Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Wandering That Had Started



Eh……what should I? do with this……」


In front of me, is it the thing called Ogre commonly in games. No no, it’s impossible. I’ll just get killed.


Although I was panicking in front of the monster, God gave me a carefree advice.


『Ahh, Ogre huh. Well, you don’t even need to use your abilities. If it’s that body』


Even if you say that, I can’t think that I can win against such a monster. I wanted to run away from this place right away, but my trembling legs wouldn’t hear what I say.


「D-Damn it! Move……」


And while I was doing that, the Ogre attacked. It swung the pillar-like club that it has on its right hand with all of its power.


Wanting to avoid a direct hit to the head, I instinctively tried to block it with my left hand.


The impact that went to my arm. Ah, this isn’t the range where my bones would be broken.


I braced myself for that, but the result was completely different than what I expected.


I couldn’t believe it, the club that hit my left arm was broken into two.


『Look, I told you. It was okay right. Now, you should attack this time』


Being told by God, I mindlessly hit the ogre with my fist. It was a normal punch without any stance or anything, but the feeling of the Ogre’s body getting destroyed can be felt from my fist.


The tearing sound echoed throughout the surroundings, and one part of the physical body of the Ogre exploded. The Ogre that had a huge hole in its stomach, it slowly collapsed to the ground.


While breathing through my shoulders, I watched that happen.


『Oh! It’s a critical hit huh! It feels like you were lucky this time, but that was very decent for your first fight. Well then, let’s regain our spirits and depart』


And I was prompted by God to depart as if it was natural, but I can’t understand the situation at all. I couldn’t help but point that out.


「Oi, God. Where the hell is “here” in the first place」


『Uhmm, I dunno. I also carelessly sent you after all. Well, it’s a forest where Ogres come out so probably a pretty far place from the town where there are humans. I think that you can just aim towards east〜』


That’s too carefree. Is she really, planning to make me find the〈Book of God〉.


But even so, she’s the only one that I can rely on, so until I reached the town, I asked many things about this world.


First, this world, it looks like its a fantasy world of swords and magic. And, just like the Ogre appearing earlier, there’s also the creatures called monsters.


And, I thought about this when I saw the status, it looks like there’s the concept of Level. This world’s Level is very similar to the system that comes out in games, Level can be raised by gaining experience points, and the abilities goes up when the Level goes up.


And also, if the requirement is met, something called the「Job」would be added to the status column. The thing called Level also, it is more correct that it says the level of every Job.  


The Job that is acquired strengthens the physical body with various kinds of adjustments. Meaning, if you are able to clear the requirements properly and gain several Jobs, you can say that you can get stronger with each one of them.


But, according to God, it looks like I can’t do that. She said that the cause was that the「Different World Wanderer」 was a fixed Job. It’s too bad since I’m in a fantasy world, so I wanted to become something like a「Warrior」or a「Magician」. And also, since I can only have one Job, isn’t it a disadvantage compared to other people.


『Uhh, Different World Wanderer is overwhelmingly stronger that other Jobs you know. It has the highest increase rate of abilities with leveling up, and you can also learn many interesting「Skill」 too. It’s good enough even if you can’t take many of them』


According to God, it seems like it was like that.


And, thinking of the explanation right now, it looks like there’s also the concept of Skill.


It’s really a game-like world huh.


By the way, the thing called Skill, it is the abilities or techniques that can be gained mainly from the Job leveling up. It can be「Acquired」with a certain action, and you can receive many kinds of benefits from「Activate」-ing it.


It’s just, the more convenient the ability is, the more difficult it would be to get, and acquisition rate is relevant with the individual’s talents, so there is a rareness for the skill itself she said. The thing called the status’s Unique Skill also, is one kind of that.


So, when I squinted my eyes looking at the Unique Skill’s column……




〈Body of God〉

Strengthening of physical abilities and strength. Strengthening of body organs

Increase of skill acquisition rate


〈Insatiable Ludicrous Book of All Creations〉

Different dimension storage. Concealment of own ability. Absorption of books.

Absorption of the wielder’s knowledge, turn to abilities. Return of the knowledge to the wielder


〈Quotation that Creates Out of Nothing〉

Materialization of words




Ooh, amazing. I can see the skill’s details.


According to God, my abilities are just born and still very weak, and it would be strengthened by piling up experiences from now on. It is this strong right now, but it’s going to get stronger huh.


The book’s latter abilities was a little confusing, but in short, she said that I can gain skills or titles very easily. It is the convenience of having the book.


Well, there is only merits for me, so it’s enough just knowing that. There’s no end if you start complaining to the world’s principles.


And just like that, a few hours of asking many things to God. Advancing while taking a break once in a while, I was able to reach the town in the next day.


The streets were decently crowded, and the traffic of the people was fast.


