Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 2 – Forest of Perpetual Night (Part 2)






I threw away the katana that was almost at its time limit and faced off with the remaining survivors of the enemy team.


From how each of their statuses looks, they are not enemies that I can let my guard off.


On top of that, while I was cleaning up most of them, these guys were making plans.

Although they are only several of them, maybe I should move carefully.


When I was thinking with the cheat book on my hand, one woman stepped forward.


「Well well, it’s unexpected that someone like you was around」


While swaying her scarlet robe that shows a lot of skin, the woman clapped her hand pleasantly.

Her tone was as if she was talking to someone she knows.


Behind her, her allies were glaring at me with strict eyes.


I should finish it without holding back.

While thinking of ways of massacres in my head, I chose the weapons I needed from the cheat book.



【〈Mjolnir : Limit Released〉has been quoted】



I picked up the giant warhammer.


This is the trump card that destroyed the strong barrier of the boss in the dungeon that we conquered before.

It’s a little heavy to swing around, but well, it can’t be helped since it’s not something that a normal person would use.


The tensions of the enemy team tightened even more so because of the abnormal aura that Mjolnir releases.

With one exception.


「He〜, what a strong looking weapon. It’s even unbefitting of a boy like you」


The robed girl taunted me with a joking tone.


It looks like she is good at getting on people’s nerves.

She casually laughed while showing off her dark, glamorous body.


You seem very calm huh.

If you go that far, I would want to destroy you so much.

I glared at the woman as if to be taunted, reached out the hand that holds Mjolnir, and cracked my neck.



【Skill〈Surprise Attack〉〈Defense Destruction〉〈Electromagnetic Acceleration〉has been activated】



Electricity released sparks within my hand, and Mjolnir was shot away instantaneously.

The target is, of course, the robed woman,


I really look forward whether she could evade a weapon that was released with no motion.




It looks like she did not expect something like that at all, the robed woman quickly made a barrier-like thing.


Most probably, it’s Defense Magic, but she’s too naive if she really thinks that she could defend Mjolnir with that.

The barrier that she made broke like glass and an explosion occurred soon after.


I covered my face with my long coat because of the impact.

It looks like I infused too much magic powers.


(Well, I wonder if I killed her properly……)


After the blast had settled down, there was the okay looking appearance of the robed woman when I looked ahead.

I do not believe that she was able to evade at that timing.

What kind of trick did she use?


The robed woman confidently opened her mouth.


「It’s application of Teleportation Magic. If you get used to it, you can do instant movements like this」


Even I who do not know much about magic can understand what she is saying.

Looking closely, the robed woman and the others were at a distance further away before the explosion happened.


In short, she activated Teleportation Magic just before Mjolnir collided, moving to a point where they would not be damaged by the explosion.

That’s well, really, she planned all of that in that instant?


I could not help but make a wry smile to the robed woman’s skill.


「Everyone, stick together and help out each other」


An enemy holding a one-handed sword ordered.

Their allies other than the robed woman nodded at each other, and started to make formations.


The rear-guard focused on support and long-ranged attacks, and the physically built swordsman protected them, it’s probably like that.

The robed woman who moved with her will might just be accompanying them.


(Hmm, what should I do〜……)


I thought while observing the enemy team that slowly approached.


The remaining ones are quite skilled.

I might be pushed back with numbers if I fought head-on.

As I’ve thought, I should choose a way that is out of common sense here.


I chose the needed things from the cheat book before the enemy team reacts.



【〈Gatling Gun : Infinite Bullets〉has been quoted】



I quoted two huge guns and took out Chale as well.


The enemies seemed to be confused to the large man that appeared suddenly.


At that time, I let Chale equip the guns that I quoted.

Chale who held two large guns in both hands was looked very intense.

I was almost moved with that appearance, but there is no time to get impressed.


I thought Chale how to use the gun before the enemy team attacks.


「You can attack if you pull here. Understood?」


Chale understood very well although I explained it shortly.

