Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 023

Chapter 023 


“Sera, you can go to the dungeon by yourself from now on. I also allow the use of [Floating Orb] in the city. However, there are some conditions. Is that okay?”


Oh…I’m finally on my own…

Without having time to soak in my emotions, Seliana continued.


“The only thing you can use in town is the [Floating Orb]. At that time, you must be dressed as a servant at that time. It will prove that you are a member of our household. You can also put on your [Shadow Sword] on your finger, but you should refrain from using it outside of the dungeon. There should be no problem when you’re dressed like that, but if you happen to be caught by a robber, you must not fight and run away. If you can’t escape no matter what, it can’t be helped, but they are Father’s citizens. Avoid killing them as much as possible.”


Does that mean that I should only move around in maid clothes outside?


Un. I got it”


What she said was a little disturbing, but I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal.


“Very well. In the dungeon, you can only go as far as the shallow floors, and you must not go to the upper floors. You know the boundary, right?”




The pavement continues on the ground until in front of the upper floors, but on the upper floors, the walls and ceiling have no pavement and the soil is exposed.

I’ll be moving by floating near the ceiling, so there’s no way I wouldn’t notice.


“At this time of year, even in the shallow floors, there will be only people in the depths, so be sure to check your [Hideout] before reaching there early. If you feel danger, escape immediately. You must not only guard against monsters, but also against people. Leaving aside the people in the territory, there are people from other territories although there are only a few of them, so don’t let your guard down.”




What is it? She strangely warns me a lot~, I thought to myself while looking at Seliana, who seemed to want to continue.


“Excuse me, Ojou-sama.”




Alex spoke, interrupting Seliana.


“In this girl’s case, I think she’ll understand if you explain the reason properly.”


“I think so too.”


Elena also agrees with Alex.


“…is that so?”


“Well, I do think, your so naggy~…”


“Is that so…? I understand. Actually, the dungeon is made out of divine coins. It will appear by performing a ceremony offering 10000 divine coins.”



I didn’t think it came naturally, but divine coin’s amazing…

But 10,000 divine coins… so expensive.


“You need to sacrifice at least 100 divine coins a year to maintain the dungeon.”


“At least?”


“Right. When a human dies in a dungeon, if the corpse is not removed from the dungeon within two days, it will be absorbed into the dungeon like a monster whose core has been destroyed. That cannot be helped since they are exploring the dungeon whilst knowing the danger. The problem is that every time one person is absorbed, the number of divine coins required to maintain the dungeon increases by 10.”


…that’s quite a lot.

I thought that if the divine coin drops, they could just rush in with human wave tactics, so that’s the reason they aren’t doing that?


“Currently, the dungeon in Zerkis requires 210 divine coins every year. There is still room to spare, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to increase it in vain. Most importantly, every time a human is absorbed, a powerful monster that could move while ignoring the different floor levels will appear. Although it will not appear in shallow floors.”


Something like a raid boss…?


“And when we can’t pay the holy money to maintain it, the monsters inside the dungeon will finally be released outside the dungeon and the dungeon will collapse.”


“By released, does that mean that it would appear inside the city?”


Isn’t that too dangerous…?


“Right. It’s dangerous, isn’t it? Nowadays, the guild have been created for security and inspection, but before that, it was about 100 years ago. At that time, death row prisoners were sent to dungeons to destroy hostile countries and territories. Or more directly, they killed adventurers inside the dungeon.”


I thought the exploration form was very detailed, so that’s the case?

But there’s something that bothers me.


“When I was told not to die in the dungeon, could it be that it wasn’t from kindness…?”


“The ones assigned as the guild’s dungeon staff are knights who are kind and helpful, so I guess you don’t need to have that doubt?”


Oh, thank goodness…


“It’s been a little long, but the point is that it would be troublesome if people die inside the dungeon. Compared to how many monsters are defeated, we are more concerned about how much they can survive. With yesterday’s and today’s action, I judged that you can do that. You can do it, right?”


“It’s okay. I still don’t want to die too.”


“Very well. From tomorrow, you can start exploring. Don’t overdo it.”




It seems like I can’t let my guard down, but anyway, I got permission for solo exploration, so I’ll have to do my best starting tomorrow!







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