Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Hidden Room and Subjugation Rewards






「Ohh, amazing……」(Misasagi)

「There’s a lot of them huh!」(Toel)

「It looks like that noble was quite a collector」(Al-san)


The three of us raised our spirits in the hidden room underground.


After all, the storage collections were more than expected.

Of course, it can’t be helped that we will be in high spirits.


The door ahead of the stairs in the hidden room was ridiculously though.

However, me and Al-san destroyed it forcefully, and entered inside.


And in there, was the numerous collections of the noble.

They varied a lot, there were not only equipments, but also paintings and different kinds of medicine.

Of course, I took all of them into the cheat book.


And the happy think with it was, there was a lot of literature in storage.

Their contents were difficult and hard to understand so I just absorbed them for the mean time.

If I have free time, I’ll check them then.


「Oi, Misasagi. There’s also a room here」


Following Al-san, we moved to a different room.

A strange sound could be heard from that room.

Sounds of something moving, sounds of breathing, and sounds of talking.

I cautiously opened the door.

Inside the room was many cages.

Monsters and demi-humans were enclosed inside.


「This is terrible」

「Are they what they call slaves?」

「That should be the case. The ones in here must also be part of the collection」


It looks like that noble was a bastard till the end.

Thinking that Toel might be placed inside here, I got really pissed off.


For the meantime, I left the dangerous monsters for later, and released the demi-human slaves first.

For some reason, the locks easily opened when I used〈Cancel Trap〉.

I think that it’s good that it’s very versatile.



【Skill〈Unlock〉has been acquired】



I made the demi-humans gather for once.

Counting them, there was a total of 13.

By the way, to not let our identities to be found out, the three of us are wearing gas masks.


「E〜to, the owner of this mansion has died, so all of you are now free」


To be sure, I spoke with a voice changer.

Since we’re going to let these guys free, I don’t want them to know my voice.

However, the demi-humans were looking at us with dubious looks.

It’s normal to doubt people who are wearing masks and use a weird voice.



【Skill〈Change Voice〉has been acquired】



I wonder where〈Change Voice〉could be used.

I just used it coincidentally this time, but I can’t think of any use of it for everyday life or battles.

Maybe it’s the first party trick skill that I acquired.

After that, I spoke to the demi-humans for a few minutes, let them look at the noble’s corpse on the fourth floor, and make them convinced.

And we sent the demi-humans off after giving them the amount of food and water for several days and a few silver coins.

According to them, they are going to their respective settlements.

I should pray that they would reach those places safely.


Returning to the underground cage room once again, we discussed about the remaining living things inside the cages.


「What should we do with these monsters?」

「If possible, we should kill them」(Al-san)

「I agree as well. It is very dangerous to release them to the wild after all」(Toel)


According to the two, if we kill the monsters here, we would get experience points, and addition to that, we would also get rare drop items so it’s better to kill them.


So, with that, we decided to kill all of them.


First, I approached the huge tiger-like monster that was acting violently in the nearest cage.

It looked at me while growling, but after all, it’s inside a cage.

It doesn’t have a way to attack me.


I placed a burden on it using〈Gravitation〉breaking its neck, and after growling once, the tiger-type monster stopped moving.

Just like that, we killed all of the monsters.

Of course, I collected all of their corpses inside the cheat book.


We left the mansion that was robbed of everything.

It’s scary if someone finds us if we take too much time after all.

Those people who have lost their consciousness inside the mansion would wake up sometime after all.

We entered the armored car with great mood, put a foot on the gas pedal, and advanced.

The sky started to get bright.


「By the way, the competition’s preliminaries is two days from now right?」(Toel)

「Ah! I almost forgot. For the meantime, let’s go to Fuunin’s Hill」

「That’s right, after that, let’s train in a nearby place」(Al-san)


While going to the Fuunin’s Hill, I thought the two how to drive.

They had a hard time, but the two of them were now able to drive in leveled roads.

No, isn’t it too fast to learn, the two of you?

Well, it’s good for me though.


And from there, the three of us advanced while taking turns to drive the armored car.

When I’m on my break, I’m always reading the cheat book.

Recently, I don’t have a chance to read a book, and the books that I haven’t read are piling up.

I need to read them little by little.


「Uu! I feel so bad……」

「Are you okay?!」(Toel)

「Ah! Un, I’m fine……」


I prompt Toel who was worried to focus on driving.


I got dizzy from reading book looking down.

I really feel bad.

I quoted medicine for motion sickness and drank it.

I should lie down for a while……



「Misasagi, wake up already. We’re preparing to camp」

「Eh?! ……ahh, I slept huh. Sorry」


It looks like I fell asleep when I lied down.

But, this is strange.

The back of my head doesn’t hurt although I slept on the hard seat of the armored car.

