Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 031

Chapter 031 




I unintentionally let out a strange listless voice.


After several battles, we’re finally outside.

We’ve been delving since morning, and it should be a little past noon, but… I’m tired.


The monsters were nothing much one by one, but when several of them attacked, and there were also more monsters that attacked in the middle of the battle, it was quite nerve-wracking.

Especially in my case, when even a slight touch could be fatal.

…why am I wearing a maid outfit here too?


“I’ll go home after selling the relics. What about you guys?”


When monster cores are destroyed, relics rarely drop.

There are various types, such as small magic crystals, and parts of the body of monsters with concentrated magic essence, and they are used in city workshops.

It seems that they can be traded them individually, but since they aren’t something that would appear when targeted, it’s inefficient, so most of the time the guild buys them all at once.


“I want to see the trade in the royal capital, so I’ll go out with you.”


“Me too~.”


I visited it several times when I was exploring alone in Zerkis, but I’d like to take a peek at it here.


“Okay. Well, it’s not really interesting though… it’s this way.”


I followed after Alex who started walking after saying that.




Since only humanoid monster species spawn in the dungeons of Zerkis, the corpses of all monsters there will have their cores destroyed, but corpses here can be used because there are magical beast species and magical insect species.

Unlike relics, the parts are specified by the guild and issued as a quest.

For that reason, you can bring the corpse out of the dungeon without crushing the core, dismantle it, and sell the requested parts after processing it.


“You should’ve told me…”


I think I look terrible.

I was careless.


No really, it was amazing.


I wondered why the royal capital guild was a strangely huge building that was about the size of a football court.

Despite that, the reception and the stairs leading down to the dungeon were right next to the entrance.

So this is the reason…


Fish market…?

A large number of monster corpses are lying around everywhere.

They’re also not edible, so neither their blood nor internal organs were removed.


In other words, it stinks.


“…I heard it, but it does smell terrible.”


When I looked at Elena, she was frowning, covering her nose and mouth with her hands.


“I’ve experienced the battlefield, so I was a little better than you, but I still found it hard until I got used to it… so, do your best until you get used to it.”


Alex, who looks the same as usual, ignores us who were suffering from the smell, and quickly goes to the trading counter.

I wonder how it’s the same place to trade relics and monster parts…

Couldn’t they separate them?


“Let’s go.”


I followed Alec while being pulled by Elena, who was trying to stop me from trying to escape upwards from the stink.

There are several trading counters, and there are several of them, but they don’t seem to be crowded.

Looks like we won’t have to wait.


“It’s not crowded, so will it be over soon?”


“In the case of purchasing parts, there is also dismantling the carcass. Most of the time, you can receive the payment a few days after depositing it to the guild. In our case, all we have are relics, so it’ll end quickly because all they need to do is to count the number and weight. It also depends on the period of time. If it’s only relics, during this time, most of the adventurers should still be delving into the dungeon.”


Alex explains the process in the royal capital guild while going through the formalities.

The procedure itself is straightforward.

The exploration form you submitted during our delve will be handed over when you apply for it when you return, and you will submit it together with your permit to the trading counter.

Most of the time, they don’t buy things that came out of other dungeons.

They do buy monsters that exist outside the dungeon, but you can tell the difference at a glance because they don’t have cores.

Then, you will be handed a tag with a number written on it, and when the assessment is completed, your number will be held up.

It’s the same system as in Japan.

I guess would be the same in any world.


“It’s over.”


When I looked at the counter, the number we received was held up.

It probably took around 10 minutes?


The purchase amount is 5 gold coins.

This is a lot for 3-4 hours. There are 3 of us, but other parties are much larger.

Is it a little less considering that it is a dangerous job?

Thinking that way, it may be better to sell monster parts.


Well, others are others.

Let’s hurry up and go outside!



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [5 Divine Coins]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [4 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [0 Divine Coin]







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