Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Residents Within Books




He〜, that’s the boss huh……


Ahead of opening the door, it was a large hall.


In the center, there’s a huge orc with a different color up until now, and three ogres that seem to be its subordinate; in the corner of the room, there was a cage where women are being captured.


The orc with a different color, it was holding a book. That’s the〈Book of God〉huh.


I, stared at the orc and ogres.






【Race】 Orc Lv28

【Title】 〈Resident Within Books〉〈Homologous Gatherer〉〈King of the Race〉〈The One Who Controls Other Races〉








【Race】 Ogre Lv17

【Title】 〈Slave of the Pig King〉〈Servant of the Pig King〉






When I checked the status of the enemy, unexpectedly, they had titles. Well, demi-humans and demons(魔族) also have them, so you can say its natural huh.


Orc King, that is what you call the orc that has the title of the〈King of the Race〉. Normal orcs have the image of pigs, but this Orc King looks like a boar.


Its height of about two meters and red body hair, it’s true that it has the air of a king.


Because it has the title〈Resident Within Books〉, does it mean that its a monster born from〈Book of God〉.


On the other hand, it seems like the ogres were ones who were in this forest. However, as their titles say, it seems like they’re slaves of the Orc King.


And when I was observing like that, one of the ogres suddenly started to attack.




【Title〈No Weapons〉has been activated】


【Skill〈Self-taught Hand-to-hand Techniques〉 has been activated】


Grabbing the huge fist that was closing in, I twisted it with full power. A dry sound echo, the ogre screams. It’s noisy so I pushed in the shotgun I had prepared to the ogre’s mouth and shot it.




【Skill〈Zero-distance Shoot〉has been acquired】




Since the shotgun that I quoted this time uses slug bullets, the ogre’s head had a huge circular hole. I removed my hand from the corpse, and readied the gun. I shot towards the Orc King, but it jumped to the side, dodging it. It has quite good dodging abilities huh, I underestimated it thinking it was only an orc.


This time the two ogres simultaneously attacked. Because the shotgun was a double-barrel one, there are no more bullets so I can’t shoot anymore. I threw away the gun, and retaliated with bare hands. Two clubs swing towards me. I guarded against that by crossing my hands. One of the clubs broke into two.  


〈Body of God〉has different kinds of effects. Excellent physical abilities and eye that makes one see the status are very useful, and I use it frequently. On the other hand, there’s also a strong but hard to use ability. For example, the ability of this arm.


With this arm, it can block weapon attacks and destroy weapons with a certain chance, nullifying the attack. Its has no use for certain weapons, on top of that, it looks like it wouldn’t activate because my level is low. When I had just come to this world, the reason why the ogre’s club broke, is because of this ability. At that time, I thought that my body was simply hard but it looks like I was wrong. The inconvenient part is, “with a certain chance”……


Un, my arm broke. It is currently bent towards a weird direction. Here I thought that the two clubs would neatly break.


My arm was broken by the club that didn’t break, and it was swung down again when I was taken aback. I turned the cheat book towards the club while enduring the pain, and shot a large sword. As a result, the ogre was cut into two together with its club.


This time, I shot tens of spears towards the ogre that lost its weapon. These are weapons I stole from the orcs. The ogre became like a hedgehog and collapsed.


I received damage, but with this, only the Orc King remains. Anyways, my arm hurts. I can’t fight with this, so I need to heal my injured arm.


From the magic bag, I grabbed a bottle that has a light-green liquid inside.


I drank down this elixir that I had quoted from the start. The distinctive bitterness and astringency penetrate my body. And after that, my broken arm had returned to normal. It had an amazing effect.


The dragons that reigns on the top of the ecosystem of this world. They who have high intelligence, with their unique technology, they possessed numerous items that exceed human wisdom.  


And one of those is the「Elixir of the Dragon Race」. If consumed by a human, it is said that it could heal all kinds of disease and injury, and it is being divinized as the elixir of immortality from the ancient times.


