Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 028

Chapter 028 


“What happened!?”


Grandpa, who was supervising the work, rushed into the room as if he heard the scream.

I was using my [Floating Orb], so he may also be monitoring me.


It’s a big hit…Grandpa.


“What…!? This is…?”


And he was surprised.

Well, I guess you’d be surprised if the people in the room were glowing?

After a while, the luminescence subsided and disappeared.


“W-What was that now…?”


He looked at me and said.

Well, everyone’s not a newcomer other than me, so he knew right away.

Let me apologize sincerely.


“I’m sorry. Maybe it’s me just now.”


“Hmm… Keep working. You, follow me.”




I had no choice, so obediently followed Grandpa.

We headed for Grandpa’s office at the back of the first floor.


“Take a seat.”


I sat on the chair as instructed.

It’s a fairly normal room, with the exception of a small sitting area with swords and spears displayed.

Grandpa sat across from me.


“That light is a blessing, isn’t it? You said maybe, so you aren’t able to use it properly yet?”


Un. That was the first time I used it in the first place.”


“Hmm… it seems that you were also affected, did you feel something different?”


Un~… there anything particularly unusual…?”


There is no change in my physical condition.

Well, children are generally either in good shape or in bad shape.

Other than that…




“What is it?”


‘Did something change?’ When I was thinking of that while looking at my hand, I noticed that my chapped fingertips had healed.

In addition, I feel that my rough skin has gotten better as well.

I think that my [Prayer] has been activated, but the effect of it is… skincare?




“What an unusual blunder coming from you.”


Before I knew it, I was found by Seliana, who had returned alone ahead of the others, and I decided to explain the situation.

Well, let’s take those words for granted.

Most of the skills and items don’t show their effects until they’re actually used.

Even if it’s a relative, you won’t know where it would leak from, so if you can keep it a secret, it’s better.

Well, thanks to that, I feel like I was able to open up to some extent with the fierce-looking grandpa.

His appearance is powerful, but he’s surprisingly friendly and even accompanied me on the verification of my [Prayer].


So, let me just say.


“There’s no way I could imagine it would activate while cleaning…”


And with a hum, on top of that.


“That’s true. I’ll forgive you.”




“So? Even Ojii-sama was with you, so I wonder if you learned anything? You tried various things on our way to the royal capital, but there were no results, right?”


Un. I tested a lot of things with Grandpa, so I found out. It seems that it would activate when I’m doing something. And, the people who are taking the same action as me, let’s call them party members. Well, they’re the target. I don’t know the number limit of people it can be used to, but there were 6 people including me when it first activated, so maybe it can be used on quite a lot?”


“……? We stayed together during the trip. What’s the difference?”


“Alex was in charge of the carriage, Ojou-sama and Elena were reading. And I was spinning around while praying… maybe it was considered as acting separately?”


I answered while remembering our situation on our way to the royal capital.

We were just staying together.


“…now that you’ve mentioned it, that seems to be the case. Do you know what the effect is?”


“I still don’t know for sure. I know that it would heal my wounds a little and my strength will be increased, but I can’t test by how much or if there are others here…”


As for strength, it’s easy to see the difference if there’s a barbell, and I heard that I can find one in the training grounds of the order of knights, but unfortunately, there’s none here.

I moved the chair and the desk to try to find out.

According to what I felt, it felt like it has gone up by about 10%.


It doesn’t have much of an effect on me, but it should be fairly effective for Alex.


“Is that so? I’ve got your permission to explore the dungeon as well, so you should try it there. It’s best that it doesn’t suddenly activate during battles in the dungeon.”


That’s true.

Even in the room, I was surprised when it suddenly glowed…


“Can I go to the dungeon?”


“Yes. But you can’t go by yourself. The two of them still have things to prepare, so you can go after they finish.”


Mu…well, it’s not a game, so there’s no need to go solo for the first time.

Until then, let’s experiment!



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [0 Divine Coin]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [4 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [0 Divine Coin]







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