Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 2 Chapter 3

Volume 2 Chapter 3 – Solitude Steps……?






「U〜n, what should I do〜」


I am hesitating in front of a huge boulder within a forest full of corpses.


Chale is under this, but I don’t know if it is alright to move it carelessly.

In the first place, it’s unknown whether Chale is still alive.


After thinking for a while, I decided to call out to Chale.


「O〜i, Chale. Are you alright〜?」


At first, it was a subtle change.

The gigantic boulder started to shake and the soil above it dropped off.

And then, it changed into ground tremors, and finally, the gigantic boulder itself started to float in the air.


No, it was being raised from below.

That existence that easily lifted up the gigantic boulder and put it down on the ground raised both of its arms and did a strong pose.


No need to mention it, it’s Chale.

He’s completely unscathed.


「Ohh, thank goodness. Are you really alright?」


Chale answered with a thumbs up towards my question.

To think that he’s alright after receiving that attack, I think that he’s a little bit too sturdy.


After saying thanks to Chale who did his best, I collected him into the cheat book.


But even so, what should I do from now on?

While thinking about this and that, I returned to the pension house for once.


The pension house’s ruins that I checked once again is honestly, in a tragic state.


The ground sunk and the destroyed wood and furniture are scattered here and there in a miserable appearance.

There were also red stains that seem to be of a human’s inside.

It was the end of their luck being unable to run away from there.


And after continuing to search around, the communication magic equipment in my ear vibrated.

If I’m correct, this is the reaction when there is a call request is being received.  


「Oi! Anybody, answer me! Anybody?!」


I contorted my face because of the sudden shouting voice.

Does this magic equipment not have a volume adjustment feature?

While feeling dissatisfaction towards the caller Daniel, I answered.


「Yes, yes, this is Derrick. I can hear you」


I did not forget to use my fake name「Derrick」even in this situation.

Leaving traces in these kinds of situations would make unneeded confusion after all.


Daniel replied his words with a desperate tone.


「I can’t contact the other ones. What’s the situation of the defense team?!」

「All of them were wiped out except me. The base was also destroyed」


I explained the circumstances of how the base was destroyed while taking out some parts.


The more I continued, the more that Daniel’s cheerfulness was lost.

When I asked him if he was okay, he seemed very sad about this situation where many people died because of his decision.


When I asked him about the capturing team’s situation, in contrast to my side, they had continuous victories.

They captured the opponents as much as possible, and gained a lot of bonus points by capturing their base.

I think that they’re quite naïve for avoiding killing in there, but I decided to not voice it out.

It would only be a waste of time arguing here.


Daniel said while feeling sorry.


「Anyways, thank goodness that you’re fine. It’s just, we also lack people, so we cannot send anyone to come and get you. I’m sorry, but can you go to this new base that we got by yourself?」


No, what’s that absurd mission?

Are you telling me to walk in a dangerous region by myself?


He said that there are markings on the trees that lead to the base that they suppressed, so he wants me to use that to join with them.

After saying that, Daniel busily cut off the call.


「Yosh, I’ll complain to you if I safely arrive there」


I raised some killing intent while remembering Daniel’s selfish order in my head.

It looks like I need to “talk” to him for a little bit.

Anyways, I need to hurry up and go to that new base or whatever.


After walking for a while, I saw a fluorescent colored cross mark in a nearby tree.

It looks like this is the marking.

This mark continues towards a certain direction.

It means that I can meet Daniel and the rest by tracking this huh.


Using the various kinds of emotions inside me as fuel, I started to walk into the forest.


(Ha〜, rather than killing each other, it’s like I’m being stranded……)


It’s already tens of minutes since I started to move.

I am very tired of the work of finding the markings and continuously walking from the bottom of my heart.

I did not encounter any enemy along the way, but even so, it is not a reason to let my guard down.

I spent a time of suffering.


「I don’t care who it is, I want to talk to somebody〜」


I felt regret about the action I took just earlier.

If I knew that I would fall into such situation, I should’ve let that woman who begged for her life live.

Even if she is afraid, she would have become a conversation partner.


While complaining inside my head, I clenched my thirst with the canned juice I quoted andーー.


「Hey〜! I’m God who came because I was called〜!」


I spouted what I had just drunk.


Just like her cheerful self-introduction says, this thing that suddenly appeared beside me is a God.

She’s the one who made me reincarnate into this world, and in exchange for that, I need to collect the〈Book of God〉s that have scattered all over the world.

She would suddenly appear and suddenly disappear, and her actions are annoying, so I’m a little troubled about her.


But even so, I don’t remember calling out a God, it’s a good one if it’s a surprise attack.

Its impact was not losing out to when the gigantic boulder fell towards our base.


While wiping the juice off my mouth, I glared at that God who saluted with a face full of smiles.


「Uwwa! Misasagi-kun, that’s dirty〜. What, what? Did you really miss God that much?」

「……I’m really having a hard time of understanding why you reached that conclusion」


I replied a calm tsukkomi towards the God who tilted her head, put her pointing finger in her mouth, and looked up to me with shining eyes.