In fact, there were no records of it being released on the market within the long history, and it is said that there was also times where monsters flooded. It seems like the only one who can receive the elixir is one who has deep ties with dragons. If these are facts, the value of the elixir would exceed one’s imagination. With only a few drops, its monetary value would go through the roof.




【Skill〈Regeneration〉has been acquired】




Ohh, because of using an elixir, I gained a skill. I think that〈Regeneration〉will be very useful, so I will activate it all the time.


My arm has been cured, so I looked towards the Orc King. It looks like the Orc King was observing me with composure.


It’s so composed although it’s only an orc. For testing, I shot a rock towards it, but it easily blocked it with the spear it had. Hmm, how should I fight. Oh, where’s the Orc King……. An instant after that, I felt a pain in my chest.




The Orc King was right in front of me. And, it is deeply stabbing my chest with its spear.




I can’t breathe. There might a hole in my lungs.


I instinctively took out the sub-machine gun, and tried to shoot the Orc King.


However, the Orc King already disappeared from there.


I was stabbed from the back this time. I can see the spear going out of my chest.


The Orc King swings its spear, throwing me away while being stabbed. I hit the wall with huge speed, and a hole opened on the wall. I was instantly cornered to the death, but because of the natural regeneration ability and the skill〈Regeneration〉, I was healed.


「Fuu, this pisses me off」


A lowly boar kicking my ass, there’s no way that I can endure it. I decided to do it seriously.


I crawled out of the mountain of rubbles, and held the cheat book.




【Title〈Matchless Warrior〉〈Bringer of Destruction〉has been activated】


【Skill〈Smash〉〈Charge〉〈Sprint〉has been activated】


【〈Bloody Vampire(Blood-sucking Sword)〉〈Life Stopper(Cursed Blade)〉has been quoted】


Activating the titles and skills needed, I charged towards the target after quoting two swords. The Orc King tries to stab, but this time, I can easily see the path of the spear. I lightly leaned my body and dodged it.




【Skill〈Insight Eye〉〈Learning〉has been acquired】




I used the〈Insight Eye〉that I had just gained, and stabbed the two swords that I am holding to the opening created by the Orc King.




【Skill〈Dual Wield〉has been acquired】




The aim misses a little bit, and the blades of the sword only scratched the orc’s body.


Well, scratching is already enough though.


The two swords that I quoted, they had their unique name. Normal equipments like bronze sword or leather armor, they don’t have a special name for them, but some weapons have names. And all of them certainly have some abilities. Normally, there is no way that numerous weapon with the same unique name would exist, but my quotation is probably an exception.


「Bloody Vampire」sucks the blood of the enemy it cuts, increasing its sharpness.


「Life Stopper」randomly destroys one of an internal body function of the enemy it cuts. However, it has a flaw, while using it, it would substantially reduce the user’s defensive abilities. This is the effect of the curse of「Life Stopper」. By the way, all of this information is written in the book. As I’ve thought, I should really read books.


Well, in short, with the swords that I possess, one of them makes the opponent lose its blood if it was continuously stabbed, and the other one has the possibility of dying with only being scratched by it.


The face colors of the Orc King stabbed by this sword looks very bad, and blood was coming out of its mouth. Ohh, it still looks quite good. Then, shall we start murdering it.


Once again, I slashed towards the Orc King. While having a hard time, it was able to barely dodge a direct hit. However, is it anemic, its originally red color gradually becomes blue, and started to bleed from its ears.


It was stabbed by the two swords once again.




【Skill〈Piercing〉has been acquired】




This time, the Orc King’s shoulder was stabbed. I thought that it would die with this, but the Orc King retaliated. Well, it’s an attack that lost its speed compared from earlier so I easily dodged it. After jumping back, I slashed towards the Orc King.




【Skill〈Hit and Away〉has been acquired】




Blood spray dances, and the Orc King collapsed while holding its chest. It was breathing painfully, but finally stopped. It looks like, with the attack earlier, the movement of the lungs was destroyed. And with that, it was unable to breathe no longer huh. What a disappointing death.




【Title〈Genocider〉〈Base Suppressor〉〈Step of Genocide(One Step Towards the Extinction of a Race〉has been acquired】




I picked up the book from the Orc King’s Corpse. It had exactly the same appearance with my cheat book.


