Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 2 Chapter 1

Volume 2 Chapter 1 – The Start of the Fierce Battle






Under the sky where scattered clouds floated, there are adventurers overflowing here and there.


The surrounding area was full of noise because every one of them spoke without order.


They are probably talking with their comrades about the thing that is going to happen soon.

The place was filled with a distinct feeling of excitement.


The Battle Tournament that is going to be held in the imperial capital.

We have come here to Fuunin’s Hill to participate in the preliminaries of that.


By the way, our party is made with three people.


Me, Misasagi, who have died in an accident in Japan and reincarnated in this world.


The Mixed Blood Toel who can use Spirit Magic.


Al-san who is a seasoned warrior as well as a battle junkie.


With certain events that happened triggering it, we were able to meet each other and move together like this.


「By the way, what will we do in the preliminaries?」


Although it feels like it’s too late, I got curious, so I asked Toel.


「Come to think of it, we have not heard anything」


Toel tilted her head as if she was troubled.


In fact, the management has not told us anything about this preliminaries.


It is called「Battle Tournament」, so it is easy to imagine that we are going to be fighting, but the details more than that is completely unknown.

To think that they won’t tell us beforehand, the management might like surprises.


And after continuous waiting for a while.


One man appeared near the center of the hill.

That man who is wearing a short sleeved jacket coat had a kind smile pasted on his face.

Is it just my imagination that he has an air of suspiciousness around him?

His appearance is that of a handsome man, but he made me feel something that I shouldn’t let my guard off with.


After he had climbed on the podium, he started to declare to us with an air of composure.


「Hello, everyone. We thank you very much for participating in the Battle Tournament’s preliminaries. Although this might be sudden, I shall start explaining about the preliminaries……」


The man casually continued his words with a smile on his face.

I quickly listened to the declaration that suddenly happened.


Summarizing what the man said, only those who have broken through the third round will be able to participate in the main rounds, and the participants will have their own responsibilities for their selves no matter what happened during the at the middle of it.

We were told about this annoyingly at the reception, so I have already readied myself.


「If there are ones who would wish to give up at this point, please don’t be shy and do it now. The preliminary’s first round will immediately start after this」


When the man warned at the end of his explanation, some participants had cold feet and went down the hill.


Did they start to value their lives now?

Well, it is correct to run away with only that level of readiness.

The management probably doesn’t wish for cowards to participate as well.


After looking at the participants that subtly decreased while letting out a sigh, I returned my sight to the male emcee.


「……it looks like it is okay now to continue. I am very sorry to keep you waiting, the first round of the preliminaries shall start now」


When the man loudly declared that, shouts and roars came from the participants and made the place’s atmosphere tremble.


The place’s completely become like a festival huh.

Won’t you get tired if you’re that high-spirited starting now? They make other people worry.


And when I was thinking of that, I met my eyes with Toel who smiled wryly like me.

I showed her an exaggerated shoulder shrug.


However, that leeway disappeared in the next instant.


「Starting now everyone mustーーkill each other」


The rowdiness up until that became silence as it it was some lie.  

I was also so surprised that I could not make up any joke.


Well, well〜, this is really not laughable.


Leaving the participants with ruined moods, the male emcee casually continued the his explanation.


「The rule is simple. You are going to be split randomly into two teams and fight for three days. The team who has the most number of survivors in the end shall win」


Other than that, there are also specific rules like stealing the base of the enemy team for a lot of bonus points, but in short, we can pass the first round as long as we continue to defeat enemies.


Who the heck thought of this dangerous preliminaries?

It’s at the level that I want to sermon him or her for at least one hour.


When I was complaining in my mind, the male emcee finished his explanation.


「Well then, you will be moved to the first round’s stage so please do not move」


I tilted my head to the strange order of「please do not move」.

I knew that the first round of the preliminaries will be held in a different place, but what does he mean by don’t move although we’re moving to another place.


When I was unable to understand the male emcee’s words like that, several robed people started to draw lines on the ground.

Those lines are following a fixed rule, and they were written as if to surround the top of the hill.

I thought deeply searching in my memories and tried to remember the fantasy novels that I read in my past life.


It is hard to see the whole picture from where I stand, but imagining it in a bird’s eye view……


「Teleportation’s magic circle?」


The instant I muttered that, a faint light was released from the ground.

Confused voices could be heard from the surroundings because of the sudden event.


「The preparations are complete. I will have you all players to move with each of you from several points. Magic equipment is prepared in your base, so please use it to your advantage. Well then, let’s meet again after two days……」


After saying that, the male emcee showed a refreshing smile, as if an exciting thing was waiting very soon.

An instant later, my body floated, and the scene in front of my eyes changed.




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