Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Rampage of the Instinct






「Really, they’re quite strong……」


I got annoyed to the unexpected toughness of the opponent.


Should have I asked Toel and Al-san to come here too.

How careless of me.


Honestly, the situation is pretty bad.


I need to take care of them without letting my guard down.


I dropped my sight for just an instant, and touched the page that I had searched for beforehand.



【〈Gungnir : Restrictions Released〉has been quoted】

【Skill〈Throwing〉has been activated】



A spear that pursued both the limits of art and usefulness appeared.


I threw away the metal bat that I don’t need anymore, and took in hand that thing that I quoted.


This is a legendary weapon that a hero had once used.

This time, I forcefully released its restrictions using my unique skill, making it so even I who doesn’t have qualifications can use it.


While carefully looking at the enemies in front of me, I swung Gungnir for a test.

It was very easy to use despite its length, its weight is very balanced.

I should be able to use it roughly without destroying it.

I made a sound by standing the spear to the ground, and slowly narrowed my eyes.


「Oi! Be careful! That thing is dangerous!」

「Yeah, I know」


The knight and the large sword wielder slowly approached to surround me.

It looks like they’re planning to judge their movements according to mine.


I strongly held Gungnir, and made a huge step forward.


(The distance is twenty meters. There’s no way that I would miss)


The two noticed my intention with my movement.

They threw away their prudence from earlier and quickly approached me.

I see, they’re planning to aim for the opportunity of the instant before I attack huh.


However, they’re all too slow.

I silently smiled pleasantly, and charged the magic powers that filled my body into Gungnir.


「First is, you」


I raised Gungnir that started to release a strong light over my shoulder, and fixed my sight on the large sword wielder.

In addition, I activated skills that would strengthen my arm strength, raising its power so that it would be sent the target to its death for sure.


The large sword wielder charged while using his sword as a shield.

His blood-curdling air was befitting that of a warrior.


I praised the large sword wielder’s excellent tactless frankness in my mind.


And, I threw the killing spear that carries my killing intent.




Gungnir charged like a shooting star.


That that possesses the concept of destruction was dodged by the large sword wielder by lowering his body.


The large sword wielder made a fearless smile towers me.

That was a face possessed by carelessness and arrogance, confident to one’s own victory.


That’s why, I returned a smile to him.


ーーwhile staring at Gungnir suddenly changing its trajectory, stabbing him from behind while he swung his sword.



【Skill〈Javelin Throw〉〈Lock On〉has been acquired】



A flash exploded with Gungnir as the center.


The blinding light illuminates the whole room, and in the next instant, my body was blown away to the wall because of an explosion.

Because my body crashed to the wall, it was difficult to even breath.


I shook my stunned head a few times, and shook off the dust.


(This, I completely miscalculated. How pathetic, I even injured myself)


While being annoyed to my own mistake, I looked around to check the situation.


The roof that was decorated splendidly had crashed down, and there was a huge hole in the floor that was covered by red carpet.

The furniture and other household goods were blown away without exception, making rubbles here and there.


I underestimated the strength of a hero’s weapon.

I only looked at its extraordinary pursuit ability, but I didn’t think that it was this strong.


(Hey, what about those guys……)


I ignored the pain all over my body and stood up.


Within the visibility where dust was flying around, I started to sense them using my skills.


There’s one reaction ahead below the mountain of rubbles.

From how his positioning is, it’s probably that knight.

To think that he’d survive after receiving that explosion closer than me, what a tough guy as I’ve thought.


The one who’s crouching down on the back of the room should be the noble.

He’s the only one who’s protected by a barrier so he doesn’t have a single injury.


Of course, the time left that he would be safe is only limited.


By the way, the large sword wielder who was directly hit by Gungnir disappeared without leaving a trace.

Well, in some way, it’s a natural result so I’m not surprised.


While fixing my gas mask’s position, I made a sound of my stiffed neck.