Thinking of it strangely, when I opened my eyes, there was Toel’s face up close.



「Ah, are you okay now?」

「n, I’m fine. Thanks」


It looks like Toel took care of me and let me sleep on her lap.

It would be more embarrassing if I got unsettled her so I raised my body as if nothing had happened.


……yosh, it’s fine now.



【Skill〈Cool/Composed〉has been acquired】



Following〈Change Voice〉, I gained a strange skill.

There’s no demerit just by having a skill so I don’t mind though.


Getting off the armored car, it was already dark outside.

I collected the armored car into the cheat book, and prepared to camp with the three of us.

And here, the two seemed very used to it so it finished very quickly.

And if you ask what I was doing then, I was just standing still.

I also fell asleep along the way, so I feel a little sorry.


The three of us ate the one that I quoted for dinner.

Todays’ menu is gyūdon. (牛丼 beef bowl)

It’s good that the two of them also liked it.

And after that, we spent time freely.

Al-san went to go train somewhere, and Toel is writing something into notes.

I started experimenting by myself.



【Title〈Taboo Technique User〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Mental Concentration〉〈Magic Stone Utilization〉〈Create Magic Weapon〉has been activated】



Yosh, I activated the abilities that I need.

And then, I took out Chale from the cheat book.

Toel who was nearby raised her head and looked towards me.


「Misasagi-san, Chale is……」

「Un, his magic stone got damaged during battle. I’m going to fix him right now」


That’s right.

Right now, Chale who I took out won’t budge an inch.

There’s a huge hole in his chest, and his neck part is a little dented.

Those guardsmen really greatly damaged him……


For the meantime, I collected〈Abyss Dark Armor〉first.

Uwa, there’s a huge wound in his chest part.

I checked this in the books, but there weren’t ways to repair golems written anywhere.

Normally, golems that stopped moving would have already served their purpose, and a new golem would be created.

Honestly, I started to like Chale, so I don’t have the will to take that choice though.



【〈Saint’s Bracelet : Abundant Magic Powers〉has been quoted】



I quoted the bracelet that increases the amount of magic powers that I used when I made Chale once again.

After wearing that, I sent a huge amount of magic powers towards Chale’s heart, and Chale’s body started to move though it’s only little by little.

It looks like it has some effects.

In addition to that, I quoted some secret medicine, and emptied all of them into his wound.

A change occurred when I had already used three bottles.

His chest quickly closed, and Chale stood up.


「Ohh, Chale!」


Toel who was looking from the side raises a cheer.


「Thank goodness desu!」



Chale seemed to not understand the situation and tilted his head.

When I told him about what happened, it looks like he understood.

From how he seems, standing up very quickly, it looks like he’s already alright.


「……I mean, Chale, did anything change?」

「Ah, come to think of it, his body color has changed」


It might be my mistake because it’s night, but Chale’s body color became denser.

He was red-violet in color before, but there was black color in addition to that.

Maybe it’s because I let him wear that armor.

His level has increased as well, making him level 5.


But even so, it’s nice that he’s getting stronger.

But, you know Chale.

Even if you’re very happy, can you stop hugging me and Toel?

The bones in my shoulders are breaking you know?




Originally, the experiment should be finished with this, but I’m thinking of remodeling Chale using the things I collected from the noble’s house.


The materials this time, is the monsters’ corpses found in the underground room.

Just as expected of a noble’s collection, there were even monsters that are not written in the monster encyclopedia.  

Probably, they’re a variation of mutated individuals, or new species.


First, I’m thinking of using a shell-type monster on his chest part where the magic stone is.

I opened a hole on Chale’s back, and placed the shell as if to cover the magic stone.

The work around here went smoothly with the support of the titles and skills that I have.


On top of that, surprisingly, the instant I pulled out my hand after finishing strengthening his magic stone, the hole I opened closed.

It looks like Chale also raised his regeneration ability equal to that of mine.


Just like that, I remodeled Chale using the corpses of monsters, and Chale powered up once again.



【Title〈Mad Scientist〉has been gained】



Every time I fiddle with Chale, my dangerous sounding titles increases.

But, it looks very useful so I don’t mind.

And after that, we spent the time to check Chale’s performance.


Around an hour after the experiment finished, Al-san finally came back.

Al-san stared intently at Chale.

A-re? His eyes slowly became aggressive?!


「Hey, Misasagi. Can I……fight with Chale?」

「I don’t mind, will you be alright?」

「Yeah, I’ll just wash my sweat in some river after we finished」


No one’s caring about your sweat you know!!

Oh no, he doesn’t get me at all.

Searching for help, I looked towards Toel and……


「Al-san is very strong after all. Please be careful and do your best」


U〜n, is Toel also quite different?

Or am I the one who’s strange?

Just like that, not minding me who’s worried, the two’s fight had started.











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