Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 2 Chapter 4

Volume 2 Chapter 4 – A Faint Skepticism






After eating dinner, I opened a space by cutting off the nearby trees, and prepared to make a simple camp.


And it is a simple work since all of it can be completed by quoting just like the meal earlier.

I sat down on a nearby stump after I finished setting up the folding-type tent.


「U〜n, it was delicious! I’m very satisfied!」

「Well, good for you」


I sent cold stares towards the God that laid down on the leisure sheet while stroking her stomach.


If I think about it properly, I was the only one who cooked except at the beginning.

It would’ve been a great help if she helped a little, but it was a moment of time when I felt God’s lack of girl power.


I spent the time after dinner idling.

I read using the cheat book, and God started to draw on the ground using a stick……it looks like God has some artistic sense.

I got impressed at God’s dexterity, moving the stick in a good mood.


Just like that, we spend each other’s time in silence.


「Ne〜, Misasagi-kun. Do you want to, listen to an interesting story?」


When I started to think about sleeping, God turned to me and whispered.

I felt curious about those words that she said with an underlying meaning.

I put the cheat book aside and nodded.


「And so, what are you going to tell me?」

「E〜to, ne……something like, the real reason this battle tournament is being held, I think」


I got interested while feeling annoyed towards God who was putting on airs.


To think that God would talk about something seriously, how rare is this?

I want to know what she’s going to say quickly, so I gestured her to continue with a look.


「In the first place, why is such tournament being held? Frankly speaking, the biggest reason is the desire of various people. The country would be able to scout excellent talents, big shots would be able to enjoy entertainment, and adventurers would be able to dream of getting rich quick. Those anticipations that entwined complicatedly, created this unreasonable event」

「Desire, huh……」


It’s true that it’s a tournament that has a lot of things that feels off.

It is abnormal for a country to approve such a large scale killing game.


「It is because adventurers are not powers that the country controls, that this event could be overlooked though. No matter how many adventurers die, there is not much effect on the country. Not only that, it would even have a role in the improvement of public safety with those bandit-like guys disappearing. This tournament is made so that it would benefit the country in many ways」


God explained while spreading both of her hands after standing.


I felt like that explanation is a bit forced, but it is true that I feel doubt about some things.

It might be just that, I just don’t know much about this country, and that is common sense.


「Haha, that’s crazy」

「Are you the one to say that? Well, anyways, although it is a distorted system, it is true that it is this country’s largest scale of entertainment. If you continue advancing and winning, you would understand that fact even if you do not want to. That’s why, Misasagi-kun should also do his best and massacre the other participants!」


After saying all that, God jumped around giggling.


The things she said were not something that was fun, but she really looks cheerful.

No, it might be because it’s just a fire across the water bank for God.

Rather, she looks like she wishes for more chaos happening in the tournament.


(That’s why, it’s me that she’s abetting, huh……)


I speculated God’s aim and got convinced by myself.


I could easily tell it since God ended it with「massacre the other participants!」.

In short, she wants me, an irregular existence, be a detonator in this battle tournament.


Oh really, she should’ve just said that clearly from the start.

I am completely sure that God who is smiling towards me is enjoying as she reads my thoughts.


While returning a smile towards the expression of hers that seems to see through me, I took a knife in hand.

I pointed that towards God and boldly conveyed my words.


「I am going to do what I will. Well, it would probably a development that God wishes though」

「Fufu! As I’ve thought, you’re really sharp so it’s great. Yosh, I shall give that Misasagi-kun one advice. Actually, there is an uninvited guest in this battle tournament. I’m sure that you’d meet it, so, if you defeat it……ah! The barbeque was delicious〜!」


God disappeared like a phantom after showing a big wave of hand.


What a rowdy person as usual.


However, it was really like God that she would say her goodbyes even if it would destroy the serious atmosphere.

Well, since I got a piece of advice that makes me worked up, I should least say thanks in my head.


And after that, I quickly entered the tent, left the night watch to Chale, and fell asleep.




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