I should be a single step away from my destination huh.


「Ku! You dare do this to my comrades……!!」


The last obstacle, the knight shouted with hatred


He is wearing a half-destroyed armor, and crawled out of the rubbles with unreliable steps.

He clearly had injuries all over his body, but the light in his eyes was still there.

It looks like he hasn’t given up of killing me.


While making a wry smile towards that abnormal tenacity, I selected a skill.


Out of respect to that unbreakable will, I’ll let you die without pain.


I raised my hand towards the knight, and controlled gravityーー




I collapsed to the floor due to the sudden dizziness.


I tried to stand up, but my limbs won’t move.

My sight turned up and down, and started to feel a terrible headache.


What is this so suddenly?

Was I attacked by some strange technique?


I got confused because of my body that won’t move properly and felt danger at the same time.


「Magic power depletion huh…… that attack earlier, it looks like, it has a certain risk, huh」


Within my hazy consciousness, I was barely able to hear the knight’s words.


Just like the knight has said, it might be bad because I used a lot of magic powers using Gungnir.

And I probably fell into a kind of dehydration symptom because of that.


If that guess is correct, then it’s no laughing joke.

I wanted to know this much earlier.


I sneered to my own naivety.


「It looks like, you can’t, move huh……it’s my, win」


The knight started to walk with a dauntless smile.


One step at a time, slowly but surely, he approached while using his sword as a staff.

Not stopping even though he almost tripped many times, he was coming to kill me while burning a silent fighting spirit.


Fear came crawling from deep inside of my body.


Seeing the scene in front of me, I instinctively understood.

That, this is the sign of death.

I felt like a death god is standing behind me if I turned around.


I stopped feeling anything at the sight that slowly started to get dark.


(……no, isn’t this too unreasonable?)


A fragment of thought revived from my mind that was about to cease.

That feeble light within the vortex of darkness, it started to expand as if to light the surroundings.


(There’s no way that I can end here right?)


It was them who attacked first.

So why, am I about to get killed?

I won’t lose to these greedy fools.


(What should I need to do?)


That is decided in the first place.

There is no need to ask yourself once again.


I have strength.

One that could overwhelm others.


I have resolutions

Ones that I could risk my own life for.


I have goals

Ones that I would not choose the means as long as I achieve them.


Obstructive thoughts, they just only need to be destroyed.

If they would be hostile, then let them be.

Just bring it on if they have any problem.


At that time, thoroughly, without hesitations, without mercyーー


「I’ll kill you」



【Skill〈Overflowing Killing Intent〉〈Thirst for Survival〉has been acquired】



I jumped up using the overflowing vitality and landed on the floor without letting out a sound.

My body’s so light as if the state I was in earlier was a lie.

I feel like I can do anything right now.


I smiled towards the knight who got petrified a few meters away.



【Skill〈Simple Thinking〉〈Defensless〉has been activated】



My strangely clear mind was eroded by a dark killing intent.

The constraints called reason were torn apart, and my instincts bare uncovered.

These feelings that terribly heightened my spirits only made me feel good right now.


While desperately suppressing the raging feelings, I leaped forward.




The knight who panicked suddenly attacked me.


The sheathe that he swung hit my stomach, and a dull sound echoed from my insides.

It looks like several of my ribs got broken.


Adding to that, the knight stabbed a short sword to my chest.

Sinking deeply that only its handle could be seen, it pierced through my bones and heart.


A fountain of blood was made at the same time he pulled the short sword, and both me and the knight were dyed red.


「……so what」


However, both of those attacks were insignificant to me.


I crushed one of the knight’s hand together with the short sword, and forcefully tore it away.

A short scream was raised, and a small amount of blood were scattered.



【Skill〈Point Pain Numbness〉〈Rage Without Ego〉has been acquired】



My closed fist crashed down towards the knight’s face.

I felt the raw feeling of flesh getting crushed.