When I was thinking where I should go first, suddenly, a voice echoed in my head.


『It looks like you were able to reach the town properly. Well then, I’ll be returning to my work now. I cannot only look after you after all. Well, do your best okay〜』


The voice stopped there and I can’t hear it anymore. It was a sudden farewell, but I’m not that surprised. She was like that all the time after all.


She was a really careless person until the end. But, with everything said, I’m thankful at the very least since she revived me after all. I would find the〈Book of God〉properly. Well, for a while, my priority is leveling up and exploration of this world.


I walked to the town very eagerly.


It was full of spirits inside the town. But the looks from the crowds is weird. It feels like they are staring at me.


I thought it strangely, but I knew the reason after looking at my clothes.


Right now, I am wearing a dark blue hoodie on the top, and a khaki colored cargo pants. It is exactly the clothes that I was wearing in my past life.


And compared to that, the people in the surrounding are wearing the like of armors, or maybe baggy robes with staffs the length of their heights, they are wearing the clothes that are likely for a fantasy world. Other than that, there are also villagers wearing cloth clothes.  


I didn’t want to stand out, so I entered a back alley in a hurry. Maybe I could take out clothes with my abilities? It’s because I thought of that. But, it looks like I don’t have the leeway to do that. My ears that were sharpened by〈Body of God〉, didn’t miss the faint breathing sound coming further from the back alley.


(Goodness, it’s unlucky suddenly……)


There when I looked back, was a group of five that feels what you think of a bad man. For the meantime, I looked at the status of the man closest to me.





【Name】 Bill

【Job】 Thief Lv11  Burglar Lv7  Warrior Lv6

【Age】 31

【Title】 〈Treacherous〉





Even I could see his status, I wasn’t able to see the column of his skills. Maybe you can only look at your own skill. Instead, I was able to see the「Title」column. Treacherous? I don’t really know, but it doesn’t seem good coming from its name.


This man has three Jobs. I don’t know how many Jobs can be taken commonly, but I guess that he is decently strong. As the proof of that, the men behind that man, had only two at the most. I’m sure that this man is probably the leader.


The appearance of the leader was, a built body with the height of about two meters. It looks like his weapon was a very large saber. There was a lot of black stains on his leather armor, it is most probably spurts of blood. That dangerous man started talking to me.


「Hey, boy. This isn’t a place where brats like you come. I’ll send to you a safe place」


Following the leader’s words, the other guys made a vulgar laugh.


Looking how at those guys, I returned with a cold gaze.


I can see the streets behind very clearly, so there’s no way that I’d let you take me with you. While thinking of that, from my waist, I took out my “gun”.


Actually, before I came to this town, I felt the greatness of one of my Unique Skill 〈Quotation that Creates Out of Nothing〉. This is an ability that materialized the words written in a book, so I tested it in many ways using the various kinds of book that I had from my past life.  


By the way, the gun that I have in my hand right now, it is something that I quoted from a military magazine. My body has many of bonuses thanks to the〈Body of God〉, and strangely, it looks like I can use them properly even if they were guns that  I would use for the first time.


Just to be sure, I also materialized spare bullets using quotation and placed them inside my pocket.


And to me who just did that, the leader grins while looking down.


「What the heck, what’s with that shabby wand? Magic that you’d use from something like that, is only very……」


I ignored the man’s words and pulled the trigger.


There was a silent gunshot, and the leader collapsed to the ground.


With eyes that were full of surprise. A red hole opened in his forehead.

The gun that I quoted from the Cheat Book, is a small sub-machine gun. And on top of that, it’s a good one that has a silencer on it. I can faintly see a cross gun focus if I squint my eyes, so it was easy to shoot him in the head. As expected of the Eye of God. It’s very useful to the details.


「This isn’t, even a wand.……well even if I say that, you wouldn’t know though」


Looking at me whispering that, the thieves started to tremble with blue faces. But, two of the four remaining charges at me.


They probably had lost their senses to the too much fear. I mean, Isn’t their speed abnormally fast? Ahh, this is what you call「Job Bonus」huh.


And even while I’m thinking of that, I calmly changed the settings of the sub-machine gun from semi-auto to full-auto, and shot towards the two. The silent sound of air echoed consecutively, and the corpse that fell to the ground increased by one…….one?


I couldn’t believe it, it looks like the other one saw through the trajectory of the bullets and barely dodges it.


Looking at him carefully, his Job was「Thief」and「Assassin」.


This was the cause for the abnormal speed huh. Although, he was holding his shoulder, so it doesn’t look like he was able to dodge it completely though.


The man closed in with a short sword in his hand. I was also probably letting my guard down, so at this time, I had already pulled down my gun. If he comes with that speed, it wouldn’t be on time huh.


