Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Five Guardsmen






「Four floors huh, a mansion huh〜. I also want to live in a place like this……?!!」


When I climbed the stairs while whispering that, a private soldier attacked from above the stars.

I barely dodged it thanks to〈Intuition〉.

What a dangerous guy.


The private soldier seems to be surprised that I dodged it.

It was quite dangerous you know.

It looks like you need to be punished.

I kicked the sword that that guy was holding flying, and grabbed his head.

There was a convenient window right in the middle of the stairs so I smashed the private soldier’s head there.


The glass window shattered while making a loud sound.

A short scream was let out from the private soldier, and started to tremble.

To think that he’d get frightened with just this, how pathetic.

I threw outside the private soldier whose face was bleeding.

After his screams became softer, I heard the sound, *Dosa*.

Umu, sneak attacks is not good you know.


When I tried to take a peek outside while laughing, I felt hostility from behind.


I did a gravity attack while turning around.

A sound that was difficult to describe echoed, and the armor that has uselessly majestic decoration dropped down the stairs.

It should be better to not say anything about the red stains that were dripping from inside the armor.


I completely made a mistake controlling the gravity.

This skill is very convenient but it’s hard to adjust you know.

Even though I’m using it so frequently to get used to it, I sometimes fail just like right now.

I just pray that I won’t make a mistake when I’m using it on myself.


I once again started to climb the stairs.

Come to think of it, coming this far, I have gained quite a lot with just the decorations.

I might use it sometime in the future, and if I can’t use it, I should sell it in the town.

I have the〈Negotiate〉skill so I should be able to sell it at a high price.

This attack might unexpectedly be a very profitable thing for me.

While smiling in a good mood, I turned on the corner.


There were about 20 private soldiers in the corridor of the fourth floor.

Honestly, I didn’t think that there was still this many remaining.

Was the private soldiers we met in the afternoon not everyone.

On top of that, their levels were higher than those private soldiers on the third floor.



【Title〈Single Mass Murderer〉has been activated】



I feel like it has been a while since I used this title.

I gained comrades recently and there was no chance to use it after all.

But even so, even if it was wide, it’s the mansion’s corridor.

Meaning, it’s too narrow to fight here right.

But even though it was like that, the private soldiers holding large shields lined up in front, and those holding spears were poking from behind.

It’s not like I can’t forcefully crush the group that holds large shields, but I’m sure that I would get hit by their spear.

I don’t think that I would die, but I want to avoid painful things as much as possible.


I smiled at the private soldiers that were on guard while glaring at me.



【Skill〈Warning Shot〉has been activated】



I took out a shotgun, and immediately pulled the trigger.

The pellets scattered together with an explosive sound, and holes were opened in the ceiling.

The private soldiers who heard the gunshot flinched and trembled making it hard for them to move because of the effect of the skill.

In that timing, I used〈Gravitation〉and changed the pulling power of the group of people holding large shields to the side.

Of course, the large shield group rolled, and pathetically crashed into the wall.

Yosh, a path was made with this.


I used the cheat book taking advantage of the chance.



【〈Silver Arrow : Divide〉has been quoted】



I quoted one arrow, and looked at the back line of the private soldiers.

I have never used bow and arrow.

If so, how will I use this then?

The answer is this.



【Skill〈Electromagnetic Acceleration〉has been activated】



A lightning spark started to appear within my hand, and when the arrow suddenly disappeared……the private soldiers collapsed with fountains of blood.

The silver arrow that has the effect of dividing itself when used, seemed to attack straightforward without leaving an open space.

I used it as an experiment, but it was more effective that I expected.

Although I wasn’t able to kill all 20 of them with it, but it looks like the private soldiers in the front row wasn’t able to survive at all.


I walked towards the large shield group that was lying on the corner of the corridor.

Thanks to their shields, these guys were almost uninjured.


I met my eyes with a man lying on the ground.



【Skill〈Monstrous Strength〉has been activated】



I raised my leg highly, and stomped on the head of the large shield soldier.

His skull was crushed, and his brain dirtied the floor.

I repeated that many times.

The mass produced headless corpses were grotesque, so I dropped the ones that aren’t needed out the window.


The surviving private soldiers looked at me with frightened expressions.

Don’t, be that scared.

I know it alright, the fact that there are ones who has criminal titles within you.

They probably helped the noble to do his evil deeds because they were private soldiers.

It can’t be helped that they would receive a suitable punishment.

I made a fearless smile and stepped forward.


One of the brave private soldiers thrusts with his spear, but there’s no way that it would hit me.

I’m currently being strengthened by several titles and skills.

I grabbed the spear and stole it, and gave it back to him with the spear’s tip pointing at the opponent.

Of course, while using〈Electromagnetic Acceleration〉.


The spear that was shot at high speed pierced through the body of the private soldier, and killed those who were behind him.

The white walls were painted with red blood.

Two of the soldiers collapsed, and silence came.

Well then, how many seconds would it take to annihilate all of them.

