Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Unchanging Hobby



「U〜n, it’s too raw and bloody, something like this should be cleared quickly」


I mass produced corpses in the back alley.


Well, they’re all thieves though. Killing people without reason is out of the question, but this time’s killing is self-defense. If you’re surrounded by men with weapons, it can’t be helped if you counter-attacked right.


Even I don’t like fruitless killing.


While looking at the pitiful ends of the thieves, I shrugged my shoulder.



【Skill 〈Shooting Spree〉〈Head Shot〉 has been acquired】



Ohh, I gained skills. It looks like the cause was using the sub-machine gun in the consecutive fights. The skills were like this.



【Skill〈Shooting Spree〉】

Increases shooting range. Lethality increased when not using a scope



【Skill〈Head Shot〉】

Increases the accuracy for head sniping. When hitting the target’s head, destruction increased



It looks like both of them can be activated by will during fights. I think that I’m going to use guns from now on so it’s very nice. To the thieves that gave me this much gains, it might be better if I give them a great gratitude. I suddenly thought of something here, so I removed the fabrication on my status and checked it.





【Name】 陵 陵〈Misasagi Ryou〉

【Job】 Different World Wanderer Lv 0

【Age】 17

【Unique Skill】〈Body of God〉〈Insatiable Ludicrous Book of All Creation〉〈Quotation that Creates Out of Nothing〉

【Acquired Skill】 〈Shooting Spree〉〈Head Shot〉

【Title】〈Single Mass Murderer〉〈Convictor〉





My status right now, first, my level didn’t go up.


To think that it’s still level 0 after killing about ten thieves.


I think that it’s okay even if it goes up by one level.


Are you saying that it needs that enormous experience points.


Also, Unique Skill and Acquired Skill, looks like they’re different things. Well, nothing changes even if I knew that so it’s okay if I won’t think about it huh.


I fabricated my status again, and this time for real, I explored the town.


First, the bookstore. The bookstore is first. It’s important so I said it twice. While reading the book that I bought at once in my past life, I searched for a store like that.


When I bought it in my past life, I died soon after buying it after all. It’s very nice that I can continue to read it like this.


While walking here and there, I saw a store that is showing a lot of books, so I entered immediately. It’s dark and dim inside the store, and quiet compared outside. When I was looking around the store, the grandma who was in the back of the store talked to me.


「Welcome. Are you searching for a book?」

「No, maybe there’s an interesting book〜, I thought」

「If that is so, how about this?」


The grandma who said that, took out four books from the bookshelf. When I received those, she explained the contents one by one.


「This book is an illustrated reference book for weapons. It’s convenient when you’re shopping in the middle of traveling. This one’s an alchemy book, and this one’s a herb’s formulation table. And this one’s a magic……」


I interrupted the grandma’s words and declared.


「I’ll buy all of them」

「Eh! Are you sure? To think that someone like you, would buy this many books……」


Because I decided to buy it immediately, the grandma was very surprised. In this world, maybe young people don’t read books. Anyways, whatever book it is, it isn’t a loss absorbing it with the Cheat Book.


And alchemy and magic, I want to read books with fantasy elements after all.


「Well then, the price is 4 silver coins and 45 copper coins. It’s a service since you’re going to buy many at once」


「Ah, please wait. Can I look at other books?」

「Eh?!……fine already. You can look as much as you want」


While being surprised again, the grandma immediately acknowledged. The money that I have right now, there’s plenty of the ones that I stole from the thieves, it’s 2 gold coins, there’re 27 silver coins, and there’re even 81 copper coins. However, I don’t really know how much their value is though.


When I was looking at the books on the bookshelf, I found some that I got interested too.


In the blue binding of the book where「Glory of the Successive Braves」are written, written inside it was as the title said, the success of the Braves. The equipments of the Successive Braves are also recorded.


ーーit’s okay right? If I placed this into the Cheat Book, I can use the equipments of the Successive Braves right.


I bought this book without hesitation. The next book I took was「Regional Monster Illustration Reference」. This one also has the contents as the title says. I have poor knowledge about the information of this world’s enemy, so it would be really helping.