Without pausing, I continued to swing down my fist.

This time, I felt a little hard resistance.


I swung the iron first without holding back.

My consciousness slowly started to disappear.


I hit him with the best punch that I can throw.

It was all red and I couldn’t see anything.


Another punch within my vision that was shaking.

What in the world am I doing……




◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇




「n? This place is……?」


I woke up because of the suffocating smell of blood.

It looks like I lost my consciousness for some reason.


I quickly raised my body, and checked the situation.


And there, I noticed that a chunk of meat had fallen in front of me.

I didn’t understand what it was for an instant, but it looks like it was the knight’s corpse that had changed.

If the fragments of metals that should be the armor weren’t there, I would’ve never noticed.


I could only make a wry smile to his very unfortunate end.


「Hii! You monster!!」


When I was checking my equipments, I heard an idiotic jeer.


When I looked towards the direction the voice came from, there was that noble there.

The barrier must’ve disappeared after the knight died, he was moving towards the room’s entrance with unreliable footsteps.


Of course, there’s no way that I would let him leave the room just like that.


I picked up some rubble that is in a decent size, and threw it towards the noble.

The rubble flew almost straight to his ham-like thigh and ended his meaningless escape play.

The noble that fell to the cracked floors rolled around while screaming.


「You’re so noisy. Can you shut up for a bit」


His ugly voice stroke my nerves.


I stepped on the noble’s chest to hide my annoyance and cut open his fat belly using the short sword I picked up.

The clothes that seemed to be high class was dyed with blood, and his scream became louder.


My unpleasant index rose sharply, so this time I activated〈Shut Voice〉and punched his stomach.

The noble who lost his voice widened his eyes and closed and opened his mouth.

He was like a goldfish that gasped for air.


While laughing at his ridiculousness, I took out a special potion from the cheat book.


「Here, drink it properly」


I placed the upside down bottle on the noble’s mouth.

The recovery potion clearly decreased, and finally became empty.

He’s quite a drinker huh.


And after that, I took out several more recovery potions, and repeated the same action.

I properly repeated it adding the times when the noble threw up.

With this, his natural healing abilities should be raised temporarily.


I stabbed the noble’s shoulder using the short sword I held backhand.

The wound started to heal the instant that I pulled out the blade, and it perfectly regenerated after a few seconds.


「Yosh, the preparations are complete then. Well so, let’s have fun……」


I got satisfied with the effect of the experiment, and composedly looked down to the trembling noble.

I need to give enough gratitude to that person that became hostile.


It would be boring if he dies very quickly after all.



【Title〈Merciless Executor〉〈Torturer〉has been activated】



Since its his final moments, I really want him to enjoy his “life” very much.




◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇




I, Albert Lawyer, and Toel Ludiesona is guarding the surroundings of the mansion.

This is to catch those who try to run away from the mansion.

It is just, there is still not a single one who escaped since we started guarding here.


When I started to get bored with this situation, someone approached from the mansion.


「Ah! Misasagi-san!」

「Oh, sorry to keep you waiting〜」

「You’re late, are you injured somewhere?」

「I’m fine, look!」


Saying that, Misasagi turned in his place.

His clothes are somewhat dirty and torn in some places, but it looks like he’s really uninjured.

I also thought of this when we had a mock battle before but, this guy must have some kind of recovery ability.

I don’t believe that he could defeat that many enemies without getting wounded.


「Well then, for the meantime, the three of us should go collect the things in the mansion I think?」


And just like that, we started to search around inside the mansion.


However, almost all of the rooms looked empty.

When I asked the reason for that, it looks like he had collected all the things that he could take.

However, according to him, the valuable treasures has yet to be found.


For a while, we found a space behind the wall on the second floor.

There were stairs leading downwards there.

The three of us went down to the underground.


There was a little wide space ahead of the stairs, and there was a seemingly tough metal door at the back.


We became sure that there is something in this room.










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