『Ohh, that’s it, Misasagi-kun. You did a great job』


Why don’t you come here this time, Kami-sama?


『Because, there are prisoner girls nearby you know. They would get surprised if I suddenly appeared right?』


Well, that’s a very correct opinion. And then, how will I give you this book?


『Uhmm, the〈Book of God〉, if it was absorbed by your〈Insatiable Ludicrous Book of All Creation〉, I made it that it would be sent to me, so you can absorb it alright〜』


Is that so, that’s very simple huh. I absorbed the〈Book of God〉with the cheat book.




Collection of the〈Book of God〉has been confirmed


The conditions have been met, so the Different World Wanderer changes to Lv 1




The following effects would occur




Absorption of the acquired experience points


Strengthening of physical abilities


Strengthening of Unique Skills




With the strengthening of the Unique Skills


〈Body of God〉, a new ability〈Status Detailed Display〉has been added




With the strengthening of the Unique Skills  


〈Insatiable Ludicrous Book of All Creation〉, a new ability〈Correction〉has been added




Messages came out with very fast speed.


It was so sudden that I can’t understand what it means.


『Since Misasagi-kun collected the〈Book of God〉, bonus had appeared. Good for you right!!』


I could see inside my mind Kami-sama making a decisive pose.


Well, about the message right now, I should properly confirm it with Kami-sama. For a while, I received an explanation for the messages.


First, about the absorption of acquired experience points. Because the Different World Wanderer was level 0 ever since, it looks like I didn’t receive experience points. From now on, she said that could level up by defeating enemies.


Next, about the strengthening of the unique skills. 〈Status Detailed Display〉explains it by its name.


The other added ability〈Correction〉, honestly speaking, it was cheating. This is something that adds an ability that I want to the thing that I quoted. It’s hard to explain with words, so I would try it for real.


It’s dangerous doing it near the prisoner girls, so I moved to a different room first. And when I quoted to take out a knife, I imagined flames.




【〈Knife : Fiery Flames〉has been quoted】




There was no change of appearance with the knife I quoted. However, flames came out when I lightly swung it. This is amazing. A simple knife can become a strong weapon. The only flaw is that, the things I quoted with this ability would disappear after five minutes. But if you think of it on the other way, you can say that it could be used all you want within five minutes though. Of course, quoting just like before is still possible.


I had confirmed the abilities, so I went to the room where the girls are once again.




◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇






When I returned to the room, for some reason, the girls were quite terrified.


Well, for the meantime, I should free them out of the prison cell. I tried to destroy the huge lock that locks the prison. But, it seems like it was casted with magic, so it wouldn’t break that easy. It became troublesome so I decided to destroy the prison itself.


I placed my arms between the iron bars, and pulled sidewards using my arm strength. Ohh! It’s unexpectedly hard. It was releasing sounds that it would break, but the iron bars wouldn’t bend.




【Title〈No Weapons〉has been activated】




Well, if I use titles, that should do right. I activated〈No Weapons〉that has the effect of increasing strength when barehanded, and used more strength on my arms, This time, it easily bent. No, the part where I was holding it was torn off.




【Skill〈Monstrous Strength〉has been acquired】




I threw away the iron bar that I held, and called out towards the prison cell.


「Are you alright, I have come to save you」


Well, saying this myself, what are these lines. Can’t I say things that are a little bit better. I was thinking of that, but for some reason, the girls started to make a fuss.


「You monster! Don’t come near us!」

「You’re going to eat us huh?!」


What a cruel thing they would say. Saying that much, I’ll also get hurt you know…… I wonder why……ah, because of this appearance huh.


Right now, my appearance is ghillie suits and my face has a gas mask. On top of that, I destroyed the prison cell with bare hands. Un, that’s a monster alright. I took off the hood of the ghillie suits, and took off the gas mask. The girls looked towards me and got surprised.


「Sorry, I surprised you. I’m Misasagi who came to subjugate orcs for a quest from the guild」


When I said that while smiling pleasantly, it looks like the girls finally felt relieved. I asked them what happened up until now.


