Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 027

Chapter 027 


“You’re here. I worried when I heard that you did not bring bodyguards with you, but it’s great that you are alright.”


As soon as we arrived at the mansion and went inside, we were greeted by a fierce-looking grandpa.


Arius Müller Zerkis.

Seliana’s grandfather, who has now handed his position as the head of the house to his son and now lives in the royal capital as his assistant.

He seems to be a powerful person who took the lead in the reclamation of the western part of the territory, starting from the city of Lutor where I stayed before.

He is an amazing person who played a central role in the development of the eastern part of the kingdom, being active in maintaining public order not only in the Zerkis territory, but also in surrounding areas, and often subdued bandits.

That is this grandpa.


“I know that daughter of House Bazett and that mercenary kid, but… what is she?”


I was glared at by that fierce and powerful old man.

Seriously, the glare of a person who has killed more than just one or two people is scary.




It’s so powerful…

Alex grabbed me when I was about to drift behind.

[Floating Orb] moves as I think, but it also responds to my unconscious reactions.


“This is the child I picked up in the territory capital, Ojii-sama. She is quite an individual, being able to gather bestowed items on her own. It’s a good opportunity, so I decided to bring her to the royal capital. I’m planning to have Elena and the others explore the capital dungeon while I attend school.”


In response to Seliana’s words, he moved his fierce gaze towards me.


“A little girl like her…?”


“Yes. Please rest assured. I will not let her do anything that would make House Müller suffer.”


I don’t know her expression because she’s behind me, but she’s probably smiling while saying that.

Even though they’re a grandfather-granddaughter relationship, she’s a big shot because she can speak so confidently in front of that face.


Grandpa, on the other hand, still has a look of disbelief.

I know how he feels.


“…fine. Come on in.”


After finishing the conversation in the entrance hall, we were guided inside.

I will disturb you~.




The day after arriving at the capital.


Seliana and the others seem to have some formalities to do, so she went out here and there with Elena and Alex.

Do you want to come? I was asked, but I refused.

Before I came to the royal capital, I followed them during the procedures for changing affiliation at the adventurer’s guild, but all I did was just float around without doing anything.


In this world, the document culture is strangely advanced, probably because the family register management is progressive.

However, human power is needed to do anything.

It’s completely analog.

Even with the power of a noble, it takes time to do anything.


So, just like in the mansion in the territory capital, I’m helping to build a good relationship with the servants here as well.

[Floating Orb] continues to complete achievements.

It’s small when compared to that super big mansion in the territory capital, but the one here is also big enough.

Just by looking from the outside in the carriage on our way here yesterday, it’s bigger than the other mansions.

It seems that there are about 3 to 40 rooms including a large hall.

I don’t know the others, so I can’t compare them, but House Müller might be quite a bigwig…


“Sera-chan, please support me.”


Oops, I need to help, I need to help.


Since most of it is packed into my [Hideout], we brought an unbelievable amount of personal belongings for a single carriage.

I don’t know how she deceived that old man by not telling him about my skill, but yesterday it was temporarily put in another room, but while Seliana was out, the luggage and the shelves that store item were brought into the room.


Iya~…there’s so many~.”


“After all, as a daughter of House Müller, there are a lot of things you need to live in the royal capital, even if it’s just for a year.”


“That’s true. It’s amazing~”


While chatting, they busily carried a large amount of luggage.


I’m sorry… they were just crammed in because I have skills, and there’s no problem buying them one by one in the royal capital.

Forgive me for that…, I thought while putting the luggage on the shelves that was brought in and cleaning it.

And at that moment, when I somehow hummed to myself, “be clean~.”




I heard a scream and turned around in a hurry, and found that everyone was glowing…

By the way, I’m also faintly glowing.


…what’s this?



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [0 Divine Coin]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [4 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [0 Divine Coin]







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