Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 2 Chapter 5

Volume 2 Chapter 5 – The Battle Steps of a Killer






And so, the next day.


My condition is great after taking a night’s rest.

I crawled out of my tent and greeted Chale good morning.

From how I feel, I think I slept for seven hours.

I stretched while feeling the comfort unique to waking up.



【Skill〈Body Clock〉has been acquired】



I immediately gained a new skill too; I’m sure that it would be a good day today.


I collected this and that stuff and Chale, then departed.

For the meantime, since I don’t have a guide, I walked through the route that extends from the markings that I followed up to this place.


By the way, last night, I found out this forest’s characteristic of「morning would not come」.

At first, I thought that it was just me, but the position of the moon did not change since I was teleported here.

Even after sleeping for long hours, the sky is still dark, and only the moonlight shines upon the land.


Well, this should also be possible since it’s a fantasy world.

Although I hate to say this myself, my adaptability had risen pretty high.


After half an hour of advancing through the forest that really did not show any change.

I finally reached the point where I can feel a person’s presence.


Since I’m still in a distance that it is not yet visible in sight, it would seem that they are not that far away.

After equipping myself at the minimum, I tried to make contact with extreme caution.


(Ahh, there was a base huh……)


I deeply thought while looking at the pension house.


It looks like my detection type skills reacted to those inside the building.

It looks the same with the pension house that was crushed by a gigantic boulder.

It looks like the shape of the base in this preliminaries is uniform.

I stealthily approached and peeked at the bright indoors from the back of a tree.


Some guys seem to be lookouts in each of the windows.

And from the magic equipment ring’s effects, I’m able to tell that all of them are from the enemy team.


My faint expectation of it being the base that Daniel was saying disappeared.

As I’ve thought, having too much optimism might be wrong at times.

With a sub-machine gun in one hand, I let out a sigh.


(Hmm, how should I attack……?)


How should I fight against several people in a siege?

It would be troublesome if they were to resist, and I want to defeat them smoothly.

I’m not a barbarian who would charge without a plan, so for the meantime, I quoted things that can be used.


The enemy team has yet to notice my existence, so I can prepare leisurely.

As I’ve thought, I’m not suitable for being in a defensive group.

It is during sneak attacks that I would show my true abilities.


「Yosh, let’s go〜」


With a call, I threw a grenade filled with tear gas into the pension house.

The gray colored metal cylinder rolled into the room after breaking the glass window.


The enemy team was like a poked hornet’s nest because of the sudden event.

I can even clearly hear the unclear screams or shouts from where I am.


It looks like they liked my heartfelt present.

I got happy, so I threw more of the same thing.


「Oh, they already started to run away」


The enemy team crawled out of the entrance while the pension house was filled with white smoke.

Did they completely breathed in the tear gas? They pressed down their eyes while vigorously coughing.

But I guess I should praise them for checking the surroundings while holding their weapons even in that condition.


I raised the corner of my lips while daringly appearing before them.


「Hey, be careful, it’s dangerous you know?」


I shot with the sub-machine gun I held around my waist.


The muzzle flash tore the darkness and turned the enemy team to a bee’s nest.


There was no one who could endure the gunshots released at close range, and I cleaned up those who somehow survived with direct punches.

It was a very easy job, taking care of the guys weakened by the tear gas.


(After that, it is only cleaning what’s inside the pension house……)


I wore a gas mask after all of the enemies that came out was annihilated.


There should be those who were late to run away inside.

Even if they hid their presence by holding their breath, that kind of deception wouldn’t work on detection type skills.

I prepared a shotgun in exchange to the sub-machine gun that was out of ammo, and stepped inside the pension house.


And from then on, I continuously exterminated the enemy team.


Most of the people inside were groaning due to the pain in their eyes and throat, so even though there were some counterattacks, it wasn’t much.

I casually gifted them with bullets and left the pension house after taking things that looked useful.


「Well, it was enough to pass time I guess」


I scratched my head while biting off my yawn, while making a knife spin around.


It was a one-sided massacre that did not have any resistance, but it was far better than boringly walking through the forest continuously.

The obliteration of the enemy team would also lead to passing the preliminaries, so it’s two birds with one stone.

After receiving more liveliness than before, I slightly raised my pace, and continued my movement.


「n? Someone’s fighting……?」


I noticed some presence and voices after a while from then.


I repeatedly moved through the shadows of the trees, and skillfully looked at the situation.


Although it is true that it doesn’t seem very cheerful.


I started to observe the interaction of the people I found from a distance.


「Oi, isn’t it alright? Go with us just a bit」

「There’s no bases here. You don’t have any allies you know?」

「It’ll end in a jiffy if you don’t resist〜」


Three men and women that smell like mobs cornered one woman.

Just listening to their conversation, it is easy to tell that they are not planning anything good.

To think that they can do such thing in a middle of killing each other, I was simply amazed.


「I shall refuse. I will never yield to such lowly lives like you」


On the other hand, the woman answered while sending gazes of contempt towards the three.

I couldn’t help but get impressed by her daunting attitude.


「T-This bitch! You’re too cocky!」


The three who received a cold answer showed anger.

They seemed like they would even attack the woman anytime.


It is fine too to leave them alone, but the woman seems to be of the allied team, so I decided to save her.

I guess I should give those three fools who don’t understand the point of the preliminaries a sanction of death.



【Skill〈Gravitation〉has been activated】



I seized the three using the gravity control that is already a signature move.


They looked confused because of the sudden event.

I approached them and randomly grabbed a man’s head and raised him.

Since this is a good chance as well, I should make him a sacrifice to gain skills.



【Skill〈Earplug〉has been activated】

【〈Loudspeaker〉has been quoted】



Holding a loudspeaker with one hand, I held it onto the ear of that guy I grabbed.