Summarizing all of their story, yesterday, they were staying in a certain village, and they were coincidentally attacked there by orcs, and were captured.


After hearing the story from the girls, I explored the insides of the fortress, and found a room where the stolen things are stored. There were quite some items that were placed there, weapons and armors, a huge sum of currency, and a lot of other things.


As I’ve thought, those orcs were strong huh. For me, they were weak though. Of course, I placed all of them inside the cheat book without leaving anything.




When I passed by the room the Orc King was, I felt that I saw something that lit. When I entered the room, the surroundings of the Orc King was shining.


And what dropped there was one spear.


It’s the one that the Orc King was using.


Isn’t this spear that easily pierced through the〈Body of God〉very strong?


For testing, I held it with my hands.




【Skill〈Squall〉has been acquired】




For some reason, I gained a skill just by holding the spear.


That orc’s speed, was it also because of this skill?


I stored the spear inside the cheat book.


As much as possible, I didn’t want to let anybody see my ability, so I let the girls stand by outside the fortress. There were also adventurers within them, so they should be alright even if monsters come. After I had explored the fortress for a while, I went outside.


……the girls were surrounded by five ogres. I might have underestimated this forest too much.


Right away, I should test my new abilities huh. Ogres are quite good testing materials huh. I couldn’t help myself but grin.


『As I’ve thought, Misasagi-kun is very scary〜. *BuruBuruBuru*……』


Kami-sama, shut up. Ah, the adventurer girl was doing her best. I should exterminate them quickly huh.


〈Correction〉is the newly added ability for the things that are quoted. However, there is only one ability that comes from〈Correction〉with each thing that are quoted. On top of that, starting from the time limit, there are other restrictions, but even if that is deducted, I think that it is still a very strong ability.




【〈Metal Bat : Electro Static Charge〉has been quoted】


【Title〈Hard Hitter〉has been activated】


【Skill〈Squall〉has been activated】


*BachiBachi*, I quoted a metal bat that echoes electricity. On top of that, I strengthened the destruction powers using a title, and attacked one of the ogres that were attacking the adventurer.


Ohh, my body is so light. This is the effect of〈Squall〉huh. I feel like if〈Charge〉and〈Sprint〉were used at the same time, there would be quite a huge effect.


So that the ogre wouldn’t explode, I swung down the metal bat while holding back. The instant the bat touched the ogre, a strong electricity flowed and the ogre started to convulse. My vision couldn’t see well because of the blinding light, and the smell of flesh being burned stimulates my nose.




【Skill〈Electrical Discharge〉has been acquired】




The huge body with its eyes turning white collapsed.


I had held back quite well, but it was still defeated with one shot huh.


I changed my posture, and moved my consciousness towards the next target.




【〈Bloody Vampire : Fiery Flames〉has been quoted】


【Skill〈Piercing〉has been activated】


The「Bloody Vampire」that also did a great job with the fight with the Orc King stabs the ogre. It went into flames from the place it was stabbed, at the same time, the blood of the ogre was absorbed.




【Skill〈Blood Sucking〉〈Ignition〉has been acquired】




The ogre thinned with a blink of an eye, and finally its body burned down.


The test was a success. This new ability can be used quite well. I found out about it, so I don’t have any interest on the remaining ogres.




【〈Hand gun : Explosive〉has been quoted】


【Skill〈Snipe〉〈One Shot Kill〉〈Fast Shooting〉has been activated】




With the movements that I’m finally used to, I deleted three lives with three bullets, and put away the gun.


The girls looked at me petrified.


It was very easy so I used a little of my abilities, but as I’ve thought, is this kind of fight abnormal.


「Well then, let’s leave this forest first. If we continue to stay here, ogres might come again after all」


The atmosphere became weird, so when I tried to call out with a bright voice, the girls looked at each other’s faces, but they followed me.


n? For some reason, one of them, there’s a girl that was staring at me with sparkling eyes. If I’m correct, that girl is an adventurer. Well, it’s not something I should be thinking of right now.


