Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Guardsmen’s Loyalty






「Calm down the two of you. There’s an enemy in front of us. Lord Baron, please forgive us, showing such a pathetic sight」


I called out to my two comrades that started to quarrel not caring about the enemy in front of us, and apologized to Lord Baron.

Really, do they not have a sense of tension……


Receiving the report of an invader earlier, the five of us guarded the room where Lord Baron is, but I did not believe that they would really reach this place.

All of the private soldiers who are in charge of the fourth floor are skilled individuals.

In addition to that, it has not been very long since we heard the battle sounds from the fourth floor.


And, one man came to the room we are in.

His face is covered by something like a mask.


The man suddenly took out a book, and a huge man wearing a dark armor appeared from there.

Unbelievable, could it be that this man could use Spatial Magic.

If it is such a skilled person, it is convincing that he had reached up to this place.


Probably finishing their preparations to fight, the two of them charges towards us.

It looks like the dark armored man was melee, and the masked man would be covering him from behind.

My comrade Elsa shot a spear of ice.

The〈Fire Ball〉from earlier was dodged but the〈Blizzard Lance〉this time directly hit the dark armored man.

However, the dark armored man continued to charge without slowing his speed as if nothing had happened.




Because of that, Elsa who is usually composed could not hide her surprise.

Sensing the danger, Nirs went to stop the dark armored man in a hurry.

He swung the large sword that he usually uses to the looming enemy.

The large sword hits the dark armored man’s torso.

Although there was a dull sound that echoed, the enemy did not stop and sent Nirs flying.

That is, even though the strength of his sword is equal to that of the giant’s race.

Nirs was blown away hitting the wall.

To think that the party’s tank would be defeated so easily……


The dark armored man is already so close.

This time, Ruis and I went to attack the dark armored man.

We cannot allow them to attack Elsa.

The dark armored man is not holding a particular weapon.

If we attack him with the two of us, a chance should absolutely come.



【Skill〈Flashing Slash〉has been activated】



The sword I am holding started to shine, and I slashed towards the dark armored man.

This skill has the attribute of Light, so it should have an effect on the opponent’s armor that seems to have the attribute of Darkness.

Ruis attacks from the side at the same time.

The two sword attacks hit the dark armored man.

The enemy lost his balance for an instant, but immediately recovered and punches.

Ruis and I jumped back to evade.

What an incredible defense power.

There is not a single scratch even receiving this much attack.

It must be a very high leveled armor.


「Allan, it looks like that tough one is a Magic Weapon」


Shamaal who was on my side when I noticed it told me.

Even though she’s saying he’s a Magic Weapon, there are many kinds of them.

Its ability is very different depending on its kind.


「Do you know what kind it is?」

「It’s probably a golem. I don’t know its race」

「A golem huh…… that’s why magic didn’t work huh」

Although her words are usually few, I could understand what Shamaal is trying to say.

However, it is strange that that golem has such a physical resistance.

What base should be used to have such a thing.


「Elsa, move back, I’ll leave guarding Lord Baron to you. It looks like you have a bad compatibility with him」

「Got it」


Elsa answered quickly, and readied her staff beside Lord Baron.

There is the Protection Magic that I have placed around him, but to be sure.

I can be relieved if someone would protect him by his side.

And here, I noticed.

Where did that masked man go……?




Shamaal who was beside me suddenly cried.

I looked towards her with surprise, and saw the masked man hitting her.

He was holding a club dyed with blood.

Shamaal who collapsed to the ground had sunk her head in a puddle of blood.


「You bastard!!」


Unable to control my anger, I slashed towards him in reaction.

However, the masked man approached me with unbelievable speed, and thrusts with his club.

My breath stopped because of the blow to my stomach.

I could feel my armor denting.

I was blown away to the wall just like Nirs.

My whole body hurts.

I did not think that he was this strong.

However, I cannot give up.

I have a mission.


I ignored the pain and raised my head.



【Title〈Unbreakable Knight’s Spirit〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Heart of Loyalty〉〈Robe of Light〉has been activated】



My body was enveloped with a faint light.

The weak feeling that I had earlier disappeared.

I can still fight, I will protect Lord Baron!

I used Recovery Magic on myself, and slowly stood up.




I rushed to save my comrades who were being attacked by the two invaders.



【Skill〈A Slash with Everything One Has〉〈Consecutive Light Shadow Slash〉has been activated】



I released slashes flying towards the dark armored man attacking Ruis.

Every time I swung my sword, the slash of light attacked the dark armored man, and directly hits the back of the dark armored man who was raising his arm.

It looks like he was not able to endure the attack this time, the enemy stopped his movement with one knee falling to the ground.

