Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Late Night Fight






Standing in front of me is a huge man wearing a huge dark armor, Chale.

This guy seems to be a magic weapon made out of the materials Misasagi got from the labyrinth.


「Have you, finished your preparations?」



Chale nodded without speaking.


It looks like he already entered battle mode.


Normal attacks won’t be effective against this guy.

Even attacks accompanied by magic powers would be nullified.


As an enemy, there is nothing more troublesome.



【Skill〈Herculean Strength〉〈Robustness〉has been activated】



First, I increased my attack and defense powers, and attacked using my bastard sword.


What I aim for is Chale’s heart, I did not hold back even a little.




However, my attack was dodged by Chale by back stepping and only cuts through air.


The monster called Hunter originally must not have this much agility.

Before, Chale did not move like this.

He moved just like a beast.


I suddenly looked towards Misasagi, and saw him laughing like a kid successful with his prank.

As I’ve thought, this must be the result of your remodeling huh.


Having swung my sword, Chale came hitting me.

However, I can read his moves.

This is nothing muc……




His attacking speed suddenly increased.

I parried the hand crashing down using my bastard sword.

There was a lot of impact that I received, but I somehow avoided a direct hit.

I will get injured if I think of him as a normal Hunter.

I took distance for once and fixed my grip on my sword.



【Skill〈Consecutive Flying Slash〉has been activated】



I consecutively swung my sword, and released an invisible blade attack.


This technique is one of the few techniques that melee job holders can acquire, and its power is also high.

Normal Hunters must be injured by this but.


「Haa, how tough are you really……」


I could not help but let out a sigh.


Chale who received the attack lost his balance a little, but looked towards me while tilting his head.

It looks like there wasn’t a lot of damage.


I do not know how he was remodeled, but this is too abnormal.





Chale charged without letting out a sound to counterattack.

I swung my sword towards his incoming fist.

The fist and sword collided, and a huge pressure came together with a high pitched sound.


What a destructive power……

If this continues, I’ll be pushed back.



【Skill〈Underlying Strength in a Predicament〉〈Monstrous Strength〉has been activated】



I activated skills that would increase my arm strength, and slowly pushed Chale back.

It has been a while since I used this much skill.



【Skill〈Steel Legs〉〈Twin Leg Assault〉has been activated】



I released two kicks to his open stomach.

It looks like this time it had an effect, Chale lost his balance leaning forward.

I slashed towards him.

Chale rolled on the ground while raising dust smoke, but immediately stood up.


What a sturdy guy.


「Ohh, he stood up!」(Misasagi)

「As expected of him!」(Toel)


It looks like Misasagi and Toel were also having fun.

Are those things in their hand drinks?

They’re completely enjoying our fight.


(I’ll activate “that” huh……)


Originally, I didn’t plan on using it but it cannot be helped.

This ability that is only possible to activate during the night is overwhelmingly strong among my titles and skills.


While carefully looking at Chale who was approaching, I activated a certain ability.



【Title〈Blood-dyed Demi-wolf〉has been activated】



My whole body became hot like scorching.

I’m intensely wanting other people’s blood.

This might be the first time that I have raised my spirits.


I put away my bastard sword, and equipped a ring that increases destructive powers.

This ring itself is very sturdy, so it itself shows attack powers when hitting with the fist.



【Skill〈Battle Instincts〉has been acquired】



Ahh, it has been a while since I gained a skill during battle.


I immediately activated it.

My body became hotter.

This feels good.

Chale, if it’s you, you can endure it right…



【Skill〈Sprint〉has been activated】



I caught Chale’s back in an instant, and hit his back.

It should’ve been with a decent impact, but Chale turns around and counterattacks.

While dodging that, I grabbed his hand to obstruct his movements.

And while doing that, I released a flying knee kick in his face.

The dark helmet was terribly dented.

And when I was about to give him another one……




Some kind of air had leaked from Chale’s helmet.

Close to him, I directly breathed it in, and I couldn’t muster strength from my body.


Damn it! It must be a paralyzing air.


Chale raised my body that cannot move properly high above the air, and smashed me to the ground.

Fortunately, my bones didn’t break, but I received quite some damage.


I can’t muster my strength properly.



【Skill〈Inner Body Purification〉has been activated】



〈Inner Body Purification〉can immediately cure many kinds of status ailments.

My senses returned and dodged the incoming stomp.

If I received that now, I would’ve been heavily injured.

Did Misasagi teach the correct meaning of a mock-battle to Chale?


I quickly stood up, and observed Chale.

With my attacks up until now, it looks like he was a little damaged.

His combat skills are clumsy, so I should aim for that.



【Title〈Battle Junkie〉has been acquired】



That’s right, the fight has really just began……









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