Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – First Quest Complete




The few days of staying in the village, was very fruitful for me. The reason why I say that is, it was because I had spent the time checking abilities and skills.


Especially by using〈Electrical Discharge〉and〈Ignition〉, I found out a lot of things. I was sure that it was for controlling electricity and flames shoot it out, but actually, it was completely different.


After activating〈Electrical Discharge〉, electricity flows through my own body. If I touch anything in this state, I was able to discharge electricity, but it isn’t as strong as static electricity. 〈Ignition〉on the other hand, I was able to release flames to the place I wanted, but only has the maximum range of one meter.


Both of them are so weak that they cannot be used in battle. However, after using them for a while, I found out that it’s possible to control the amount they are released.


It’s only my feeling, but their strength when they are released to their limit, it seems like they can be strengthened tens of times compared to normal. If the amount they are released could be increased this much, the way I look would also change.


If it’s〈Electical Discharge〉, my whole body would shine brightly, and with〈Ignition〉, my body would be engulfed in flames. Of course, I am not affected when I’m using them. With this, they could probably be used in battles.


And experimenting and trying just like that, our stay in Karad Village has been three days.


On that morning, I left for the guild. Together with Toel.


Eh, are you asking why Toel’s coming?


About that, the time would roll back from when we arrived at Karad Village……


「No! I want to go with Misasagi-san!」


When I asked the village chief to take care of the girls, Toel shouted.


Listening to what she says, it looks like she wants to follow me on my travels. I don’t really mind it, but when I asked her to be sure……


「I have the gratitude for saving me at that time, and looking how Misasagi-san fights, there was a charm that attracts me. I want to see that by your side」


On some circumstances, I told her that it might become a dangerous journey, but she wouldn’t listen.


「It’s alright, I am going to be stronger from now on. I will not be on the way of Misasagi-san. Also, Misasagi-san would save me if I were in a pinch」


She really trusts me huh. I didn’t think that she would think of me that much. But, if she says that much, there isn’t a reason to refuse so that’s what happened right now.


「We’re about to reach the town of Reno. Even so, this ride is amazing. It would move even thought there isn’t a horse, and very fast too……」


Reno, is the town where I took my first quest. I thought that we’re going to be traveling together for a long time, so I told Toel a little bit about my unique skill. Of course, I didn’t tell her about Kami-sama or about reincarnating.


Armored car, as I’ve thought, is very fast unlike walking. Also, I have〈Killing Driving Technique〉, so I can also use it in battles. What a useful ability.


However, we would probably stand out like this, so I decided to go out from the armored car when we’re near the town.


After entering the town, we immediately went to the guild. I asked Toel while we’re walking, and it looks like there are guilds in towns that are large enough.


In the guild counter, just like before, Dog Ear-san was sitting there. I talked to her with Toel.


「Uhmm, excuse me. I have received the order of『Orc Subjugation』……」


「Ah, the person from before……is she your comrade? How was the quest」


「She is my new comrade. She’s called Toel. Orc was, well, they were decently strong」


Hearing my answer, the Dog Ears-san was surprised. After all, I’m a Traveler Lv3.


「Well then, please pass your hand through this rock. With this, we can find out the number of orcs you subjugated」


Ah, this is bad. Very, very bad. However, it would be strange to hesitate here, so I reluctantly passed my arm.




The Dog Ears-san was surprised and petrified. Well, she couldn’t be blamed. I also don’t know the specific number, but I killed at least 200 of them.


「Well〜, coincidently, there was an orc horde under the valley, so I did a little trick to make rocks fall down. With that, I probably almost exterminated them. Well, I was lucky〜」


I said my excuse while laughing, but the Dog Ears-san seems to be not believing it.


「T-The result of calculating, the reward for this quest if 284 silver coins. We can also exchange it for gold, do you want to?」


She asked with a little bit stiff smile. Even so, that’s quite an amount. With this, I can buy most of the things I want.


「Yes, please do」


The Dog Ears-san left to the back of the guild once, and brought a few gold coins and a lot of silver coins. When I received the reward, for some reason, the way the people around us look was strange, so I left the guild in a hurry.


「That’s amazing. For me, it’s the first time I saw a gold coin!」


Toel looked at me with sparkling eyes. Uu, how pure her eyes are. They too bright that I can’t look at them straight.


While thinking of that, I felt a weird presence from behind. That’s right, a presence that isn’t that good.




【Skill〈Hostility Sensing〉has been acquired】




It’s like that after all huh. I immediately activated it. The hostility was a total of seven .


This is quite, a lot of them huh……


「Toel, it seems like someone is following us, move a little bit faster」


「Eh! ……I understood」


Toel got surprised for an instant, but immediately understood. The way that troubles keep on coming just like this, that’s what an adventurer is huh. I pulled Toel’s hand and ran to the back alley. Ah, the back alley again. Killing time flag has been erected huh.


