Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 2 Chapter 1

Volume 2 Chapter 2 – Forest of Perpetual Night (Part 1)






At a place where black trees have grown densely.


The vision is bad, and it is difficult to look far away.

From the crescent moon that glimpses from above were a bluish white light falling.


「Fuu, it looks like we were able to move safely」


I felt unpleasantness and rubbed my chest.


It looks like teleportation using magic is not something that feels great.

An intensified car sickness would best describe my current status.


“I should prepare motion sickness medicine from now on.”, I laughed jokingly.


「……well then」


I tightened my relaxing thoughts.


I will be in a life or death situation if I do not move seriously here.


I looked around while thinking of that, and saw several participants standing around me.

The explanation earlier said that there would be no enemy teams near the starting point, so they are probably my allies.


I roughly searched for them, but unfortunately, I did not find Toel or Al-san.

I should pray that they are not at my enemy team.


「O〜i, there’s a base here!」


I looked at the direction where the voice came from and saw several men waving their hands, and there is a two floored pension house behind them.

There were no other structures that fit to be the base, so that is probably the base.


I also moved towards the pension house together with the other participants.


(He〜, it’s been taken care of properly……)


The pension house was built very extravagantly inside.

Decorations and furniture are installed properly, and it would seem that it is enough for a short lodging.

It is also not strange even if it is used as an inn.


Because everybody started to explore, two kinds of magic equipment and a paper where the instructions how to use them were found.


We immediately split it up to everybody.

Enough numbers for both of them were prepared, so we split it up smoothly.




And what we got was a receiver type communication device and a silver ring.


Reading the instructions, the former is a device to communicate with the other communication devices, and the latter is something that enables the person who equipped them to differentiate from enemy and allies with an added intuition.

It means that we should use them very well and kill each other huh, this is quite interesting.


When I equipped the two magic equipment while feeling the urge to whistle, one man suddenly shouted.


「Attention everyone! I want you to hear the plan I thought of!」


I know that you want to carry out your point, but I think you should lower your volume because we’re inside a room.

I glared at the man without hiding the displeasure I had because I got interrupted on checking the magic equipment.


And when I continued to stare at him like that, a transparent window appeared in my vision.

It looks like「God’s Eye」that can check the target’s status have activated without intending it.

All of it, his name, age, and even his job were written in that display.


And the result of checking the man’s status, it was found out that he is a decently strong adventurer called Daniel.

He’s a hot-blooded man in the middle of his twenties, and his short red hair looks good on him.

The other participants also looked at Daniel suspiciously.


「For the meantime, I want us to divide ourselves with the capturing team and defending team. I think we can move without problem by dividing our abilities uniformly between the two groups according to our level and job」


His idea is this.


Following the rule of the first round, the enemy team must actively be defeated.

However, having our base get destroyed must be avoided.

That’s why, he wants to do both by dividing ourselves.


While secretly disguising my status, I also participated in the group division.


「Yosh, this much should be good. Well then, those who are in the capturing team, follow me. We are going to return before daybreak, so I want to ask the defending team to wait in our base while we are not around」


Daniel declared in high spirits while placing his hands on his hips.


It was decided that I would be part of the defending team.

I didn’t like to walk endlessly in the night forest with guys I don’t know that much, so I don’t have any complaints.

The other participants also showed different reactions, but there was no one who was mostly negative about it.

Daniel might have divided the teams while feeling each of the member’s inclination.


(Unexpectedly, he might be a man who can read the atmosphere of situations)


I saw off the capturing team that Daniel led while raising my evaluation for him.


Well, maybe I should pray that their numbers had not decreased when they returned.

I hope they would fight with their best so I can advance to the second round without working hard.


And from then on, we, the defending team, started to be wary of the base’s surrounding while taking shifts.


That shift system was also Daniel’s idea, and said very thankful words such as “Please do your best, our life and death are all up to this place being protected.”.

Can you please not place pressure on us?

Thanks to that, the defending team had a very stiff and nervous air.



◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇



「E〜to, the center is Reno, and was the Karad Village to the west? If I’m correct, Geena should be east from there……Fuunin’s Hill is above this……I should write the noble’s mansion as well」


In that situation, I’m writing a map in a study on the second floor of the pension house.

After all, if I continued to stay with those other participants, even I might get tired.

My next turn to secure the surroundings will be after a while so I escaped to this single room.


And, it was ten minutes ago since I started to spend time making a map.

Thinking about it carefully, I noticed that I didn’t have a map, so I thought of writing it myself.

Knowing their general position was enough, so I did not ask for accuracy.

I quickly drew it like playing a game, and quickly finished.



【Skill〈Mapping〉has been acquired】



I nodded with satisfaction while spinning the ball pen.

My body, as well as one of my unique skill,〈Body of God〉was, made that I can gain skills at a higher percentage that normal humans.

In short, it’s a convenient feature that makes me gain abilities with little hard work.


By the way, the〈Mapping〉that I got this time seem to increase the speed and accuracy when making maps.

This kind of skill is useful although it’s plain.


It is usually added in recent games like it is normal, but for someone like myself who actually challenged a dungeon, I think that it is a very useful skill.

After all, whatever situation it is, it will be a hopeless situation if you don’t even know where you are.


After that, I continued to focus on creating a map and strived for precision.

Because of the skill’s effect, my actual skill heightens proportionally to the time I spent working so it is pretty fun.

In the end, I concentrated for several straight hours.


I threw away the ball pen with emptied ink, and sat deep in the chair.

It was right at that time when it started to get noisy from outside.


「Enemy attack? Haa〜, I was planning on taking a nap too……」


When I checked using my sensing type skills, it looks like there are several hostile reactions from outside the pension.


I got too focused on creating maps.

How pathetic that I let them get this near.

My ability to manage danger has dulled.


I opened the cheat book while sighing to my own carelessness.



【Skill〈Snipe〉〈Thermography〉has been activated】

【〈Anti-material Rifle〉has been quoted】  



I opened the study’s window and held the anti-material rifle so that its muzzle extends outside.

The night wind tickles my cheek, and the tree leaves shuffled.

I activated two kinds of skills.

〈Snipe〉that increases accuracy and range, and〈Thermography〉that changes my vision to thermography.

The sniping range is not that much too, so the bullet shouldn’t be swayed by this level of wind.


I peeked at the scope and immediately found the participants in battle.



【Title〈Sniper That Drives Out Others〉has been activated】

【Skill〈One Shot Kill〉〈Lock On〉has been activated】



From a hundred meters from the pension house.

The allied defending team and the enemy team are fighting.


My other allies moved noisily at the corridor, trying to get there and support.


They are equal right now, but who knows when would that balance will break.

I lightly shrugged my shoulders, put a finger on the trigger, and sniped.


「O〜to……the recoil’s pretty strong」


I got impressed by the impact that seemed to blow my shoulder away.


The shot bullet hits its target without missing.

The man who unfortunately became the target died in an indescribable way.

As expected of an「anti-material rifle」, a person who gets hit by it won’t be staying in one piece.

The best thing for the man might be having killed instantly.



【Title〈No Holding Back〉has been acquired】



That’s very rude even though I was just a little too much.

Overkilling is just enough to make sure the opponent was killed too.


I continued to shoot bullets while laughing with my throat, creating new victims.


A disgusting scene where organs have scattered everywhere was created.

Sniping at them from the study, it was literally sitting on the fence.


That is probably why, I was late to notice the strange thing happening from above.




I followed my instincts and felt a gigantic boulder falling towards the pension house.

I could not help but click my tongue after sensing the danger.



【Skill〈Emergency Dodge〉has been activated】



My body moved almost unconsciously.


I kicked away the anti-material rifle that was on the way, and escaped to outside from the study’s window.

Soon after that, the huge boulder collides and crushed the pension house, and I was blown away by the impact as well.


I crashed to a tree, unable to take a safe landing, and was unable to breathe.

Fragments of wood and glass showered me from above.


「Ghu!……this, it probably broke」


I somehow stood up, enduring the pain all over my body.