When I was wiping off the blood in my hands on the corpse’s clothes, the remaining six of them attacked at once.

For me, rather than killing those who are afraid, killing those who attacks is more fun.


I lowered my waist, and readied my fist in front of my chest.



【Skill〈Insight Eye〉〈Catching Gaze〉has been activated】



I dodged the sword and spear attacks that came on next to the other with paper thin distance.

The reason that I can do such a feat is because I know where the enemy is aiming for.

However, that was just at the beginning, and several of their attacks started to make scratches on my body.

I was getting approached all the time so there is no time for me to quote something.

Taking six opponents at the same time is quite difficult huh.


And also, I feel something strange from the private soldiers’ movements.

Although I would be able to easily dodge it at normal situations, they would release slashes and thrusts that are strangely sharp from time to time.

And it looks like their attack powers during that attack is also high, and I would at least shed some blood.

Probably, they’re using some kind of skill.


I clicked my tongue because it was more troublesome that I expected.

The private soldiers who were trying to kill me with the consecutive use of their skills were quite strong.

Is this the power that comes out during an emergency, anyways, their average strength should be fairly strong within those adventurers.

I’m sure that these guys could take care of most invaders.



【Skill〈Herculean Strength〉has been activated】



I looked for a chance and kicked the man nearest to me.

The man got blown away up to the wall on the other side, and stopped moving after colliding.

I have activated〈Eavesdrop〉so I clearly heard that some of his bones got broken.

Having their comrade getting killed miserably, the other five stopped their movements for an instant.

And that instant was their death call.



【〈Light Machine Gun〉has been quoted】



Taking distance with a back step, I shot all of the bullets of the drum magazine until it emptied.

The private soldiers who were showered with bullets at a close range instantly turned to corpses.

Even how strong they would be, they won’t be a match of a civilization’s weapon.

After collecting the loots, I passed through the bloody corridor that was emptied of people.


After advancing for a while, I heard footsteps coming from behind.

I could not feel hostility, and my〈Intuition〉won’t react as well.

I turned around wondering who it was.


And there was a large man wearing a black armor.


「Ohh, Chale! Good job, you really helped me there」



Chale nodded many times.

It looks like he’s happy.

I collected Chale with the cheat book, and stood in front of the huge door in front of me.

The result of searching around, I found out that the fourth floor only has this room.

Meaning, that noble is here.

Well, that would be different if there’s underground cells or hidden rooms.


I pushed the huge door to open with a metal bat in my other hand.

The room was very wide.

As expected since one room has occupied the whole floor.

With expensive looking furniture and decorations here and there inside the room, the noble was in the center of the room.


「It was you after all huh. I did not think that their assassination would fail」


The noble talked to me very leisurely.

There are five soldiers surrounding him.


I tried to check their status, but only corrupted texts were shown.

It looks like they won’t let me see it so easily.

The five soldiers were looking at me without leaving their guards down.

For some reason, they look like strong enemies.

Looking closely, there was also the woman called Shamaal.

It was so hard to infiltrate because of you.


I started to get pissed off for some reason, so I shot the metal bat while using〈Electromagnetic Acceleration〉.

However, it was parried by the soldier using a large sword.

I didn’t think that that attack right now would be blocked.

On top of that, a chunk of flames came back as a change so I avoided it using〈Emergency Dodge〉.

I can nullify it using〈Ignition〉, but I don’t like to get seen in that appearance as much as possible.

If there were any chance that it would get leaked outside, it would be very troublesome.


「Hou, you can dodge my〈Fire Ball〉huh……it looks like you’re quite skilled」

「Isn’t it because your magic’s too shabby」

「Ruis, please do not treat it the same with your sword」

「What did you say?!」


For some reason, they started quarreling.


The tension’s disappearing so can you please stop.


「Calm down the two of you. There’s an enemy in front of us. Lord Baron, please forgive us, showing such a pathetic sight」

「I do not might. Rather than that, take care of that man that infiltrated my mansion」


Saying that, the noble bossily pointed at me.


The five soldiers protecting him has the following appearances.

-A cool looking female magician

-A very bossy man whose name seems to be Ruis

-A woman called Shamaal who uses detection type abilities

-A male large sword user who blocked my metal bat

-A knight that seemed to be their leader who stopped their quarreling.


……somehow, they’re more suitable as an “ally of justice” party than me.


I can’t check their status, but I could clearly tell that they’re the strongest among the private soldiers that I have fought up until now.

The noble also has a very confident face.

I mean, you aren’t doing anything right.


They seem to be quite a strong party, so I took out Chale beforehand.

It would be very hard to take him out during the fight after all.

It looks like the noble and the enemy party were surprised to the huge man wearing a dark armor who suddenly appeared.



【Skill〈United Front〉〈Cooperation〉has been activated】



I additionally used two skills that make the cooperation with allies firm.

Two versus five huh……

I don’t feel like losing, but I somehow feel that it would be quite a difficult fight.


Anyways, well, let’s start the boss fight.














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