I am very sure that a garden full of flowers had spread in this thing’s head.

Reaching up to this level, her excessive positive thinking is something that I would even admire.


「And so, what did you really come for today」


I felt like it would only be a waste of words if this continues, so I gave up and changed the topic.


I would really hate it if I were attacked while chatting about useless things.

I really want her to hurry up and tell what she wants then go back as soon as possible for my own safety.


The God read my mind and puffed out her chest with an all-knowing face.


「There’s no enemies nor allies around here you know〜. It looks like everyone’s fighting at a more distant place. It means, it’s alright to chat with me happily〜!」

「It was really only a way to pass the time?!」


I was an idiot for expecting that there would be a proper reason.


The God winked with a refreshing smile so I returned her a chop.


I advanced just like the marking continued leaving the God who agonized while holding her forehead.

If I react to her towards everything she does, I won’t be able to reach the new base no matter how long it takes.


「Oh really! People who don’t respect Gods would be punished you know!」


I thoughtlessly replied to the God who complained with her cheeks puffed up.


Recently, I really feel like I have been used to this kind of conversation.

Although I really hate to admit this, I might have adapted to God’s annoying high spirits.


While thinking of that, I shrugged off God who tried to climb on my back.


And even after that, I continued to move forward with God who won’t leave at all.

In times, I played with God who horsed around so much, but I didn’t forget to use my sensing-type skills to be on guard.

Being unable to relax even if I’m told that there’s no enemy near, is what I am.


However, there was no one from the enemy team appeared, and I could only continue to pass the time while talking about senseless things with the God.


It an hour after I departed when a change happened.


「Marking, there’s none……?」


I was dumbstruck from suddenly losing my only clue.


The marking that continued for every certain distance has ended.

I searched the surroundings to be sure, but I didn’t feel like I could find the fluorescent colored cross mark at all.


I tried to contact Daniel, but is it the magic equipment’s malfunction? I was unable to contact him.


I crushed the useless magic equipment and threw it away in anger.


「Well, well〜, is it somebody’s mischief〜?」


God, she held her laugh while looking how I seemed.


Don’t tell me, is it her who erased the marking?


The instant I thought of that,「I’ll say this, it’s not me okay!」, the God declared.

If you’re going to deny it, can you at least wait for me to say it?

Understand how I feel having re-recognizing that my thoughts are constantly being read.


For the meantime, I dropped a fist towards God who observed me while grinning.


Anyways, I don’t know where to go after losing the markings.


Although I can go back from where I came from and return to the pension house ruins, I don’t think that there would be any meaning even if I go back.

I feel tired, and I feel hungry as well.


It’s not a good thing to wander around this forest in this condition.

If so, the action that I could take was decided naturally.


「……I should, make camp huh」


I brought out a conclusion with a wry smile.


I have worked enough for today.

I should take a rest here.

After all, there’s no need to push myself.


It was fast after it was decided.

I started to prepare supper with the cheat book on one hand.


「Great! Since we’re at it, let’s do a barbeque, Misasagi-kun! Let’s enjoy food in the nature!」


This God that shouted with high spirits seems to be planning on staying here for supper.


Forcefully chasing away the God, I think that it would only end with a fruitless effort, so I gave up.

According to the usual pattern, she would disappear after I leave her alone too.


Regaining myself, I decided to make today’s dinner with God.

If it comes to this, I’ll make you accompany me with the cooking as well.

He who does not work, neither shall he eat.


The supper was decided to be barbeque with God’s request.


I quoted all of the utensils and food ingredients and divided the work with the God.


I took care of the meat mostly, and let the God cut the vegetables into bite-sizes.

I’m used to using knives, so this kind of work ended quickly.

The unexpected thing was the God cut the vegetables with movements that are used to it.

Though her appearance of moving the kitchen knife while humming was void of godliness.


After that, we only need to make fire on the barbeque stove and put the food on top of the grill.

I turned them upside down using a tong while being careful not to make them burnt.


「Oh, doesn’t this smell good」

「I’m already hungry〜!」


The God stomped on the ground while holding her stomach beside me.

I can understand her feelings of doing that.

The appearance of meat fats getting cooked by flames is very appetizing.


Adding the thick smell that stimulates your smell to that, I feel like I’m about to reach my limits.

I continuously cooked the meat and vegetables while calming down my stomach that made pathetic sounds.


And finally, that suffering ended when a certain amount was completed, and I was able to eat food after several hours.


God who started eating without permission with the reason that it’s a waste if its get cold had a plate that is full of meat.

Well, I won’t scold you, but eat your vegetables too.

The pumpkin and green peppers that I grilled first is still remaining you know.


I thought of telling that to the God who ate meat that was still hot, but I swallowed my words after noticing that it would only be useless.

If I have the time for that, it’s better to hurry up and get my own share.

After all, while I’m thinking of that, the amount of meat is decreasing.

I really wish she understands the words “holding back” a little more.


And just like that, I started to gather food after splitting my chopsticks.






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