My right hand bent to a weird direction, and the branch that stabbed me in my stomach made me bleed profusely.

It looks like I was heavily endured because I was unable to make countermeasures to the sudden event.


After doing some first aid, I waited for〈Regeneration〉’s natural healing.


(What in the world happened……?)


After checking that my body was completely healed, I went to take a look at the pension house.


What remained there was the gigantic boulder that was the cause of destruction, and rubble.

There were no human signs around, and the safety of the people under the fall is probably hopeless.

If they were preparing to back up inside the room, there is no doubt that they did not notice the gigantic rock falling.


While thanking my own luck, I left that place.

I was unable to protect the base, but I still have other allies fighting against the enemy team.

I should at least go and save them.


(Oh! It looks like I was barely just in time……or not)


What I saw when I was jogging towards them, was the instant my allies become burnt ashes.

It’s this when I just thought of taking a look how it was going from behind a tree.

It looks like things won’t go like I hope it would.



【Title〈Single Mass Murderer〉〈Matchless Warrior〉〈Genocider〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Unparalleled Strength〉〈Dual Wield〉has been activated】

【〈Ame-no-Habakiri : Sharpened Blade〉has been quoted】

(TL: 天羽々斬 – The God Sword that Susanoo used to slay Yamato-no-Orochi in Japanese Mythology)



I activated my skills and titles and took in hand the Japanese Sword「Ame-no-Habakiri」that I quoted.


The katana that I used〈Correction〉on had a time limit of five minutes but gained an extraordinary sharpness instead.

With this, the opponent shouldn’t be able to defend so easily.


For condolence for them at least, I’ll kill their enemy.

Slaughtering all of the enemy team here would make me closer to pass the first round.  

With that decided, there is no choice of not doing it.


I sprinted out of the trees and shot the automatic hand gun that I pulled from my pocket.


The enemies who got surprised by the sudden gunshot died one next to the other.


The chain of gunshot and screams did not stop until the magazine was emptied.


I walked towards those who luckily stayed alive fearlessly.


「Look, your enemy is just me. Hurry up and kill me……」


I put away the handgun and silently smiled at them.


I drew the katana from its sheath and showed its blade.

Its clear surface released a strange light.


The enemies pulled back just the same distance I advanced.


「O-Oi! Let’s hurry up and run!」

「Who’d want to die at this place!」


Several enemies tried to run deep into the forest, so I immediately crushed them to death using〈Gravitation〉.


Seeing their allies change into meat paste without being able to scream, the enemies’ faces were ghastly pale.

My god, how pathetic, getting frightened with this much.

I think you guys should worry more about yourselves rather than your allies.


I met eyes with a woman in the enemy team, so I smiled at her.

The woman lost consciousness while foaming.


「Well then, let’s start」


I looked around at the enemy team, and approached the nearest bearded man and swept his feet for starters.

The man who rotated very quickly crashes to the ground while screaming.

His broken leg looks very painful and he is groaning.


「Haa……you’re too noisy」


I lightly clicked my tongue while thinking “don’t scream so pathetically”, and stabbed the man’s neck using the katana.

The man stopped moving after a huge convulsion.

The man continued to drool with his opened mouth.


「What happened with your spirits earlier, huh!」


When I pulled out the katana while ignoring the strange feeling of resistance, blood spurts out like a fountain.

I didn’t think of wanting to get under that, so I left that place.

While I’m at it, I also stepped on the neck of the woman who lost consciousness from earlier and crushed it.


The enemy team who started pulling back finally did not stop.


There were guys who seemed very frustrated among them, but it looks like they were not courageous enough to charge.


「E〜to, there’s……13 left huh」


The place fell into panic when I whispered that.


「S-Save mee!!」

「Get out of the way! I don’t wanna fucking die!!」

「Ahh, it’s all over, it’s the end……」


The participants cried like a poked bee’s nest.


I killed them one by one using the katana.


Most of them were guys who run away showing their back, and guys who begged for their lives without resistance, but I took care of them without mercy.

Just like that, the enemy team quickly reduced their numbers, and only a few of them remained.



【Title〈Blade Killer〉has been acquired】





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