Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 10 Part 3

Chapter 10 – Labyrinth Exploration (Part 3)






Across the opened doors, a very wide space have spread.  

It was even several times larger than the room where the Ghost Knight was.


Unlike up until now, the floors, walls, and ceiling were made orderly.

As if only this place, was a hall of a palace somewhere.


And on the back of that room, there was a silhouette of a person sitting on a throne.


Unfortunately, I can’t see that far away with my eyes, so I can’t check that person’s status.


「What an unusual enemy. However you look at it, it’s a human」


It looks like Al-san could see.

What an amazing eyesight.

Really, I really want to know what kind of titles and skills does he have.


The mysterious silhouette, it was sitting on the throne with crossed legs.

There’s no sign of that person moving.


I readied my armory using the cheat book.



【〈Sniper Rifle : Homing Bullets〉〈Ring of Dazzling Deceit〉has been quoted】

【Title〈Sniper That Drives Out Others〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Snipe〉〈One Shot Kill〉〈Mental Concentration〉has been activated】



〈Ring of Dazzling Deceit〉is a ring that enables the one who equipped it create an illusion towards a target.

The effect isn’t that high, but it would last at the maximum of several minutes.

With this, Al-san should see that I am making a stance using a sword.


I casually got on position with the sniper rifle casually beside him.



【Skill〈Visual Misrecognition〉has been acquired】



It is the best chance since the enemy isn’t moving.

Honestly, I don’t have any hesitations whether the target is in human form or not.

In a lying down position, I matched the scope to its head.


There is quite a distance from here to the enemy.

It is a very difficult task to succeed sniping.

However, the thing loaded in this sniper rifle that I modified using〈Correction〉is a homing bullet.

Its accuracy has increased quite a lot.


I placed my finger on the trigger, and put on a little bit of strength.


The bullet shot at a high speed went towards the boss as if it was drawn into it.

However, the instant that I was sure that it would hit, a huge chunk of rock appeared in front of the boss.

The bullet pierced into that thing that appeared from the floor.


「Tch, a golem huh……」


Al-san clicked his tongue and took a stance with his sword.


The chunk of rock that appeared in front of the boss started to move, and gradually turned into a humanoid shape.


And after about ten seconds, it became a monster called a golem with the height of 4 meters.

For some reason, the golem was releasing a faint light from its body.

According to Al-san, that is the magic stone which is the source of energy of the golem.

And as long as that magic stone isn’t destroyed, it seems like the golem would not stop its activity.

On top of that, he also said that most of the golem has high resistance against magic.


The golem didn’t mind us at all, and just stood beside the boss.

In other words, it was a bodyguard-like position.


Suddenly, the boss raised on of his arms.

I saw a magic circle shining bewitchingly in his hand.


I sniped and host the boss in a hurry, but it was once again blocked by the golem.


And while that happened, it seems like the mysterious movement of the boss was finished with that, and it silently put its hand down.


In the next instant, there was a huge number of undead that appeared from the ground in front of us.

Their numbers were around a hundred.

Most of them are giant skeletons, wolf zombies, fat zombies, most of them are special individuals.

Well, fortunately, there wasn’t any Hunter or Ghost Knight.



【Title〈Matchless Warrior〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Throwing〉〈Monstrous Strength〉〈Stuffy Nose〉has been activated】

【〈Armored Car : Enlarged〉has been quoted】



I finished preparing for battle.

I didn’t forget to activate the very important〈Stuffy Nose〉.

And while I was doing that, the undead army charged, so I got ready to fight back.


By the way, the armored car that I quoted right now, is not for me to ride in.

If that were my intention, I would also have activated〈Killing Driving Technique〉, and in the first place, I quoted it with three times the size, so a human can’t drive it.


Then, for what reason did I quoted it.


I carried the huge armored car, and threw it forward.

The armored car mowed down the enemy while turning, and after it had reached the back end of the undead army, it exploded with a huge sound.


Al-san whispered out his comment.


「……as expected of you huh. Tens of them were defeated with that thing right now」


It looks like, the effect of the ring has already disappeared.

Or maybe, Al-san’s status ailment resistance is too high.

Either way, Al-san’s reaction seems to be bland, so there’s no need for me to hide my abilities.


Taking advantage of the opening made by the explosion, Al-san had already started slashing forward.

The monsters that couldn’t react with his movements were decreasing one by one.


Toel was also doing her best.

Is it the special effect of her new job, she was casting spirit magic with a quick activation.

While burning down the enemies with her flame whip, she was cutting down the enemies using her rapier on her other hand.

It seems like she’s gradually becoming a cheat.


Well then, I should go too.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】



I controlled the gravity of the floor without aiming at the enemy.

The result of placing a burden of the gravity on the floor as much as possible, a hole that was about 2 meters wide appeared.

About twenty monsters which were standing there feel down one next to the other.



【Skill〈Ground Subsidence〉has been acquired】

【Title〈Scarlet Lightning Demon〉has been activated】



Continuously, I became in the「Scarlet Lightning Mode」clad in red electricity, and released the maximum scarlet lightning I can release into the hole.

With that, all of the monsters inside that hole became ashes without exception.


And while I was doing that, Toel and Al-san was invincible, the undead that was around a hundred was quickly annihilated.