After wondering for so long, I bought 20 books in total.……I bought too much huh. When I was checking my remaining money while paying, the grandma who was worried to my too many baggages, recommended my the item「Magic Bag」.


This bag, it looks like its capacity is expanded using magic, and I could put 20 books inside it very easily.


I can’t feel the weight that much too, so it might be convenient for moving. Well, I have the Cheat Book so I don’t need it, but in terms of how I look, it might be better to have it. Something like taking out things from a book, what kind of magician are you.


In the end, the total price was, 28 silver coins and 51 copper coins. I think that it’s a huge sum, but I’m not regretting it at all. Instead, I even wanted to buy more. By the way, I asked the grandma the value of money.


It looks like 100 copper coins have the same value with 1 silver coin, and 100 silver coins are equivalent to 1 gold coin. She said that there’re other kinds of currency other than this.


After leaving the bookstore, I took out the books that I just bought from the magic bag, and materialized the Cheat Book. The Cheat Book is treated as my ability, so I can let it out and make it disappear just by invoking. It seems like I’ve been invoking a lot of things since I came to this world. Anyways, I made the Cheat Book absorb all the 20 books. To the scene that 20 books were absorbed in an instant, even I was surprised.


Resuming shopping, I read the book that I just bought while walking, but I was shocked by the contents written there.


That was because, this is written in the first part of the「Glory of the Successive Braves」.



Inside sacred equipments of the Braves, dwells the divine blessings of the gods

so it can only be equipped by the chosen ones



……that’s a lie!! Please tell me that’s a lie!! Isn’t this too much!!


『You want me to say it’s a lie? ……too bad! It’s true〜』


I ignored the words of that someone right now.


I thought, that I can use all the legendary weapons of the Braves all I want though〜. It’s very regretful. Well, as a reading material, the「Glory of the Successive Braves」was very interesting, so I don’t feel dissatisfied that much.


After that, I found some stores, but I didn’t find interesting things. I already bought many books earlier so it’s already enough.


When I noticed it, I came to the middle part of the town. This place feels more leisure than other places. n? It looks like people were going in and out in a building that was a little larger than the others. It looks interesting so I also entered it.


Inside the building, it looked like a bar with one glance. Although it was in the afternoon, they were really noisy. There’s a reception near the entrance, and woman who seems to be a clerk was sitting near the window. Ah! That girl has a dog ears in her head. It looks like there’re demi-humans in this world. I was engrossed reading while I was walking in the town so I didn’t notice.


Isn’t this what they call the “Guild”? Let’s ask the Dog Ears-san.


「Uhm, excuse me. What kind of place is this?」

「Are you a rookie? This is the Adventurer’s Guild. There’s a need to register as an adventurer to accept quests, what do you think?」


It was guild after all. It’s an element that you can leave out of a fantasy world after all. And, it looks like you need to register to become an adventurer.


「Ah, please」


When I said that, the Dog Ears-san took out a strangely shaped rock, and it looks like a Sphygmomanometer that you need to put your hand inside.


「Please put your hand inside this. After checking the status, the registration to become an adventurer will be finished」


You’ll place your hand on it after all huh. Let’s finish it quickly. When I put my hand inside, the rock faintly shined blue inside.




The Dog Ears-san was about to say something.


「Is there any problem?」


Don’t tell me that my fabrication was found out.


When I cautiously asked that, the Dog Ears-san answered as if it was hard to say.


「No, it is just common that people who are wanting to become an adventurer have battle related jobs……」


Ahh, I see. My status was still Traveler level 3 after all.


「A Traveler can also register so please don’t worry. Well then, the registration is finished with this」


When the Dog Ears-san whispered something, the blue light got stronger, and gradually got smaller. A-re, is it already finished?


When I was tilting my head, the Dog Ears-san told me while making a pleasant smile.


「It is okay to remove your hand. The adventurer registration is finished」




【Title 〈Adventurer〉 has been acquired】




I gained a title. It looks like the registration was really finished. When I took out my hand and looked at my wrist, there was a blue emblem drawn on it. It looks like a tattoo.


「That emblem, is the proof of an adventurer. If you place a hand on top of that, you can check your status」


Ah, it’s true. When I placed a hand on top of the blue emblem, my own status was shown in my sight.





