Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 10 Part 2

Chapter 10 – Labyrinth Exploration (Part 2)





◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇.



I walked about ten minutes to go after the two.  

There were bones and rotten flesh that were scattered along the way.

It looks like the undead appeared here.

After all, the ones that came out to the town also came out from here.  

That’s why I thought that only monsters of their level would come out……


The way is split like the letter T, but it’s noisy to the right.


I could also confirm some activity with〈Hostility Sensing〉.



【〈Silver Arrow〉has been quoted】

【Skill〈Electrical Discharge〉has been activated】



It’s scary to create fire underground, so I decided to use〈Electrical Discharge〉.  

And the reason why I quoted「Silver Arrow」, was because I have heard that electricity easily passes through silver metal.


When I turned the corner with three arrows in my hand, there was Toel and Al-san.  

The remaining enemy is a dual sword wielder skeleton……and two fat zombies.  

There were a lot of corpses scattered around Al-san.  

There was probably a lot of them at the beginning.


「Ahh, it was Misasagi huh. You came at the right time. We’re troubled that we don’t have enough hands. I’ll leave those huge two to you」


Al-san called out to me while blocking the two swords of the skeleton.

Uwa〜, he looks like he’s having an easy time though.


I mean, these two huh.

I really don’t mind gory things but, they stink after all……



【Skill〈Stuffy Nose〉has been activated】



My worries became lighter.

It really looks disgusting, the appearance of a huge 2 meter tall with shaking fat belly.

On top of that, there’s two of them.

I really want to remove them in my sight immediately.


The two zombies walked towards me after noticing.



【Skill〈Squall〉〈Piercing〉has been activated】



I approached one of them, and pierced it with an arrow.

The zombie was burned like *BachiBachi* with smoke rising.

Ah, I shouldn’t have burned it because it’s going to smell……well, whatever.

I should endure just a little bit.


I also did the same to the remaining one, stabbing it with an arrow to death.


「You’ve taken care of that huh. As expected of you huh, Misasagi」


Al-san who is carrying his sword on his shoulder made a refreshing smile towards me.


I wonder what the heck is he saying, he hadn’t even had any sweat.

You’re the one who’s amazing, Al-san.


「Misasagi-san. Thank goodness you’re fine」


Toel was also worried about.

Her fox tail was swinging.

How, lovely.


We collected the things that can be used, and started to walk again.


It looks like there wasn’t anyone wounded other than me.

This is a little frustrating somehow.


「How was the one earlier? I didn’t see it directly, so I don’t know what it was……」

「Ahh, it’s called the Hunter. I was very strong, well, I mean, I almost died」

「Hunter?! ……I see, well, whatever. Let’s advance」


Eh? What’s with that reaction that makes someone curious……

Was it bad that I defeated it.


But, it can’t be helped.

I’ve already defeated it so, it’s too late for regrets.


Just like that, we resumed our dungeon exploration.


This dungeon is very vast.

So much, that it is starting to be a pain to explore it.


According to Al-san, the master of a dungeon, they are at the deepest part of the dungeon most of the time, and the dungeon would be cleared if they are defeated.


But, within those, there are types of dungeons where even though the boss was defeated, another one would appear

And towns are made around those labyrinths, and would become a working place for adventurers.


Three hours since we entered the dungeon, and we finally found the stairs going down.

We have fought a lot of enemies since I rendezvoused with the two, and I am thinking just now what to do because we couldn’t find the way going down.  


When the three of us went down to the stairs, there was a wide space that had spread.

It was approximately the size of a gymnasium, and the ceiling is also high.

I was honestly surprised that there was a space like this underground.


「Be careful, something’s coming」


Suddenly, Al-san warned.

After a few seconds, a knight wearing a full plate armor appeared from the door that can be seen from here.

I immediately checked its status.





【Race】 Ghost Knight  Lv22

【Title】〈Wandering Armor of Death〉〈Sword User〉





I have looked at books to find out the concept of level before.


In there, it was written that「A monster’s level shows its strength within their race, and is difficult to compare with other races」.

In simple words, let’s say that there is a level 80 goblin and a level 10 dragon.

