Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Hill Where People Gathered






「The two of you, you’re amazing. The pressure was terrible……」

「The heat reached us who were just observing the fight!」(Toel)

「Actually, I was planning on fighting you, after that though……」



After we had finished preparing for camp, Al-san and Chale’s mock battle started, but it wasn’t something that could be called as a mock battle.

After wall, with just one mistake, one of them might’ve died you know?


That fight continued for many hours, and lastly, Al-san was the one who won.

By the way, I could only busy myself to fix Chale because of the damages he got from the mock battle.



【Skill〈Repair〉〈Heal〉has been acquired】



When I also took care of Al-san’s wounds together with fixing Chale, I got two skills.

〈Heal〉seems to be different from Recovery Magic, and its effects are inferior to normal Recovery Magic.


And though we’re like that, the competition’s preliminaries is just a day from now.


Many preliminary participants have already gathered, and there are many stalls and tents erected around the hill.

Somehow, it feels like a festival.

I’m sure that it would get more lively tomorrow.



After that, we spent a night in a place a little far away from the hill, and today’s the preliminaries.


「Misasagi, it’s morning. Wake up already」

「n〜, I’m so sleepy……let me sleep some mogfhu!」

「Mi〜sasa〜gi-san! Today’s the preliminaries you know!」


I don’t really know why, but Toel dove to me while I was lying down.


She is slender so her body weight must be light, but a decent impact attacked me when she jumped on me.

This body really lacks some defense powers.


We quickly finished eating breakfast, and started walking towards the hill.


「Uwa, there’s so many people〜」

「They increased compared yesterday」(Toel)

「There are a lot whose purpose is just to watch after all」(Al-san)


It was very crowded on the top of the hill.

I really hate this kind of crowded places though.


We walked while bumping with other people many times, and reached the receptionist.


Even so, the air of the people around us is in some meaning, amazing.

There are people who have stern faces who were pressuring other people, and there are those who are raising loud voices while drinking alcohol like it’s a festival.


(It’s really starting now huh……)


Suddenly, I turned around, and looked back to what happened on the way up to here.


There were so many stimulating happenings that happened up until now.

They are all experiences that one cannot have in Japan.


And, my sixth sense is telling me.


That, the days coming are also full of turbulence for sure.


I want to refuse to have my life getting risked many times, but looking back on the journey in this different world, I don’t really feel bad about it.


Thinking of that, I looked up to the sky far away.









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