【Name】 陵 陵〈Misasagi Ryou〉

【Job】 Traveler Lv 3

【Age】 17

【Title】 〈Adventurer〉





Although, it’s the fabricated version.


「Right now, you can already accept a quest, what will you do?」

「Yes, I’ll accept. And then, how can I accept a quest?」


When I asked, the Dog Ears-san indicated the bulletin board beside the window with her hand.


「Please choose a quest from that bulletin board, and take the quest paper that you want to accept here. If you do that, we can process it」

「Ah, is that so. Thank you very much」


After saying thanks to the Dog Ears-san, I immediately looked at the bulletin board. It was filled with paper that has the contents of the quest written on it.


I looked at it from the top.



「Gathering Herbs in the East Forest」

「Escort a Peddler to the Neighbor Town」

「Submit a Magic Beast’s Horn」

「Explore・Report New Labyrinths Found」



……there’s too many. There’s really too many.

I can’t look at all of its contents, so I confirmed it by skimming.

Within there, there’s a paper where red letters were written.

Its contents are the following.



「Orc Subjugation Order」

【Contents】 Subjugate Infesting Orcs

【Rewards】 1 Silver Coin every Subjugated Orc

【Special Notation】 Nothing in particular

【Eligibility for Entry】 Nothing in particular



It says that there was a lot of orcs that infested recently, and there were casualties in the neighboring villages.


In this world, it looks like they regularly subjugate monsters that have increased too much.


By the way, the quest paper where red letters are written has a high priority level, and the rewards are higher than usual.


Orc has weak battle strength individually, it’s a threat to people who doesn’t have jobs related to battle, it seems that it isn’t that much of a strength enemy for adventurers that are strengthened by their skills and jobs. However, the danger increases proportionally to the number of enemies. That is, even if the enemy is weaker.


When I took the paper to Dog Ears-san, she made a sharp expression. When I was being dubious to her strange reaction, she explained it as if it was hard to say.


「It might be rude, but I think that it is difficult to subjugate orcs with your level and job. You might have a chance if the orc is by itself, but they mostly move in groups. If you really want to go, I recommend you to go with a party」


Ahh, subjugating orcs with Traveler and level 3 is reckless huh. Well, this is a fabricated status though.


I knew that Dog Ears-san was worrying about me, and made a wry smile.


「It’s okay. I will go alone. I’ll run away if it gets dangerous」


There’s〈Single Mass Murderer〉in my title. I also don’t want to let others see my other abilities as much as possible, so it’s very convenient moving independently. Also, if I have a gun, I think that I won’t lose to something like an orc. I think that it’s better than my first battle with the ogre at least.


「Is that so…… I will not stop you forcefully, but please be careful to not lose your life and do your best」


Being seen off by Dog Ears-san who was worried until the end, I left the guild.



◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇



「As I’ve thought, I think that the air feels fresh. Is it because there’s plenty of nature」


It looks like the place where orcs came out, was west of the town I’m currently in.


There, it’s a coincidence but it’s the place where I reincarnated.


Well then, the orcs, I’ll make them sacrifices for me to gain skills and titles.


I’m looking forward it right now.


After leaving the town, I immediately moved behind a huge boulder that people would have a hard time to look at.


And after confirming carefully that there’s no one nearby, from the numerous books that the Cheat Book absorbed, I traced the words that I was searching for with my finger.



【〈Armored Car〉has been quoted】



The words inside the book were dyed with red, and an armored car with camouflage tint appeared in front of me. It’s the first time for me to quote something this big, but it succeeded normally. I entered it immediately.


Inside the armored car, it was wide enough for me to ride alone. I think that it’s because of 〈Body of God〉, but I somehow know how to use it. However, the fine driving techniques, it looks like I have to gain it with experience. I made the armored car advance to the west forest with clumsy movements.


……me, who ignored the fantasy view of the world and drive an armored car, maybe I’m someone who can’t read the air that much.