From there, without encountering monsters, we were able to move up to the roads after a few hours. After this, I’m thinking of going to the village I passed by for this quest, I’m thinking of going to the Kard Village. I’m thinking of asking help for the girls in that village if possible. The girls right now, after all, they almost don’t have anything.


While resting once in a while, we had continuously walked, but the sunset is quite near, so I thought of making a camp for today. Within the girls, there was one who could use barrier techniques, so I asked her to place the type that can be activated for a long time. The appearance of the barrier was like a glass with a light color. To be sure, I guarded the surroundings without sleeping.


……after a few hours of guarding the surroundings, did I became used to it, I could hear the sounds in the surroundings very well. The sound of the wind, the cries of small insects, I could hear them.


I closed my eyes and sharpened my ears, and on top of that, I sharpened my nerves.




【Skill〈Mental Concentration〉has been acquired】




Suddenly, from the grass ahead, I heard the sound of the grass moving. I instinctively readied my gun. What came out from there was one rabbit. I let out a huge sigh, and when I was being relieved like that, the rabbit once again disappeared into the grass.




This time, I heard a voice from behind. When I turned back, it was the girl who looked at me with sparkling eyes earlier.


「n, what is it? It’s still early in the morning, you can continue to sleep」


「No, it’s just, my eyes are already clear. If it not a nuisance, can I stay on your side?」


「Ahh, it’s alright. I’m also quite free」


When I said that, she timidly sits by my side.


Without any particular reasons, I looked at her status.






【Name】Toel Ludiesona


【Race】Elf   Sky Fox (Demi-human)

【Job】Warrior Lv9   Fencer Lv7


【Title】〈Mixed Blood〉〈Adventurer〉






A new column was added in the status.


This is, the effect of the〈Status Detailed Display〉that I newly gained from the〈Body of God〉huh.


This girl whose name is Toel, she doesn’t seem that strong from her level. But, thinking that her race is elf and sky fox, and having the title〈Mixed Blood〉, isn’t her battle strength quite high? I don’t have any evidence, but somehow it feels like that. Also, her age was 18 which is exactly how she looks.


Thank goodness that it didn’t show hundreds of years. Because her race is elf, I think that it’s quite possible.


「Misasagi-san, is very strong huh. I was moved looking at the battle against the orcs and ogres. If it’s okay, can you tell me your job?」


「Uhmm, it’s Traveler」


「Eh!……, is it only Traveler?」


「Un, only Traveler. More than that, I’m level 5」


Up until now, I placed it as level 3, but if my level didn’t rise up with the subjugation of orcs, the guild might feel it was weird, so I changed it to be sure. But even so, I thought that it was doubtful that a level 5 Traveler would be able to destroy an orc base, but Toel was honestly impressed.


「You’re that strong with that level, that’s amazing! And also, while fighting, using swords, clubs, and magic weapons, fighting using several weapons, it was very cool!」


It was very lovely of her cheerfully saying it while moving her body. Probably, the magic weapon that Toel was saying was about the gun.


And after that, our conversation went quite well, and in the end, we talked with each other until the sun rose.


On the next morning, after waiting for all of the girls to wake up, we started to move towards Kard Village early in the morning. When I distributed bread and orange juice for breakfast, it looks like they were satisfied. Along the way, they enjoyed conversation with themselves, and by my side, Toel was walking with me.


By the way, explaining Toel’s appearance, her height is about 165 cm. Her bright golden hair extends up to her shoulders, and her eyes that look towards me has a beautiful blue color. She had the characteristics of an elf which are sharp ears, and looking below, a fluffy chestnut colored tail was swaying. Sky Fox is a race of a fox beast man, so because she had the blood that comes from elf and sky fox, it seems like the characteristics of both appeared on her appearance.


In conclusion, Toel was a beauty. One that had the prefix of super. However, does the person itself not aware of it, she was looking at me while smiling innocently.




One can simply enjoy a conversation with this kind of girl right.


Traveling with a peaceful atmosphere, might be great once in awhile.


And when we were having a conversation like that, we finally reached the Kard Village. For the meantime, I’m thinking of staying here for a few days then return to the guild.










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