Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Hobby is Reviving People?


An outrageous happening, happened suddenly one day.


That day, my mood was the best after buying a large amount of books using the part-time job wage that I saved, I couldn’t wait until going home, so I walked while reading the book that I just bought.


Thinking about it right now, it was my life’s biggest mistake.


Because of that, I died of a car accident after all.


With this, my life have been crushed, and everything should’ve ended.


But, I’m still alive.


Specifically speaking, only my consciousness is very clear, and I can remember until the truck closed in in front of me.

Thinking of that situation, it should be reasonable to think that I died……


Inside the space covered by a deep mist, I felt a voice calling me.


「Ne〜, you like books right? I also like them you know〜」


A tone of voice where a sound mark might’ve been placed on the end of the words.


The voice that was very fun that if let alone it might start singing, it looks like it’s asking me.



「Uhh, I told you, you like books right? Books are really good〜, like when it takes you to an unknown world……」


The person that finally could be faintly seen in my eyes, talking on its own.


Well, I won’t deny that I like reading books though……


No, no, leaving that aside, when I opened my eyes, it suddenly started talking.

How can I say this, lack of common sense, impolite, isn’t it too strange.


Well, whatever, there’s a lot of things that I want to ask. I should confirm one first.


「You are……?」

「n, me? I’m God」


That who named itself God, her gender is female.


The way she calls her self “Boku”, I don’t really get it, but it’s probably that “Boku-girl”.


Her appearance, her height was about 160 cm, black hair and her eyes are also black.

She had her chest out, making the duffle coat that was a little large flutter.


「God? Stop kidding around and answer seriously」


The girl that was surprised in an instant with my angry voice, she started talking while laughing happily.


「Well, you can’t believe it right. But, I’m really God. Within numerous worlds in dimensions, I’m managing one region. For example, making a too advanced civilization ruin using natural disasters, or maybe sending a savior to a world with endless fights」


Haa, my head hurts.

It’s troublesome, so let’s go with the stance believing what she’s saying.

That’s easier.

Even so, if what she’s saying is true, it looks like there’s the thing called a different world.


I thought that it’s only an imagination within the books, but if it really exists, my tension’s going up.


「Thank you for believing me! In reality, other than the world you were in, there’s a lot of worlds that are existing. Your world, it’s comparatively peaceful」


God answered even to the things that I didn’t say out.


It looks like, she can read my mind.


Is this the skill of the things called “God”.

Then, I’ll test it by asking inside my mind.


I should’ve died, why am I living?


「That is〜, frankly! It’s my whim〜. Someone who loves book as much as me, it’s sad seeing you die as simply like that you know〜. I couldn’t help it, so I just took our your spirit」


Eh? What is she saying. I have a proper body……hey, looking at it carefully, my body, it’s bluish white.

On top of that, down my knees is vague.

If it’s in this condition it would be easy to make a simple ghost picture.


「Your body was in pieces after all. All I could take was your spirit body」

「Well, leaving my body aside for now. Your whim or whatever, since you called me, don’t you have something to ask of me?」


It’s not that good not having a physical body, but right now for the meantime, I wanted to know why I’m here.

She went on her ways calling out a dead human.

There should be a suitable reason.


「You guessed right! That’s right you know. From now on, I’m thinking of asking you something. For that, first, I will revive you. And after that, I will make you go to one of the worlds I’m in charge of. It doesn’t matter who goes, but since a book lover died in an accident, so I picked you」


The things I want to ask increased.


She easily said reviving, but the things called “God”, can they even do things like that.

Also, chose me because I’m a book lover?

I can’t understand that logic.

As I’ve thought, this God, she’s very suspicious with the lack of explanation.


When I was thinking of that, God made a face as if she was shocked, and started to explain something.


「I’m not suspicious at all. And so, the thing that I want to ask you to do, with some kind of mistake, something called 〈Book of God〉, fell to a specific world. I’m thinking of asking you to collect that book」


Saying that, God laughed giddily.

I got a little pissed and tried to hit God’s shoulder, but my hand passed through God’s body.

And with that posture, God continued to talk.


「It’s useless you know〜. You’re spirit right now after all. Well, that’s why, I’m counting on you alright. I’ll explain the details later. Well then, let’s go to the different world right away! Good Luck!!」


No, what the heck is Good Luck!!

I mean, because of your mistake, why would I……hey, huh, my consciousness, it’s gradua……lly……fad…ing………out……………


「Fufu, as a bookworm just like me, I’m looking forwardーー」



◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇



「n? Where is thisーー」


When I opened my eyes, a dense forest has spread there.


I slowly raised my body that was lying on the side on the ground.


It looks like, I was really sent to a place that was a different world.


If you’re curious why I know, it’s because there’s a voice with a very high tension for some reason echoing directly to my brain.


『Yaho〜, you finally woke up? This is the different world. Can you hear my voice? If you can, it would be nice if you raised your right hand〜』


I, raised my right hand without saying anything.


『n, thanks〜. Well then, I’m going to explain about the thing that I want to ask you to do. Listen carefully alright〜. First, I will make you travel in this world and gain various experiences! Compared to the world where you were, it’s very different after all〜. If you were to find my〈Book of God〉with the way you are right now, you’re probably going to be killed instantly〜. Since you were able to revive, you won’t like to die again soon right? I also wouldn’t feel good〜』


Wait a minute. What do you mean being killed by〈Book of God〉.

It’s not like books would bite out of somebody.

Just kidding, and when I was laughing inside, the voice echoed again in my head.


『n〜, it doesn’t bite, but there are times when they attack〜. Well, I’ll explain that to you next time』


I imagined the appearance of God scratching her temples with a wry laugh.


If you’re also able to read my mind here, why did you make me raise my hand.