【Title 〈Unstable Driver〉 has been acquired】



Please leave me alone. I’m still underage. While letting out complaints to the mysterious message, I made the armored car run with fast speeds. Oh! I think that it got a little easier driving. Is it the effect of the title? It looks like there’s a bonus even if it’s unstable. And when I was holding the handle just like that after a while, I acquired the〈Drive〉skill.


The peddlers that passed by from time to time, they looked with their eyes popping. There’s even some who had mistaken it with a monster and ran away. Well, it’s true that an armored car would stand out in this world. But even thinking of that, I didn’t mind it that much and smoothly advanced while stepping on the acceleration.


And after three hours after leaving the town, I could see something lined up from far away. When I squinted my eyes to look at it, I found out that it was an orc horde. Their total number is 30. ……it looks like I can buy books again with this time’s reward. Looking at it carefully, I saw a village to where the orcs were advancing to. It looks like they’re going to attack that.


「I wonder if I should just defeat that orc horde」


I checked that there’s no one nearby, went out of the armored car, and contained it in the Cheat Book. And I quoted the things that I needed.



【〈Sniper Rifle〉〈Motorcycle〉〈Metal Bat〉has been quoted】



I placed the motorcycle and the metal bat in the side, held the sniper rifle in while dropping to the ground, peeked to the scope, and adjusted the gun focus matching one of the orc’s head. The blur of the gun focus had decreased and lined up to the orc’s head, and I pulled the trigger silently.




The impact of the shot as if it throws my shoulder back.


A dry sound echoed, and that instant, a red flower bloomed in the orc that’s showing in the scope. That one that had a hole in its head collapsed while dyeing its surrounding with red. I’m sure that it didn’t have a clue to what happened to itself.


I licked my dry lips and grinned.



【Skill 〈Snipe〉〈One Shot Kill〉 has been acquired】



I gained two skills again. 〈Snipe〉increases the hitting accuracy and distance, and 〈One Shot Kill〉increases the strength of the first attack. While activating the〈Snipe〉that I just got, I continued to kill several orcs. The orcs, they were surprised and was confused because their comrades’ heads suddenly exploded.



【Title 〈Sniper That Drives Out Others〉 has been acquired】



I gained a title again. I would want to continue sniping like this, but the orcs seemed like they would run away, so I put away the sniper rifle.




Instead, I sat on the motorcycle, and held the metal bat lowly. And I twisted the throttle, and started to charge towards the orcs. As I approached them, the orcs started to notice my presence.




【Title 〈Single Mass Murderer〉 has been activated】




It looks like 〈Single Mass Murderer〉 doesn’t activate if the enemy hasn’t noticed. I was finally able to activate it as my distance from the orcs closed.


I targeted the orc that was the nearest. That one was running away without checking his back, so I run over it with the motorcycle. The instant we collided, a dull sound was made and the orc’s body floated in the air, and fell and rolled to the ground just like that. With the impact right now, the motorcycle’s frame dented, but I’m planning to use this motorcycle only once so I don’t mind.


I did a rough U-turn, and attacked the orc that was attacking me with a spear this time. I dodged the sharp spear thrust, and hit it with the metal bat while passing to its side. A minced pig was finished.


Oh, hey, a spear suddenly flew. I tried to dodge it in a hurry, but it pierced the motorcycle’s engine part.


I twisted the throttle but it won’t move.


I was planning to kill them with a bike for a little more, but it can’t be helped.


I threw away the motorcycle that had malfunctioned, and released a stone from the Cheat Book to the orc that threw the spear as a return. Its meat was burst open, and there was an opened hole in the orc’s chest. And the few orcs behind that was caught up and started to crouch in agony.


It was very interesting looking at that scene.


「n〜, how do you want to be killed?」


When I asked while smiling, the remaining orcs left that behind and ran away. They ran away with their instincts, and their commands were completely in a mess.


「Of course, I don’t plan on letting you go away, right!」


I took out the sniper rifle again and killed three orcs. I then ran, and hit to death eight of them. I cleaned up the remaining with the sub-machine gun that I had in my waist.



【Skill 〈Shooting Spree〉 has been activated】



The bullets that I shot as the finishing attack had spread, and interrupted the orcs’ movements.


Holes were opened in whole of their body, and most of them had died, but some were still barely alive. I killed each of those crushing them with the bat.


