Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 049

Chapter 049 




When I was patrolling in a slightly larger circle around everyone who was taking a break, I found something strange on the opposite side of the wall from the entrance of this hall.

The kind that appears in ghost stories.

probably like, Kunekune? That’s how it looks like.


…What is that?


“Alex, Alex.”


Abnormal is abnormal.

I can only give vague reports, but I should do it.


“What is it?”


“There was something strange.”




He looks suspiciously.

I can’t blame him for that.


“There was a black thing… like, Kunekune.”


On the [Floating Orb], I moved my arms like an octopus dance.

I found myself look like I was joking, but I can’t help it because I can’t explain it by anything other than this.


“……!? Where!?”


“On the wall over there.”


I point and tell the direction where I saw it.

Everyone stood up with a grim face. Is it a bad opponent?


“Use [Prayer]! Get behind Keira!!”




Activate [Prayer] and got behind Keira as instructed.

Before I knew it, Alex was standing in front of us and deploying his [Red Shield].




In addition, Keira activate the skill that she showed on the shallow floors.

It was cold just now, but now it’s almost freezing.

She shouted [Mist], but there are things like ice grains floating around.


With how this is going, Ruban’s magic should come next. Both of his arms are glowing, so maybe he’ll use something stronger than the one he used on the shallow floors?


“[Red Wave]!!”




An amazing one came out.

A wave of flames that reaches up to the ceiling spreads out in a fan-like shape and rushes toward the enemy.

Rather than a wave, it’s already a wall of fire.

I was prepared for the heat, so I was able to endure it, but what would’ve happened without Keira’s skill?


“[Red Shine]!!”


Even further, he released a very thick beam.

Looking over Keira’s shoulder, the ground was curled up in the aftermath of magic.

What a humanoid weapon…


“Did you kill it?”


Alex… that sounds like a flag.

But there’s no way it could still be alive after taking that, right?


“……!? Not yet!! Let’s go!”


For real!?

I don’t know how it works, but it seems that he figured it was still alive, and with Ruban’s signal, Alex and Mia ran forward together.

Marida is preparing something magical.

Is she willing to…






Keira stopped me when I was flustered wondering if I should do something too.


“Please turn around and be vigilant of the surroundings. If anything happens to us, please withdraw and notify the guild.”




Without waiting for my reply, Keira also chased after the three people ahead of her.

If anything happens to you… it’s that serious?

Marida is also running forward, so for the time being I’ll be vigilant of the surroundings as I was told.

I raised the altitude of my [Floating Orb] and look around.

Until a while ago, it looked like a grassland, but due to the influence of Ruban’s magic, it completely became a burnt field.


And two people follow the three people who are running on the burnt field a little later.

It looks like they’ll soon be coming into contact with that black thing soon.


More than that, is it really possible to live after being hit by magic that turned this place like this?

With that in mind, I looked at the wall side where the black thing was, and I noticed that the situation had changed a little.


At first, it was just vaguely humanoid, but now it’s completely shaped like a human.

And it’s wearing full body armor and holding a shield and something like a club.

Goblins only use nothing more than rocks lying around at most, but higher-ranking humanoid monsters seem to use sticks or weapons dropped by adventurers, but they shouldn’t be armed with such decent equipment.


Did it just power up instead of dying?

In the first place, there should be no humanoid monster species on the upper floors…


…wait a minute?

Very strong.

Appears where it’s not supposed to be.


It hit me.

This guy is a Majin.



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [Scarlet Bee’s Needle] [8 Divine Coins]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [13 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [1 Divine Coin]







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