As expected, people who don’t seem nice entered the back alley. However, there were only five of them. It seems like the remaining two comes from behind us.


「Yo, brother. Having a cute girl with you, and a lot of money huh. Share it with us bro〜」


Did I get trouble a lot before? It’s the second time in this town you know.


Ah, I forgot to give Toel a weapon.


But well, saying that, I’m planning to kill all of them so it would be probably better if she holds a weapon to defend herself.


I should give her one after this battle.


While thinking of that without hurrying, I decided on how to kill them.




【Skill〈Throwing〉〈Fast Shooting〉〈One Shot Kill〉has been activated】




I tool out two needles from the magic bag, and threw it to the two who were hiding behind the building. With the speed that it couldn’t be seen visually, it pierces through the throat of the two men, and goes through their neck. The two men collapsed without being able to raise their voices. At this time, everyone other than me got surprised. Toel also looked at me with surprise.


Using the good opening, I held the cheat book.




【〈Shotgun with Silencer : Unlimited Bullets〉has been quoted】




I quoted a gun with a silencer just like before. However, this time, the bullets are unlimited.


I pulled the trigger while aiming at the man who was standing the nearest. Fire blows out from the muzzle, and blows out the man.


Without pausing, I slid the grip, placing a new bullet. I shot while chasing towards the men who tried to escape. My aim was a little bit off, but pellets hit the shoulder of one of them.


This time, I shot while taking distance. The pellets spread, and hit the feet of the remaining three. I shot the head of the one pressing his shoulder, and executed the remaining orderly.


Just like that, the sudden attack ended quite quickly.


I tapped my shoulder with the shotgun, and let out a sigh of relief.


「I’m sorry, I let you see something like this」


It was a sudden development, so I apologized to Toel.


「I’m alright. I’m also an adventurer after all」


Ohh, amazing. Normally, if someone sees a massacre in front of them, they would feel bad though.


Taking out the things that can be used from the corpse, we left the back alley. Ah, I should give Toel a weapon.


「Hey, Toel. I’m thinking of giving you a weapon, what kind do you like to have?」


「A weapon? If possible, I want a sword」


Come to think of it, Toel has the fencer job huh. Well then, what should I quote.




【〈Sylvanian Rapier(Rapier of the Land of the Forests〉has been quoted】




I took out a deep green colored rapier from the cheat book. The effect of this rapier, is to increase the movement speed of the user, and strengthens wind attributed attacks. I chose it for Toel who had the blood of elves. n? Toel looked down and got petrified. Did I do something bad?


「What happened?」


「This……is this really……」


Toel’s shoulders trembled. Ahh, this is bad. I might’ve made her cry.


「Is this really, is this splendid sword really for me?!」


「Eh?! ……yeah, it’s for you of course. I took it out for that after all」


「T-Thank you very much! I’m very happy!」


It looks like, she was moved. I didn’t think, that she would be this happy.


Reading the explanation of the rapier on the book, it’s a rapier that is used by an elf a long time ago. On top of that, that elf is one of the members of a brave party. That’s amazing huh. But, it seems like this rapier chooses its wielder, and only the chosen ones can use the true power of this rapier. How can I say this, this weapon is for the brave.


After that, we spent the day shopping and gathering information, and took a quite expensive room for our inn. Tomorrow, what kind of quest should I take. I traveled to my dreams while thinking of that.


……I planned to at least.


「Hey〜, Misasagi-kun. Your killing life, it’s quite good as usual. Good job!」


This thing that says that while doing a thumbs up, is no other than Kami-sama. Should I hit her already? I think that she would be sued if this was Japan. Trespassing is a crime.


「No, no, I’m a god you know. You can’t tie me with the rules of humans」


Kami-sama said that with a proud face, and jumped on the bed. I mean, how could Toel not wake up with this. Is she the type that wouldn’t wake up after she sleeps.


「And so, what do you want?」


「Mu〜, the way you talk to a god is too cheeky〜. Well, whatever. Uhmm, Misasagi-kun, a while before, you collected the book from the fortress right? I made you collect that since you found it coincidentally, but I want you to continue to travel to a lot of places. Finding the〈Book of God〉, you can treat it as a side of your different world tour.……after all, you can’t go against fate」


The number of〈Book of God〉that fell to this world is numerous, and it is unknown where they are. If that is so, she’s saying that I should travel freely around the world, and collect it if I see them.


It’s a somehow vague plan, but I have nothing to lose, and it’s quite lucky for someone who had died once. Well, I should say thankful words to Kami-sama and just enjoy my life in this world.











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