Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 022

Chapter 022 


There was no turn for me on our way back.

She’d been swinging it around for a long time.

This big sister, did she open a door that shouldn’t be opened?

She must have enjoyed it a lot, she was in a good mood all the way back to the mansion after leaving the dungeon.


“You seem to be in a very good mood, did something happen?”


I’m in Seliana’s room to report and she asked because Elena’s expression makes her curious.

By the time we returned to the mansion, she seemed to have returned to normal, but I wonder if the minor difference would be noticeable for her because of their long relationship?


“Yes. About the [Green Fang], but it felt great in actual combat! With this, I can fight not only on the middle floors but also on the lower floors and other places.”


“That’s good. Sera, I’ll listen to Elena’s report. Go and call Alex to come. He should be at the training ground. You should come back as well, you know?”


“Hmm? Aight.”


Leaving the two aside, even me, huh.

I wonder what it is?


“You can leave from the window.”


When I was about to leave the room, I was told so.

I’m floating in the air, so I was told that I could go out the window if I wanted, but somehow I was reluctant and always went out the door…

I could feel quite a sense of immorality.


The training ground is located in a corner of the courtyard, and if I go normally from Seliana’s room at the back of the second floor, I will need to move around the mansion, and then move further into the garden, which is quite a distance, but from the window, I just have to cross the roof and go straight.


It takes less than a minute to get out of the window and accelerate to the training ground at once.

I guess I have no choice but to go in and out through the window from now on…




Around ten people were using the training ground, but it was easy to find him among them because he was the largest among them.


“Hmm. Are you back already?”


“Elena went on a rampage… Ojou-sama is calling, so come to her room.”


“I see. Tell her that I’ll head over after cleaning myself.”


“Okay, okay.”


I saw off Alex heading to the barracks.

I’ve never been inside, but it seems that there are showers and a dining room inside.


I’m also called, so I don’t have to follow him.

I should head to the room.




After I arrived at Seliana’s room, Alex came after about ten minutes.

When I arrived at the room, Elena was still talking, but she seems to have calmed down now and is standing behind Seliana.

And I was lying on the sofa and reading a book.


The title of the book is [History of the Great Forest Alliance].

It’s about the origin of four countries including Mesaria Kingdom and is quite interesting.

Geopolitics and dynamics are pretty much the same, but above all, elements that did not exist on Earth, such as monsters and divine coin, are involved, and so the events are advancing in unpredictable directions.

I wonder if I’ll be able to enter the library soon~.


“I’m sorry. I’ve made you wait.”


“I don’t mind. Sera, you come here too.”


I know Alex stayed and talked yesterday, so maybe they were talking about items or me.

Should I talk about my impressions of the dungeon and teamwork?


“Sera, how was the dungeon yesterday and today?”


“No problem. I don’t know how it would be if I go deeper, but it’s easy on the shallow floors.”


“Is that so? Elena.”


“Yes. Just as Alex reported yesterday, she is able to calmly fight by combining the two bestowed items well. The performance of the [Floating Orb] is more than we expected. She herself has yet to know its limits, but at the very least, she won’t be exposed to danger if it’s in the shallow floors.”


Oh, isn’t she evaluating me quite well?


“Is that so? Would she be alright to freely go by herself?


“She should be fine. Leaving fighting other humans aside, if she focuses on running away, there shouldn’t be many things that would be able to catch up with her quickly.”


“I knew that she still has that leeway, but is it so much!?”


Alex was surprised by Elena’s report.

I looked at Seliana, who asked the question, and found out that she was looking at Alex’s surprised face with satisfaction.

She must have already received the report some time ago.


More importantly, what is this discussion about?

They mentioned it a little while ago, so is it okay for me to move by myself?

I’d be happy if that’s the case~.







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