And just like that, all of the 30 orcs changed into speechless meat chunks.



【Title 〈Hard Hitter〉 has been acquired】


【Skill 〈Smash〉〈Killing Driving Technique〉〈Pursuit〉 has been acquired】



After the battle ended, I gained four in total of skills and titles. I’m very satisfied since it seemed like all of them are useful And even so, isn’t 〈Killing Driving Technique〉 rude? Is my driving that dangerous.


I took the things needed from the orcs’ corpses, and went towards the village that was the orcs’ destination.


I reached the village for about five minutes, but it seems strange. Men had gathered near the village’s entrance, and was glaring at me. If there was ones holding farm tools, there was also ones holding copper swords. It might be better if I don’t move here carelessly. When I was thinking of that, one of the men asked.


「Dear Traveler, have you seen orcs outside the village?」


It looks like these people were getting ready for the orcs’ attacks. I should answer honestly here.


「There were orcs, but I killed all of them」

「Hou, a young kid like you did huh? I cannot believe……」


The man’s expression that had a smile that was making fun of me petrified.


The place he was looking at, was my left had. Specifically, he was looking at the metal back that I was holding in my left hand. The bat that’s dented here and there, has red blood dyed on it, and there’s even orc meat that was stuck.


「……it looks like it’s true. No, excuse me. I couldn’t imagine that someone of your age can annihilate an orc horde. Welcome, our village’s saviour-dono. I am this village’s Village Chief. If it is okay, can you tell us your name?」


It looks like he had believed me. I also smiled and replied.


「I’m Misasagi」

「Misasagi…… that is a name I do not hear in this region. Well, with that being said, Misasagi-dono, I wonder what business you had come to our village?」

「When I annihilated the orc horde that I saw when I was coincidently passing by, I saw this village. So, I thought that I would stay for a night while gathering information about my quest」

「Is that so. Well them, please stay in the village’s inn. It has the most facilities in this village. By the way, is your quest『Orc Subjugation』?」


I nodded to the Village Chief’s words.


「That is right, how did you know」

「Well, it is our village that sent that request after all. Recently, monsters were often seen near our village」


I see, that’s terrible. Then, did the Ogre that I encountered immediately when I reincarnated also came from here? When I asked about that, the Village Chief courteously explained.


「In this region, it is rare for monsters to appear in towns and villages. However, orcs are an exception. They have repeated plundering in the neighbors……today, we were thinking of drive them away with the village men」


According to the Village Chief, it looks like their plundering were only intensifying recently. Most probably, the cause was the increase of the orcs’ numbers.


「Well then, it is almost nightfall, so I will let my daughter guide you to the inn. Now now, please guide him to the inn」


Being told by that by the Village Chief, the one who came out from a house, was a girl thatwas about the same age as me.


「I’m the daughter, Sara. Well then, Misasagi-sama, let’s go」


The girl who named herself Sara, made a greeting and smiled pleasantly. By the way, her looks were beautiful. Her brown skin that was tanned by the sun looks very healthy, and her blonde hair that extends to her waist really looks good on her. I think that the percentage of beauties in this world is high.



【Title 〈Village’s Saviour〉 has been acquired】



Ah, it would be like that after all huh.


But, too bad, this title is only for honor, and it didn’t have any special effects.


Brought by Sara, I was guided to a two-floored building.


「I will explain the situation to the people of this inn, so please ask them if you have any requests. Well then, please rest leisurely」


After saying that, Sara left quietly. Thinking about it, I didn’t have a wink of sleep since I reincarnated. It might be better to rest for a while.


It was simple inside the inn, but it was clean. Looking at the fine facilities, a woman with a plump body figure came from the back.


「Welcome, Misasagi-sama. Thank you very much for saving our village」

「No no, please don’t mind it. We should help each other in the times of need」


For the meantime, I asked a lot of things about the inn’s facilities, but it looks like there’s no bathtubs. Things like that are hobbies of rich nobles, and it is common to wipe their body with a cloth soaked with hot water. Well, I should bear with that.


When I laid to my side after wiping my body in the room that was prepared, I was tired as expected, so drowsiness came immediately.












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