And there, I held the “weapon” that hangs on my waist on the opposite side of the gun. And, I swung it down towards the man in front of me.


My attack hit him with an instant faster, and his skull got crushed and he collided just like that to the ground. His head was completely crushed, and you can’t even tell how his face was originally. It was too much huh.


I once again made a wry laugh to my own brute strength.


Having a sub-machine gun on the right hand, and an iron bar in my left hand, I wonder how I look from someone else.


……un, probably only as a murderer huh.


This iron bar is something that I quoted on the way just like the sub-machine gun. I quoted it from a mystery novel. It was very easy to use, so I had it equipped on my waist.


Well then, there’s only two remaining. Let’s clean it up quickly.


While whispering lines that were completely a villain’s inside, I used the gun to shoot the thieves that were in a hurry to hide from me consecutively. That guy died while dancing pathetically. Only one remaining.


And when I was thinking of that, the last thief ran with an amazing speed. I aimed the gun at him and pulled the trigger in a hurry, but there was only the sound of the trigger being pulled. It looks like I’m out of bullets. I can’t use the iron bar with this distance. And there, I used two of the cards that I had for just in case.


I opened the book towards that guy who was running away. While tracing specific words.


And then, something jumped out from the book, and it pierced to the thief’s back.


Fresh blood splatters to the nearby wall.


Losing his balance, looking at the thief that rolled on the ground with his momentum was funny.


Hey, am I not like a villain.


I can hear a faint groaning voice. It looks like the thief was barely alive. But, it’s for sure that he would die if I left him alone, so I should immediately make it easy for him. Pulling back the iron bar with a huge swing, I blew off the side of the thief’s head. There were a lot of tree fragments on the back of the thief.


While I was moving towards the town, I did an experiment. I knew that I can use the Cheat Book as an item box, but I had something in question.


Is it possible for the object placed inside come out very fast?


I tested by absorbing the tree fragments of the club that the Ogre I killed had, and when I invoked to take it out with an image that it would come out very fast……


The result of the experiment was a success. Honestly, it’s a fixed cannon.


If shot from the Cheat Book, I found out that anything can be a weapon, so I decided to place inside the book a lot of tree fragments or stones that can be bullets. It would probably be very useful for surprise attacks. By the way, it looks like the capacity of this book is infinite. As expected of a Cheat Book.



【Title〈Single Mass Murderer〉〈Convictor〉has been acquired】



n? I heard a weird message. And that I acquired something.


When I was tilting my head, I heard a voice that I already had become familiar with.


『Oh! You acquired a title huh〜. On top of that, isn’t that a super rare one! As expected of Misasagi-kun huh〜』


What a sudden appearance again huh, God. I thought that it was the last farewell with that thing earlier though.


The〈Convictor〉, most probably, I acquired it from killing a criminal called thieves earlier. But, these two titles looks like it would stand out, so it might be better to hide them. I forged my own status that is written in the Cheat Book.


And, I stole the thieves’ belongings, and wore the coat that feels relatively clean within those. I placed inside the book the parker that I took off. There weren’t any pants that have a decent fit so I gave up. For the meantime, I probably wouldn’t stand out with this huh.


『There are no demerits on having titles normally, so I suggest that you do unusual things. Well then, see you later〜』


The thing called title, it looks like can be gained from completing a certain requirement. Did she went on her way just to say that. For the meantime, I looked at the details of the two titles that I gained.


【Title〈Single Mass Murderer〉】

Can be activated during battle when alone. Increases the wielder’s physical abilities

The increase rate is proportional to the number of enemies



Can be activated during battle, when the enemy is a criminal

Increases the wielder’s attack powers

The increase rate is proportional to the number of criminals killed up until it is activated and the atrocity of the opponent


Looking at it, it looks like both of the titles were only useful to specific cases. The latter looks like it would show its true value depending on the number of criminal killed, so I should also move actively to aim for criminals.


When I came out to the streets as if nothing has happened, a few men approached me.


Probably, they are the comrades of the thieves that I killed. I see, they were going to do a pincer attack at me if I ran away huh. I observed the men, but each and every one of them was only a weak thief.


While I’m at it, I should go with their plan. I walked backwards and returned to the back alley.


The men that saw that followed me and entered the back alley. And soon after, the thieves were petrified to their surprise.


First, I think that it was because of the smell of blood. The suffocating dense fragrance of death.




The next thing that the men saw was the corpses that I made. From the five corpses, the only one that you can tell their faces was only the leader who had an empty hole in his head.




I pointed the gun to the men that reacted to my call. I had finished reloading after the fight earlier ended.


I pulled the trigger without hesitations.



【Title〈Single Mass Murderer〉〈Convictor〉has activated】



The last scene that the thieves saw, was the blinding flash that peeks from the muzzle for sure.












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