Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Caravan and Adventurers






Waking up early in the morning, I went to the back of the inn where there is a well to wash my face. The water was a little cold, if felt like it woke up my sleepy, absent-minded head. When I returned to my room, Toel came instead, so I called out to her.


「Ah, good morning〜. We’re going to the guild if you’re ready okay」

「Good morning. I understood, I’ll get ready immediately」


Saying that, Toel went to the well jogging.


And looking at her status with no particular reason, the level of her two jobs has raised. When I checked before, she Warrior Lv9 and Fencer Lv7, but right now, she is Warrior Lv10 and Fencer Lv8.


Since I’ve started traveling with Toel, we haven’t fought other than the battle in the back alley yesterday. After thinking for a while, I got to the conclusion that the experience points are being distributed since Toel and I are in a party. With that, I can also get convinced that she would level up.


After we had got ready to go, the two of us went to the guild. We greeted Dog Ears-san, and passed an eye on the quest bulletin board. There are too many, so it makes me pause.


「Uhmm, what about this?」


When I was glaring at the bulletin board, Toel suggested. That was about guarding a caravan up to the neighboring town. Well, this kind of quest should be good for a start. I gave the quest paper to Dog Ears-san.


「This, it has a difficulty that I cannot recommend with Misasagi-san’s level, but there are already high leveled adventures who have accepted it, so I will process it specially」

「Ah! Is that so〜」


It looks like it’s a quest that is for several parties. It is said that it’s a caravan so they probably need quite a number of guards. I mean, was there a possibility that I couldn’t take the quest.


「Well then, the start of this quest would be today. So please come to the entrance of the town before the noon bell rings. That is the meeting place」


There’s still a lot of time before noon. We finished shopping yesterday, so there’s nothing to do. Well, well, what should we do……


Come to think of it, I haven’t absorbed the books I bought yesterday. Actually, I came to the store where I bought a lot of books before yesterday, and bought a lot of books again. The granny store clerk looked at me with an ambiguously surprised expression.


I absorbed the book after checking that there’s nobody around.


The free time up until noon, I spent it on reading, and Toel practiced her sword. Using her sword as if it was flowing, she might become more stronger from now on.


The promised time had gotten nearer, so the two of us went to the entrance of the town. In there, a caravan, and a man who was wearing a rough armor. Most probably, he’s someone who had accepted the quest before us.


「Ah, hello. I’m the bodyguard Misasagi. She’s my comrade Toel. Nice to meet you」


For the meantime, I greeted him. The man was crossing his hands still, while closing his eyes with his back on a tree.


「I’m the bodyguard Albert. You can call me Al」


I checked the status of this man called Al.






【Name】 Albert Lawyer



【Job】Warrior Lv37  Knight Lv17  Heavy Warrior Lv25  Fighter Lv21


【Title】〈Adventurer〉〈Protector of the Group〉〈Single Mass Murderer〉〈Seasoned Warrior〉.etc






What’s this, amazing. He has four jobs, and a job that is near level 40. On top of that, he’s still 28. Even so, he had gotten〈Seasoned Warrior〉.


Eh, .etc? It looks like the number of titles that are shown are limited.


Most probably, it’s the same with jobs. He also has a title that I also have. He had probably done so much effort. If I don’t use quote, I might not win.


After that, three parties of adventurers came after us. With this, the guards are all here. We decided where we would be in charge, and we departed to the neighbor town while guarding the surroundings of the caravan.


This guard mission would be passing through roads all the way, so it looks like the danger of encountering monsters is low. But even so, the reason why they still hire adventurer guards, is because bands of thieves appears. To defend against them which can be said as more troublesome than monsters, merchants would hire adventurers like us. The price would be quite expensive, but it would be better rather than losing their lives.


Until the neighboring town, it looks like it would take two days. I’m taking a lookout on the surroundings with Toel. Well, I have〈Hostility Sensing〉, so I should be able to figure out if there are thieves immediately. Toel also, is it the characteristics of sky foxes, she has sharper senses than humans, so when she hears some kind of sound, her ears and tail would react.


We are guarding with other adventurers, but Al-san who is by himself, was walking silently without talking to anyone.


After a while after we departed, a man who seems to be a magician started to talk.