The only one remaining is the boss.

Looking at the throne, it doesn’t seem to be panicking at all.


「That guy, he seems confident」(Misasagi)

「That is true, I wonder if there is a plan waiting」(Toel)

「Thinking of that should be correct. Don’t let your guard down」(Al-san)


The three of us advanced towards the throne while being cautious of the surroundings.

The distance is about 200 meters.

We slowly got closer without running.


And at that time, my〈Hostility Sensing〉has reacted intensely.

*Piku*, Toel’s ears moved, and Al-san turned towards me.

The instant the three of us rolled away from that place, the ceiling crushed down, and something fell down.

The whole floor was reverberating with a huge sound.



【Skill〈Intuition〉〈Emergency Dodge〉has been acquired】



When the dust smoke resided, the thing that was there, was that red-violet colored Hunter.


To think that it would chase after us, crashing through the ceiling, it’s grudge is quite scary.

The thing that it holds in its hands, it was war hammers.

We really need to fight this guy after all huh……


「Misasagi, the Hunter has resistance against physical attacks, but it’s weak against magic. Toel should take care of this guy」


I stopped Al-san who was shouting that, and stood in front of the Hunter.


「No, I will go. If Toel gets hit by this guy’s attack, there’s no doubt that she would instantly die after all. The two of you, please defeat the boss while I’m fighting this guy」


Come to think of it, the battles against the Hunters up until now, I’ve always been the decoy.

But, I think that I’m the best suited to fight against the Hunter within the three of us.

After all, I have〈Regeneration〉.


I convinced Al-san somehow, and let him go towards the boss with Toel.


However, the Hunter tries to attack the two to stop their movements.



【Skill〈Fast Shooting〉has been activated】



I shot all that I can at the head of the Hunter using a sub machine gun.

I made a crack at the monster skull that the Hunter was wearing, and its movement stopped for an instant.


Its sharp gaze turned to me, so I raised my middle finger at it.



【Skilll〈Restraining Attack〉〈Provoke〉has been acquired】



I activated〈Provoke〉that I had just acquired, and threw a stone at the Hunter.

Of course, there isn’t any damage, but the Hunter’s senses are completely focused on me.

Killing intent was surging out of the eyes that peek through the monster bones.

Ahh, this is quite scary you know.


Anyways, it seems like I’ve succeeded on letting the two get out of its consciousness.

The Hunter that limited its target with just me charged while swinging its warhammer.



【Skill〈Insight Eye〉〈Wind Shroud〉has been activated】



I saw through carefully at each of its attacking movements, and also used the wind I’m clad with to dodge.

I’m saved because the Hunter’s movements isn’t that agile.

But, it is swinging around its huge hammer at a very fast speed, so I think that they were still movements out of common sense.

I feel like I’d receive damage with just the air pressure of the hammer.


However, I can’t figure out a way to defeat it at all.

There are openings where I could attack, but I would definitely receive a counterattack if I can’t deal with him with one attack, so I can’t attack without hesitating.

At worst, instant death is also possible.

But even so, ranged attacks lacks destructive powers.


Three minutes have passed since I started dodging the Hunter’s attacks.

The Hunter’s attacks are only simple ones, just swinging its hammers around, but the instant that I had been short of concentration, its attack grazed me.

With that impact, I greatly lost my balance.


「Ku! This is bad……」


The damage isn’t that much, but I can’t move in an instant.


The Hunter didn’t let that opening pass by, and it used its raised hammer to hit me in the head.


My head was crushed in an instant, and the flesh that was in between the hammer and the floor, it was also crushed, losing its shape.

And, the Hunter raised its blood-stained war hammer, and searched for the next prey……


Well, I showed him that illusion.

Right now, the Hunter should be seeing be as a meat sauce.


Actually, since three minutes of fighting had passed, I was showing the hunter an illusion by activating the skill〈Visual Misrecognition〉that I learned just earlier.


And, right now, I am standing at the back of the Hunter that was full of openings, thinking that it has already defeated me.



【Title〈Bomber〉〈Bringer of Destruction〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Full Swing〉〈Piercing〉〈Surprise Attack〉〈Unparalleled Strength〉has been activated】

【〈Gauntlet of the Red Dragon : Explosive Destruction〉has been quoted】



Equipped with the Gauntlet of the Red Dragon that I quoted, I thrust towards the back of the Hunter.

Thanks to the titles and skills, and the very hard strengthened gauntlets, my hand had pierced through the back of the Hunter with one attack.


Since the Hunter can’t feel any pain, it hasn’t even noticed that I attacked.

And there, using all the strength I have in my arm, I pulled it out.


There was no gauntlet in that hand.


After I had jumped away from the Hunter, a very dull sounding explosion had echoed, and the Hunter fell down to the ground.

I added an explosive destruction effect on the Gauntlet of the Red Dragon.

Even if it has a strong resistance to external physical attacks, it seems like it couldn’t endure the direct attack internally.



【Title〈Domineer〉〈Merciless Executor〉has been acquired】

【Skill〈Single Point Concentration〉〈Ingenious Odd Idea〉has been acquired】



Well then, I finished collecting what I needed, so, I should go help the other two.

When I looked forward in front while thinking of that, I saw two adventurers fighting against a giant golem.











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