The man was unable to move, but tried to get away from me, gritting his teeth.

Why doesn’t he understand that it is just a waste of energy?


While letting out a sigh, I shouted at the top of my lungs towards the loudspeaker.


The noised filled sound echoed and applied displeasure to my brain.

It’s this even though I used〈Earplug〉.

There is no doubt that the burden of the man who heard it from close range received was huge.



【Skill〈Loud Speak〉has been acquired】



I strangled the man who had a painful face to death and threw him away.


It looks like I can easily raise my voice using the new skill that I got.

It is quite useful for me who doesn’t prefer to shout out loud.


While rubbing my slightly painful ears, I grabbed the neck of the second prey, and lifted her.


「W-What is this……」


The next victim is the only woman within the three.

It looks like she is confused by her body that lost its freedom because of the gravity pressure.

She was clearly frightened looking at my face.

I felt bad having someone so afraid of me, so I punched the woman’s stomach.



【Title〈Sadist〉has been acquired】



I decided to ignore the title that I gained, and get the woman’s neck who spat out blood closer to my face.

And there, I suddenly got a demonic idea.

Since it’s a good opportunity as well, there is no way I won’t test it.



【Skill〈Blood Suck〉has been activated】



The instant I chose the ability, I felt something strange inside my mouth.


I checked that using my tongue, and found out that there were two sharp fangs.

Is it implying to make use of the ability with them?


I quickly bit on the neck of the woman that I grabbed.


At the same that the woman raising a sharp scream, the thick taste of blood spread in my mouth.

Honestly speaking, it’s disgusting.

It’s so much that I even regret sucking blood without thinking too much.

However, it’s a waste to stop halfway, so I decided to drink and swallow it.



【Title〈Bloodsucker of the Perpetual Night〉has been gained】



To think that I’d get a title here.


I immediately used it, and the taste of the blood that only provided malaise suddenly tasted delicious.

I started swallowing and drink the woman’s blood.

This is quite addicting that it feels dangerous.

I let go of the woman who paled and died and wiped my blood dirty lips.


I couldn’t come up with a special way to kill the tired one, so I shot him with a gun.

The nuisances disappeared and the place has finally calmed down.

I talked to the woman who was being troubled.


「Uhm〜, are you okay〜?」

「Yes, my body is in good condition」


There’s somewhat a weird stiffness.

I mean, she blatantly looked at me with a skeptical gaze.

I was a little shocked from receiving such treatment even after saving her.


And to describe her with a few words, she looks like a「nun without a veil」.

There is a golden talisman hanging from her neck, and her clothes were a nun’s outfit that prioritized mobility.

Her face was quite beautiful, and her long blonde hair looks very good on her.


Her almond eyes stared at me.

I felt a little awkward, so I brought up a subject.


「E〜to, what’s your name?」

「I shall not teach it to a person whom I just met」


She completely treated me as a suspicious person.

Though it’s true that I killed three people in front of her.


I held back the urge to say so many things, and thought of a different question.


「How old are you?」

「The answer is the same with earlier」


Hmm, it looks like this person doesn’t wish to communicate with me at all.

And when I was thinking of what to do, the woman asked this time.


「Why, did you save me?」

「Well, I just saw you, so……」

「No, I am not talking about that」


Suddenly, the woman collapsed to her knees while holding her head with both hands.


By the way, I didn’t do anything.

I thought of running away because it became troublesome, but the woman started to tremble, and finally shouted hysterically.


「It was just a little bit! I almost beat those low lives to death! And offered their souls to our Great God! But to think that someone would get on the way……!!」


No, honestly, I can’t really understand.

What the heck’s with this person? I really feel danger from her.

I tried to comfort her while thoughtlessly apologizing.


「Ahh, I got it, I got it already. I’ll apologize so please forgive me」


「I ask an apology not with feelings but with goods」


This person, what the heck is she really?


While I was seriously hesitating on what to do, the woman was already standing and reached out her hand towards me.

I could only laugh to her shamelessness.

Going this far, I even thought of giving her praises.


I turned my back to the woman, used the cheat book, and gave her a basket of fruits.


「What! T-This is?!」

「n? Is there anything wrong?」


The woman once again showed an exaggerated reaction.


Her eyes were widely opened, and stared at the basket in her hand as if she had seen something unbelievable.


And when I was waiting for her next words, thinking of what in the world she would ask this time,


「Isn’t this the Makor Fruit that I really like!」


I don’t give a damn about it from the bottom of my heart, but it’s good that she likes it.


Well then, I need to go now, so excuse me here.

We might meet again someday if fate says so.

No, I wish to hold back from such thing happening.



【Skill〈Bribery〉〈Cunning Wisdom〉has been gained】



When I silently tried to get away, I was stuck to something and unable to move.

I turned around while getting a bad feeling.


There was the nun woman holding the hem of my long coat there.


「……uhm, can you please let go?」

「I shall refuse. Right now, a revelation that I must go with you has descended」


The woman who proudly puffed out her chest smiled pleasantly.

It was completely unknown why she reached such conclusion.

But leaving aside the revelation or whatever, it looks like her will is unbelievably solemn.


「That’s why, I should take you with me?」

「Thank God that you understand」


It looks like a terrible thing had put its eyes on me.

Just from the reason why she would go with me, it really smells like danger.


To be sure, I used God’s Eyes’ ability and checked her status.






【Name】 Sofia Gillany

【Gender】 Female

【Race】 Human

【Job】 Sister Lv30   Berserker Lv 25

【Age】 23

【Title】 〈Fanatic〉〈Absolute Justice〉〈Denpa-kei〉〈Genocider〉





ーーdangerous-looking titles were aligned. I felt that my〈Intuition〉sounded an alarm.






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