Comparing them, the goblin has a higher level, but the one that would win in a fight would be the dragon.


In short, there’s no meaning how high your level is, if your race is weak.


According to Al-san, the Ghost Knight is rather strong within the undead.

Surprisingly, most of the physical attacks are useless, and it is normally subjugated using magic.

By the way, Al-san said that he can’t use magic.

I also, of course, cannot use it.

It only means……


「Toel, do your best」

「Yes! But, the attack type spells of my spirit magic have long incantations. Can you please buy time as much as possible」


Of course it’s OK. That’s the only plan I can think of right now.



【Title〈Hard Hitter〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Smash〉〈Squall〉〈Monstrous Strength〉has been activated】



I raised my abilities using title and skills just as usual, and also took out the iron bar that I used before.

Ah, there are still blood stains.

Well, it was originally red so I shouldn’t mind huh.


「Are you ready?」

「Yeah, I’m good. Let’s go then」


Al-san and I ran towards the knight.



【Skill〈United Front〉has been acquired】



First, I hit towards the knight.

I hit the knight’s open body with the iron bar before it reacts.


The dull sound echoes around, and the armor was hugely dented.


Al-san tried to follow up, but the knight raised its sword, and Al-san immediately pulled back.

I also pulled back in a hurry, but I lost my balance because I was too hurried.

The knight slashes towards me there.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】



I controlled the gravity binding to go upwards and jumped.

The knight that couldn’t predict that failed its attack



【Skill〈Artificial Floating〉has been acquired】



I landed to Al-san’s side, and immediately looked at the knight.

Al-san made a wry laugh from how I seemed.

Well, I suddenly flew after all so he should be surprised.


When I was about to attack again, Toel passed through my side, charging towards the knight.

I immediately thought of stopping her, but Toel was holding her rapier with her right hand, and holding a flaming whip she casted in her left.

Toel swung that towards the knight.


The scorching whip flew towards the knight.

The knight was somehow blocking with its sword and shield.

Al-san and I joined the fray there.


I continued to place a burden on the knight’s sword and shield using gravity.

I mean, well, isn’t this skill too convenient.

Al-san went behind the knight, and attacked it.

Toel attacked its front using her flame whip.



【Skill〈Cooperation〉has been acquired】



In the end, attacking with the three of us, the knight finally dropped its sword and shield, and the whip directly hit.

In that instant, the knight armor fell into pieces while raising an eerie scream.

It looks like we somehow defeated it.




Toel suddenly shouted.

When I turned to her voice surprised, there was Toel with a face full of happiness.

It looks like she acquired a new job.

I checked Toel’s status.





【Name】Toel Ludiesona


【Race】Elf   Sky Fox  

【Job】Warrior Lv16   Fencer Lv11   Mystic Warrior Lv 1

【Title】〈Mixed Blood〉〈Adventurer〉〈Conductor of the Wind〉





Ohh, it’s true.

The「Mystic Warrior」job was added.

I mean, her level has gone up pretty much too.

Does it mean that, this dungeon is too early for Toel.

When I asked Al-san, his level has also gone up 1-2 times.


Then, what about me?

……too bad, it hasn’t increased from level 1.


How much experience points do I really need.


After picking up the knight’s drop item, we advanced to the opposite side of the room, just where the knight came from.

There were stairs going down immediately after the door.


And after moving forward, the hallway just like earlier continued, and ways forward and to the right had continued.

I felt like it was an L shaped way.

Ah, something approached from the right side……


「We’re gonna run, Misasagi. That one’s bad」


Al-san who said that, took Toel and ran forward.


Ahh, it’s true.

A Hunter came again.

On top of that, it was much larger than the one before, and charged while raising the two huge war hammers in its hands.


Looking at it, it’s level 40, and its body color is also red violet.

It isn’t something to fight against with in a narrow hallway.

In the first place, I don’t think that it’s an opponent that should be defeated with just three people.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】



I raised the gravity pulling the Hunter as much as possible.

However, it seems like there’s not much of an effect.

Then, I should run away too huh.



【Skill〈Sprint〉〈Squall〉〈Escape〉has been activated】

【〈Flash Grenade : Increased Effects〉has been quoted】



While plugging my ears with my finger, I chased after the two at full speed.

