Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 062

Chapter 062 


Grandpa’s wife, in other words, Seliana’s grandmother, is a lady called Oriana-san.


When I consulted with Seliana about what to do with Sir Brams’ request, she said it was worrying to send me alone to meet a noble for the first time.

I think so too.

On the other hand, it is unbearable to refuse just because of the circumstances, and I would like to accept it considering the future.

If there was at least some leeway in the deadline, Seliana would have been able to arrange it, but… it was when I was thinking of that, Oriana-san showed up saying she would go with me.


It may be because of their authority, nobles seem to have a hard time. Not to mention outside of their household, they also can’t relax their attention to their relationships with their first and second wives, the problem of heirs, the faction behind the servants, and so on.

To the point that complaining about them had become the main reason for the gatherings of the ladies of the royal capital.

In the midst of that, even though I was under Seliana’s direct line, I had no connection with anyone else, so I was someone she could easily come into contact with.


Occasionally ask me for errands, treat me with tea and sweets in return, and listen to my story about dungeons and adventurers.

With that kind of relationship, my relationship with Oriana-san is quite good.


“Across there, the house with the big tree over there is the House Feld’s mansion.”


Oriana-san, who sits next to me, tells me while pointing from the window of the carriage.

I brought my [Floating Orb], but for today I am also in the carriage.


On the night Sir Brams came, we finished the discussion and sent him a reply stating that I would accept the offer, and “by all means, from the next day!” he replied.

Since Orianna-san will be accompanying me, it seems to be good manners to have a one-day interval… but I’m not sure whether House Müller gave in to how desperate they sounded, or just well-natured.




“Thank you very much for coming today.”


As soon as I entered the House Feld’s mansion, I was led to the room of Mrs. Elmeria, the wife of Sir Brams, and the couple bowed their heads.

Well, it’s not for me, but for Oriana-san, but that’s nothing to worry about.


Yeah… well… yeah.

I think she’s a beautiful person.

She has that atmosphere.

She’s just… inflated.

I think she should have sensed the danger sooner…


“Sera, how will you proceed?”


Everyone sits down and Orianna-san speaks to me.


“Well… I think I’ll do it in five days, with arms, torso, head, each leg in that order.”


“5 days!? Can’t it be quicker!?”


Well, even if you include today, it’s only 9 days until the ceremony, so I understand how you feel, but…


“I haven’t tried making someone lose weight much, so I want to be careful. It’s better than failing, right?”


“…right. No, five days is more than enough. Thank you very much.”


“Okay, okay.”


She is a very understanding lady.

Oriana-san is following me today just in case, but if it’s like this, it might be fine from tomorrow onwards.


“Okay, let’s get started quickly. Please sit down.”


I put out a timer from my bosom and urge Elmeria-san to take a seat.


There are clocks in this world, though they are not mechanical but magical.

I don’t know if it’s the same length as the Earth, but it’s 24 hours a day.

1 lap is 12 hours, 2 laps is 1 day.

Of course, most of the territorial capitals, not to mention the royal capital, have clock towers, and everyone lives according to them.


Naturally, they are getting smaller, and although they are ultra-luxury, there are also wall clocks and pocket watches.

This timer is the simplified version of that.

Even so, it’s still expensive, and it seems to cost 5 gold coins.


It takes an hour to do one lap, and when it finishes one lap, an alarm sounds.

I haven’t been there because my nail haven’t healed yet, but Seliana made Ruban and the others prepare it as an apology to me so that I can use it as a guideline for returning when delving in the dungeon.


I never thought that the first opportunity to use it would be not in a dungeon delve, but in a noble mansion as a beauty treatment-like timer, but I will make good use of it.


“Let’s start from your left arm. You can chat during the treatment~.”


I don’t think it would happen, but I should do it carefully so that she doesn’t get fat instead!



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Mira’s Blessing] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [Scarlet Bee’s Needle] [0 Divine Coin]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [16 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [1 Divine Coin]







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