And also, “later”, “next time”, you’re really postponing the explanation, is it alright being so irresponsible.


『It’s okay, it’s okay. Anyways, when you get powers to some extent, let’s seriously start searching for the〈Book of God〉! And after that, things that I need to tell you……that’s right! Your new body, it’s God-made〜』


……………hey, the explanations over?!

There should be absolutely more needed right!


I couldn’t help making a tsukkomi to her too much irresponsibleness.


『Oh, sorry〜. The〈Body of God〉, as it name says, it’s about the body that I, God, made. It’s just like the〈Book of God〉. This is bragging by the way, that body has a lot of functions. There’s too much to explain one by one, so I thought I’d explain the main functions……』


God’s explanation continued for so long, so I’d summarize it simply.


First,〈Body of God〉’s physical strength.


With this, I was also surprised.

I didn’t think that the boulder would get crushed with only one punch.

It is incomparably strong to the body I had in my past life.


Next is, Eye of God.

It’s one of the ability of〈Body of God〉, but with this eye, I can see Status.

It’s “that” that comes out on RPGs.


When I tried to check my own status, this came out.




【Name】 陵 陵〈Misasagi Ryou〉

【Job】 Different World Wanderer Lv 0

【Age】 17

【Unique Skill】〈Body of God〉〈Insatiable Ludicrous Book of All Creation〉〈Quotation that Creates Out of Nothing〉




My name in my past life is Misasagi Ryou(陵 陵).


Honestly speaking, it’s a harassment.

I could only think that my parents had an ill intent.

I was often made fun of because of this name when I was little.

Well, I don’t mind it that much right now though.


It’s correct that my age is 17, and that my job has become Different World Wanderer, I could somehow be convinced.

I got curious about the thing called “level”, but I’ll skip on that right now.


The problem is, the Unique Skill column.


What the heck is this 〈Insatiable Ludicrous Book of All Creation〉and〈Quotation that Creates Out of Nothing〉 that is overflowing of Eight-Grade Syndrome(chuunibyou).

Isn’t there a better name out there?


『You also got an interesting skill huh〜. n〜, just wait a minute okay. ……fumufumu. Misasagi-kun, first, let’s invoke “I want to let a book out”』


After a pause, I received instructions from God.


As I was told, I invoked that I want to let a book out.


And then, from nowhere, a time-worn book suddenly appeared.

There’s a feeling that it was very used, but it looks very durable, and the leather cover binding was also fashionable.

Somehow, I really liked it with one look.


『It’s good that you liked it〜. And so, there’s a lot of ways to use that book you know〜……』


This explanation was also very long, so summarized……


  1. Other than living beings, or property of others can be placed inside
  1. Taking out what is placed inside
  1. Changing own status
  1. Absorbing other books.


Skill 1, in other words, the book is an item box.

The things that are placed inside would be recorded in the book.


However, living beings and properties of other people cannot be placed inside.

Then, isn’t the name “All Creations” a scam. I asked that, but the characters were cool so she said it was okay.


Immediately, I tried to place inside the boulder that I crushed earlier when I tested the〈Body of God〉.

And then, the boulder got drawn into the book, and disappeared without any traces.


When I cautiously opened the book……



  • Boulder (Broken Fragments)



That one word was written on the white page.

Ohh, this is very convenient.

From now on, it looks like I’m going to be free of heavy luggage.


The skill 2, it looks like it’s the skill that takes out things instead.

The way of taking things out, you only need to trace the words with your finger.

When I tried it, the boulder that I placed inside earlier came out very well.


The skill 3 was literally what is says.

My status is written on the first page, and I just need to trace the parts that I want to change, and if I invoke how I want it to change, I can change it.


But it looks like even if I change the things written there, my abilities wouldn’t change, and even if I changed the age it’s not like I would get older or younger.

The most it can do is to only change the profile on the surface.


For the meantime, 「Different World Wanderer」looks like it would call attention, so I changed it to「Traveler Lv3」, and changed my name to「Misasagi」while I’m at it.

There’s no particular reason to why I changed it to「Traveler Lv3」.


4, God said, it was very important.

This is, making this book absorb other books, it is the ability that records their contents.

Meaning, if it continues absorbing books, it would become a walking library.


For the meantime, God made me bring the books that I bought at the same time before I die as a gift, so I made the Cheat Book absorb all of that.


When I opened the book, the following message was displayed.



  • Please choose the book you want to read



Below that, the title of the books that I made it absorb just right now is written.

For the meantime, when I chose one title, the contents were displayed.


It looks like you can read the book with this.

By the way, in choosing the books, normally, you just need to invoke it. It’s a very convenient function.


Well then, coming back to my status, the third skill 〈Quotation that Creates Out of Nothing〉 , honestly speaking, it’s cheating.

This skill, it quotes the words from the books that was absorbed by the Cheat Book, and make them materialize.


It is simple to use. Just trace the words you want to quote.

The parts that are traced will turn to red letters, and after that, that thing would appear as an object if I invoke it.


It’s hard to understand with only explanations, so I’d try it for a bit.


First, I chose a cooking book from the list, and traced the word「Pizza」.

The words got red, so when I invoked materialize, a pizza that seemed to be still warm appeared in from of me.


I who’s hungry, immediately took a bite from it.


Un, it’s decently delicious.


Having a great mood, I continued to eat the pizza without saying anything.


『I know right? I think that your skills are treated very favorably. Well, I think that you’re also full, so let’s depart……n? What happened?』


My hand for eating stopped, and the half-eaten pizza fell to the ground.


God sensed that my breathing was disturbed unnaturally and asked, but I wasn’t even able to move a finger, replying was out of the question.


Because, in front of me, one that is over two meters, there’s an Ogre with a huge build, that’s why.












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