Of course, I left behind the flash grenade with its pin removed.


「The two of you, absolutely don’t turn around〜!」


To be sure, I warned the two in front of me.

And soon after that, I heard an explosion from behind, and the monster’s roar echoed though the hall way.

It’s still noisy even if I plugged my ears.



【Skill〈Earplug〉has been acquired】



Skills that are kind for my five senses had really increased.

Ahh〜, I’m very thankful.


Soon after the sound has exploded, my shadow extended in an instant due to the flash.

My eyes would probably burn if I looked straight towards that.

After the explosion had calmed down, when I looked behind while running, I saw the Hunter pressing its eyes.

It looks like there was some effect.


When I looked forward, the two was waiting from me.

It looks like there was a T-shaped way again.

I left it to Al-san to decide here, and we turned to the left.

I could hear the sound of things getting destroyed from the hallway before.


……I just pray that this dungeon wouldn’t collapse.


It seems like this floor is a labyrinth.

It was just 5 minutes since we ran away from the Hunter earlier, but we have already encountered 10 branching ways.

On top of that, we had reached dead ends several times and turned back.


「This place is troublesome〜」

「I agree, I feel like my sense of direction would go crazy」


My sense of direction has already been off within a few minutes entering this dungeon, but it seems like, Toel could still grasp the direction.

That is quite amazing, really.

But, it’s very boring because of the unchanging scenery.




Ah, didn’t the place I stepped on sounded like *Kachi*……




A wooden stake suddenly shot out from the wall without any sounds, and pierced deeply to my stomach.

Blood came out very quickly, and unable to put strength on my feel, I collapsed.

Al-san who had noticed my disaster approached me in a hurry.

He pulled out the stake carefully, but it hurts so much.


「Misasagi! Get a hold of yourself, I’ll immediately sew the wound……」

「No, t-there’s no……need…… it would, heal, quickly……」

「Don’t talk anymore. The wound would open…… hmm, your organs are quite crushed, if I’m correct, you should be healed using this item……」

「Ah! I’m already fine. It still hurts, but I can move somehow」

「……is that so」


Al-san who was rummaging through his things got stunned.

Well, I’m the one who’s strange, having lethal wounds healed completely within tens of seconds.

Toel already knew about it, so she was sitting in the hallway waiting, as if nothing had happened.


「Is it a skill’s effect or something?」

「Yes, that’s why as long as it’s not an instant death, I think I’d be fine even if I get wounded」


It looks like Al-san has accepted how cheat I was.

I wonder if this kind of skill exists quite commonly in this world.

Or is it, he “also” has a similar ability.


Anyways, from here on, we advanced while being cautious of the trap’s existence.

And because of that, we saw several traps and avoided them.



【Skill〈Search Trap〉〈Cancel Trap〉has been acquired】



We finally saw the stairs, and went down through the stairs.

Come to think of it, I wonder how many floors this dungeon have.

What should we do if there are a hundred floors.

This kind of places isn’t good for the heart, so I really don’t want to stay very long.


From then on, there weren’t any particularly strange things.

The undead had appeared several times, but they couldn’t be our match.

The dungeon’s structure was similar to up until now so it was easy to advance.

Finding the stairs after walking for a while.

We advanced with doing that repeatedly.


I feel like we have advanced deep underground.

I didn’t count so I’m not sure if I’m correct, but it was ten floors.

And when we started to get tired of repeating that, we finally reached a certain floor.


This floor only has one wide hallway.

There were torches placed continuously after a certain distance, and the atmosphere is different to up until now.

A uselessly grand door could be seen at the end.


「Is it finally……」

「I guess so」

「There’s no way it’s not」


The three of us became sure at the same time.

This was this dungeon’s last floor.


Thinking of that, I wonder what the dungeon’s boss seems like.


When I asked that to the two, they said that most of the time, it’s the same race as the monsters that appears in that dungeon.

Well, it’s just a “trend”, so it is not absolutely like that.


If that is so, I think that this dungeon’s boss is an undead.

It would be tricky if the boss were something like the Hunter.


We advanced while thinking of that, and pushed the double doors open.



◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇








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