「We’re going to be comrades for this short while, so, do you want to introduce yourselves a little〜?」


Somehow, it feels a little distracting, but I thought it would be better to introduce ourselves, so I nodded. Following, the woman in the man’s party started speaking.


「Then, me first. I’m Natalie. My age is 26, and my main job is Fighter. Its level is 23」


From here, the introduction of adventurers started with an order. Everyone says their name, age, and jobs shortly. The introduction continues clockwise, and my turn finally came.


「Ah, hello. I’m called Misasagi. My job is Traveler, level 5」


After my introduction had finished, some of the adventurers laughed. Within them, there’s even who are laughing off their asses. Well! I’m a Traveler after all. I mean, I should fake my job to a different one. Something like a Warrior, or a Fencer……


Next, Toel’s introduction ended normally. It’s just, a few of the men had stared at Toel for a long time so I glared at them. But, I was glared at instead. Ahh, the recognition that I’m a small fry had spread.


n? Only Al-san looked at me dubiously. Eh, why? It’s scary you know……


The introduction ended, and the first day of guarding ended without anything happening. Well, well, when I thought of sleeping, a few adventurers told me to be on a lookout. Well, I’ll hold it on for now. However, if they cross the line more than this, I’ll think about a countermeasure. I thought of that, and accepted being on the lookout. She should’ve just slept, but Toel also followed, and the two of us got on the lookout for the whole night.


The second day also passed without problems, and when the sun was about to set, we could see the town from afar. It is plains that one could see very well, so the time that we would arrive there, is about three hours huh. We’re moving at the same speed as the movement of the caravan, so it’s frustrating that we can’t run and go.


The ones who noticed the change, was the party guarding the front side.


「The heck, what’s that?」

「Oi, that large army, it’s going towards Geena!」


Geena is the name of our destination. Something at large numbers moves in the darkening plains, and are moving straight to the town of Geena.




【〈Binoculars : Auto Adjust〉has been quoted】




I quoted binoculars that automatically adjusts the pint, and checks the identity of the large army. When I took a peek on the lens, there was an undead army overflowing there. Uwa! Disgusting. A rotten corpse is moving. Is that a zombie. Seeing it in reality, is quite hard huh.




【Skill〈Far Seeing〉has been acquired】




Taking a look, there’s even three hundred of them. Last time, it’s a huge army of orcs, and this time it’s a huge army of undead. Even though they’re the same armies, honestly, the orcs would be better still.


I don’t want to fight against zombies, but, there’s something strange floating within the army. Are those ghosts? Wouldn’t physical attacks not affect them? When I was thinking of that, a voice out of nowhere came.


『Well, it would be impossible to punch spirits that don’t have bodies you know. But, there’s also other adventurers so wouldn’t it be alright? There’s also things that can be quoted from the books that are effective against ghosts too 』


Ignoring Kami-sama’s words, I got convinced. Ahh, that’s right. I’m not alone this time. Then, three hundred is no problem……huh?


In the end, within the fifteen adventurers, eight of them would be fighting against the undead. This was decided with volunteering. When I said that I would go, some of them got surprised but I ignored them. Toel also cheerfully volunteered. Other than us, Al-san, and the woman who introduced herself first called Natalie also volunteered. The remaining seven would be staying here with the caravan.


Hmm, killing three hundred with eight people. Normally, isn’t it impossible? I thought of that and asked Toel, and according to her, low-class undead isn’t that strong, so if there are a few magicians with decent levels, it isn’t impossible.


Each one prepared their weapons. I also took out an iron sword that is mass produced in this world. Actually, guns and bombs would be better, but thinking of the eyes of the surroundings, I can’t use them. Also, I who should’ve been a Traveler, if I started using skills and titles and killed a lot, wouldn’t they get dubious.


So there, I thought of a certain plan, and discussed it with Toel secretly. I couldn’t help myself but grin with a dark smile.


「What an interesting idea. I will also happily cooperate!」


It looks like she likes it too.


「Un, that’d be helpful. Well then, leave the timing to me okay」


Running with fast speed while talking like this, when we noticed it, we’ve already reached the rear of the undead army. I could see walking corpses, skeletons, and spirits very closely. They look eerie so I want to defeat them quickly.


When there were only twenty meters of distance from the undead army, Al-san who was in the vanguard leaped, and jumped into the flock. The other adventurers also followed to that.


Toel and I also jumped, but our aim is a little bit different.










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