Seeing this as a chance, Ruis made a stance and charged his strength to his sword.

It is the stance when he would release his killing technique.

That attack with several abilities activated at the same time should be effective even against that dark armored man.


Ruis’ twin swords were swung.

The slashes that were so quick that they cannot be perceived with the eyes cuts towards the neck of the dark armored man, and he collapsed flat on his back.

I climbed over him and stabbed my sword into his chest.

It is because I knew that there are many cases where the magic stone of golems are placed there.

My sword pierced through the armor, sinking deeply into the dark armored man’s body.

After flinching his body for an instant, the dark armored man stopped moving.

When I turned around, I saw Ruis making a smile with a tired face.


「With this, one, finally……」

「Do not let your guard down. Just wait a second, I’ll heal you」


It was at that time.


Suddenly, with a plosive sound, Ruis was blown away rolling on the floor.

Surprised, I turned where the sound came from, and there was the masked man.

There was no club in his hand, but holds a black something.

Smoke was raising from that, but, was Ruis attacked by that?

Ruis who collapsed to the ground was holding his shoulder, and seemed to be barely alive.

However, if he is not healed quickly, his life might end soon.


「Uwa, you really took care of our Chale so flashily huh」


The masked man said that with a joking tone.


「Shut up! You shall follow the same fate」


From his voice, he seems to be young.

He might not even reach his coming of age.

The man moved the weapon in his hand while showing composure.

Something fell and rolled to the ground.


「That wall of light thingy, you made it right?」


The masked man pointed towards the place where Lord Baron is.


「That is right, so what?」

「That thing, it’s really hard you know. Can you do something about it?」


His inconvenienced tone makes me annoyed.


「That magic would not disappear as long as I do not make it, or not until I die」

「I see. Then, I should take care of you just like the other guys huh」


When the man said that, a dry, plosive sound was made behind him.

There was Elsa there.

The faint yellow robe that she is wearing was dyed with red, and collapsed to the ground.

It looks like the Protection Magic that I casted on Lord Baron was also attacked so much.

However, Lord Baron inside is safe.

That one is the strongest one within the Protection Magic that I can use.

I would be troubled if it was easily destroyed.


「Oi……sorry but, can you heal me」


I heard a soft but clear voice from behind.

When I turned around, there was Nirs.

He was wounded all over his body and his left hand bent to a weird direction, but could somehow stand.

I immediately started healing him.

The masked man was approaching the dark armored man that lied flat on his back so it should be alright.


I healed Nirs as much as possible, and was able to heal most of his wounds.

It seems like he is feeling discomfort, but it looks like even his left arm could move properly.



「No, the thanks is mutual. It’s good that Nirs came」


I checked my own sword and readied my shield.

When I looked towards the masked man, the dark armored man has disappeared.

I made sure that that guy has already died.

There is no way that he could be taken away with such a short time.

Did he collect him using Spacial Magic or something?



【Skill〈Fighting Spirit〉〈Underlying Strength in a Predicament〉has been activated】



I activated more of my trump card skills.

It would spend my stamina quickly so I cannot use it for very long, but the additional strength is quite high.

It looks like Nirs released similar abilities.


「Coming to this, serious mode huh. Well, it must be so」


While saying that, the man pointed his weapon towards us.

Dry sounds echoed consecutively, and something came flying.

This was the attack that blew Ruis away huh……


(That is……a lump of lead?!)


Countless balls of lead came forth.

I evaded all of that while blocking some with my shield.

Nirs was also somehow blocking with his sword.

I charged towards the man, and swung my shield.



【Skill〈Shield Bash〉has been activated】



Magic powers gathered to the shield that I hold, and I thrust it towards the man.

The man dodged that with a hair’s breadth.

And seeing that, Nirs swung down his large sword.

Unknown where he took it out from, the man blocked the attack with the club he held earlier.

However, there was no way that that slender thing could block an attack from a large sword.

The club was broken in an instant, and it looks like the man’s arm broke as well.

I wanted to deal the killing blow, but the man pointed his hand towards me even though he lost his balance.




My body became heavy.

I feel my bones screaming from inside.

The man ran with unbelievable speed, and reached up to the side of Lord Baron.

And then, the burden to my body disappeared, and raised my head somehow.


Nirs who raised his head similarly whispered while looking at the enemy.


「That man, he’s very troublesome」

「Yeah, I know that」


Answering with annoyance, when I looked ahead, the man a mask with cracks was opening his book beside Lord Baron with a pale face.

The eyes that could be seen from the back of his mask were clearly looking back towards me and Nirs.

Up until here, three of my comrades were defeated, but we had also defeated one enemy.

There is only one remaining.


The dawn will soon come, the ones standing then will be us, or……













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