“I’m counting on you”, I patted his well-built shoulder, and hid on Chale’s shadow.


Preparations are finished.

Well then, let’s start.



【Skill〈Covert Action〉〈Assassinate〉〈Shut Voice〉has been activated】



At the same time Chale pulled the trigger, I ran through the trees as if to weave through them, and hid myself at the enemy team’s blind spot.


The enemy team were forced to defend and were unable to move because of Chale’s shooting.

The rain of bullets that shot at tremendous speeds have even whittled out the magic barrier that they made wholeheartedly.


Also, it looks like the formation that they made became disarrayed because of the unexpected attack.

No, maybe I should praise them for being able to endure this far.


I made a smile behind the enemy team.



【Skill〈Silent Killing〉has been activated】






First, I targeted the male magician that was all focused on Chale.


I approached the magician from behind, covered his mouth, and sliced his throat.

The magician’s muffled scream was erased by the Gatling Gun’s shooting sound and he quietly left this world.



【Title〈Hitman〉has been acquired】



I dropped the corpse and searched for the next target.


The enemy team was still completely focused on Chale’s gunshots, and haven’t noticed that I am very close to them.


(That’s right, that woman……)


I quickly moved my eyes and searched for the woman.


She stopped mid-air and desperately chanted something.

Several small magic circles appeared in from of her hand and rotated while passing each other.


Even I know what that is.

It’s magic!


When I was about to try and stop her use of magic, something fell from the heavens.

It looks completely the same with the gigantic boulder that flattened the pension house.

The culprit who annihilated the defense team was identified here.


(Damn it! Her target is Chale!)


It was already too late when I understood the woman’s intention.

Chale who was caught into the fall of the boulder was crushed.


「Oh damnit, you destroyed him so grandly……」


I took out the submachine gun that I hid, and thoughtlessly shot the people who had let their guard down to their deaths.

Please don’t forget that there’s the enemy called me remaining.


The enemy team who lost their formation were fragile.

Most of them could not even retaliate properly.

It became a simple chore in the end.


And right now, I’m looking down at the last woman remaining except from the robed woman.


「H-Hii……! P-Please! S-Spare me……」


That woman who had a tear-stained face desperately begged for her life after she fell to her butt.

I think she does not want to follow her comrades’ footsteps just that much.

Strength is needed to do anything.

As a living person, having the instinct to survive is amazing.


I placed my hand on the woman’s chin, and kindly raised it.

Her teary eyes stared at me.

It looks like her repenting heart did not have any lies.


「n〜, have you understood your foolishness?」

「Y-Yes, that’s why, spare my life……!」


The woman quickly nodded her head.

I smiled at how she seemed.


Humans are living things that grow with the repetition of success and failure.

And they learn from something in all of the events and live up until now.

It is boring for all of it to end with just one failure.

Humans even make out of something from that failure and aim for heights.


I touched the wailing woman’s faceーーand grabbed her front hair.


The woman’s swelling eyes were widened.

Her white neck was vulnerably exposed.


I swung the sword that I’m holding with my other hand horizontally while smiling.



【Skill〈Head Hunt〉has been acquired】



I threw away that thing that I was grabbing, and stabbed the bloodstained sword to some corpse.

The woman who lost her head seemed to have drowned in a sea of blood.


「Oh really, there was no way I would let you go in such situation right?」


In the world exists failures that cannot be undone.


Even I was dragged and killed in my past life because of a simple mistake.

The world is not so kind that you would be forgiven if you just apologize.


While recognizing that I am doing something of a bad taste, I walked through the corpses.


(……well, there’s one of them missing though)


I looked up to the sky in frustration after looking around.


The robed woman’s corpse is not here.

That woman disappeared after she used that gigantic boulder magic.


Most probably, she escaped using that Teleportation Magic that she was saying earlier.

I can only laugh with that decision and her decisiveness that is even refreshing.


I’ll absolutely kill her the next time we meet.


I declared silently while staring at the moon.






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