropped a lot of land mines.

For against the golem, I used〈Correction〉to make them gigantic as well.


The giant land mines that were stomped on by the golem released a series of explosions, destroying its giant feet at once.

And losing everything down from its knees, the golem used its arms to somehow keep its balance.


「Oh〜. It’s started to become easy now」


Because of that, the boss also panicked.

It was clearly glaring at me with those eyes that could be slightly seen from its cloak.

Please don’t have such scary eyes.


「Yosh! It’s my turn!」


Al-san shouted like that, and jumped towards the boss.


However, is the barrier so sturdy, there are no signs of it getting destroyed even how much he attacked.

I also shouldn’t be just looking.

I took out a shotgun and shot continuously.


「Ah! It really doesn’t have any effect huh……」


I expected it, but the bullets bounced off the barrier and fall to the ground.

There’s no worry about retaliations because the golem that lost its feet can’t move, but in front of that barrier, there’s no way for our attacks to reach it.


And while doing all that, the boss suddenly summons a terrifying magic circle below its feet.

I don’t know what it’s planning to call out, but〈Intuition〉whispers that we should stop that at all cost.


I need to come up with a plan.


And suddenly, I came up with an idea.


If this succeeds, the barrier might be destroyed.

Believing in that possibility, I opened the cheat book.



【〈Mjolnir : Restrictions Released〉has been quoted】



The thing that I emerged is the legendary war hammer that grinds and crushes.


Originally, it’s a weapon that I wouldn’t be able to use, but using〈Correction〉, I forcefully removed that restriction.

It was sink or swim if it was possible, but it succeeded fortunately.


I held up the heavy hammer, and threw it towards the boss while using〈Throwing〉.

The warhammer flew while turning, crushing the barrier without any resistance, then passes through, creating a big hole in the wall.



【Title〈Destroyer〉has been acquired】

【Skill〈Defense Destruction〉has been acquired】



The boss barely dodges my attack, but it loses its balance, and falls off the golem.

Al-san catches it there.

The magic circle that the boss created on its feet disappeared.


I took out Mjolnir once again, destroyed the unguarded golem’s torso, and took out the magic stone from inside it.

With this, it shouldn’t be able to move anymore.


「Hey, what should we do with this?」


Al-san suppresses the boss on the ground, he whispered while being on guard.


「Well, we can only kill」


It wanted to kill us, so that’s a natural choice.


「Then, I’m going to kill it」

「No, I’ll do it」


I stopped Al-san beheading the boss, and approached the boss.


I opened the cheat book, pushed the opened page towards the boss’s chest.

After that, I released a wooden stake.


After feeling the light resistance, the boss stopped moving.

And just like that, I collected the boss’s corpse together with the stake inside the cheat book.

There’s no need to leave a grotesque corpse lying in the open after all.


Anyways, an interval ended with this.

And when I stood up together at the end of the battle, messages continuously appeared.



Regulated experience points have reached its limits breaking through

The Different World Wanderer has reached level 2

Acquired titles and skills will be strengthened

Reaching the requirement〈Killing Labyrinth Boss〉, bonus will be given



【Skill〈God’s Hammer of Punishment〉〈Create Magic Barrier〉〈Magic Stone Utilization〉has been acquired】



Somehow, I leveled up.

I mean, I’m finally level 2 huh.

I wonder how much experience points my job really needs for just one level up.



【Title〈Labyrinth Conqueror〉has been acquired】



「Well then, let’s go home〜」


「Let’s go back quickly okay」


And just like that, our first dungeon capture ended safely.











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