Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 10 Part 1

Chapter 10 – Labyrinth Exploration  (Part 1) 




The stairs from the entrance of the dungeon continued for a while, and when we have advanced for about 5 minutes, the route was divided into 3.


「Which way should we go?」

「This way looks to be the safest」

「n〜, ah! Is that so. Then, let’s choose this way」


Al-san and my opinion were the same.


The one Al-san and I chose, is the route to the left. The result of using〈Hostility Sensing〉, I felt several enmities from the other two routes. This skill’s sensing range is narrow and its precision is also low, but depending on how it’s used, it’s a very useful skill.


Does Al-san also have reconnaissance type of skills. Well, he has something like〈Seasoned Warrior〉, so he probably has quite a number of skills.


I mean, with me right now, I can’t see all of his status, so I’m not familiar with his abilities. I should probably ask it later.


The three of us advanced to the left way. Of course, enemies did not appear. For me, I didn’t mind fighting though. But, I have allies this time, and we should go safety first huh. And after walking for an hour thinking of things like that, I heard a curious sound.


「……n? Right now, did you hear something?」

「No, I didn’t……」(Toel)

「I also didn’t hear it」(Al-san)


The two replied like that, but I certainly heard a sound from far away.


An intermittent sound that echoes to the bottom of the stomach. This is a sound of something getting destroyed. And here, it looks like the two also heard it, and Al-san’s face became serious. The sound was gradually getting closer. I feel that this is something bad.


「Oi, be careful. Something’s coming」


Al-san warned us. I also finally found the enemy using〈Hostility Sensing〉. That was, running towards us with great momentum.


On top of that, it’s coming “through a straight line” in this dungeon.


There is only one way of moving like that in this dungeon that is built quite well.  


There’s no doubt, it’s moving towards us while destroying the walls.


「Misasagi, it’s at the back!」

「I understand! I will stop it here, so please go ahead with Toel」

「……I got it, I’ll leave it to you」


After saying that, Al-san carried Toel on his side and ran. This pathway is too narrow to fight with the three of us, so I made the two go first. Since I don’t know what kind of enemy is coming, I will prepare properly.




【〈Submachine gun : Unlimited Bullets〉〈Shotgun : Unlimited Bullets〉〈Metal bat : Hardened〉has been quoted】

【Title〈Single Mass Murderer〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Double Trigger〉〈Squall〉〈Fast Shooting〉has been activated】




I placed the remodeled metal bat down on my waist, and there are a submachine gun and a shot gun that doesn’t lose ammo in both of my hands. Added to that, I activated title and skills. This should do it.


Soon after I finished preparing, the wall behind me was destroyed together with a very loud sound. The one that appeared from the broken wall, was a huge man wearing a monster’s bone. I can’t see his face because of that bone.


However, from his height that exceeds two meters, purple body color, and bulky muscles, I knew that it was not a human. In his hand, a ridiculously large axe.


I shot my gun to that before he runs towards me.


The large quantity of bullets coming out of the submachine gun and the slug bullets that came out of the shotgun, made it seem as the huge man’s body get torn apart. But, the bullets that were shot, they were repelled by the huge man’s skin, and was only able to make it slightly lose its balance.


「So hard! Something like repelling bullets, aren’t you a monster!」


The man’s equipments are only shorts and monster’s bone. To think that guns won’t inflict damage to someone that is almost naked.


That raised its axe in front of me.




【Skill〈Insight Eye〉has been activated】




With the mobility with〈Squall〉and the〈Insight Eye〉’s power of observation, I barely dodged the axe attack. Its axe was stuck deeply into the ground, and made a huge crack. Uwa! This is bad if it hits me. I have〈Regeneration〉, but it isn’t a level that can be passed off with just pain.


For the meantime, I looked at the status of this huge man.






【Race】 Hunter Lv 31

【Title】〈Labyrinth Seeker〉〈One who Endures Pain〉






Right now, I got it. This thing is very dangerous.


This thing called hunter looks like it has very high attack powers from how it looks. And also, it is〈One who Endures Pain〉, so it should probably not feel any pain. Honestly, it’s quite troublesome. It isn’t a monster that should be appearing in a narrow dungeon like this.


That thing, it was staring intently towards me. With eyes that are clearly filled with killing intent.


And, that thing that pulled off its axe, charged with a fierce momentum.




【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】




I have said words that are clearly a dying flag (「I’ll stop it here!」) earlier, but I’m not planning to die. Rather, I’m planning on killing this hunter here.


Gritting his teeth, the gravity that was pressuring the hunter gradually increased.




I heard groans coming from the hunter. However, it does not stop its feet. That is even though it was being pulled by gravity many times of that normally. Even so, its movements are slower compared to earlier.




【〈Life Stopper(Cursed Blade) : Dispelled〉has been quoted】

【Skill〈Full Swing〉has been activated】




I stood holding one cursed blade.


The「Life Stopper(Cursed Blade)」that I quoted, had its curse of decrement of defense powers using〈Correction〉. With this, I can use it with no penalties. If so, it isn’t a cursed blade anymore right.


I slashed towards the hunter. The blade cuts diagonally from the hunter’s shoulders to its stomach. It’s just, its body skin is too hard and the blade could only sink for a few inches.


Blood spurted out from the gaps of the bone the hunter is wearing on its head. It looks like it threw out blood. One of its internal organs was probably destroyed. I thought that its movement would be quite limited with this, but I was underestimating its life force.




In a blink of an eye, it grabbed my torso with its thick arms, and was thrown into the wall with full strength. The moment of impact, I felt the pain coming from several bones broken. I couldn’t breathe, and the thing that was shown in my dizzy sight, was the appearance of the hunter slowly standing up.


However, its steps were unstable, and it seems to be taking a hard time to stand. It looks like my attack earlier had effects. If it’s like this, it shouldn’t be able to move like in the beginning.


I stood up while holding the metal bat I quoted in my left hand. My whole body still aches, but it’s healing continuously with〈Regeneration〉so there should be no problems.




【Title〈Hard Hitter〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Gravitation〉〈Smash〉〈Monstrous Strength〉〈Unparalleled Strength〉〈Barrage〉has been activated】




I finished the final preparations. I should be able to kill it with this. I gave more gravitational pressure to the huge man who was moving badly with its damaged organs. The hunter kneeled down unable to endure. And, I raised the metal bat I am holding in front of that.


Dull sounds echoed inside the labyrinth.


Starting from the conclusion, the hunter dies.


It’s just, even though I strengthened my attack powers this much, caving in its head was the limit with my arm strength. I was planning on crushing its head into pieces, but, what a terrible man. For the first enemy in this dungeon be something like this, isn’t the difficulty too high.


After that, I waited a little bit for my body to regenerate, and went after the two.




◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇




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