Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 021

Chapter 021


Perhaps because I was able to destroy its core neatly, the goblin’s corpse crumbles and disappears.


The monsters in the dungeon are made up of mana or magic essence, so they would like this if you break their core.

They seem to rot if left unattended, so I don’t really understand how they actually work.

It’s strange, because the monsters outside are left with corpses would leave behind their corpses…

Well, let’s leave the speculation for later.


I’m proud of myself that I did well, so I puffed out my chest and turned around to Elena as if to tell her “How was that!”, but she was looking at me with her eyes widened.

Is she okay looking that stupid?




It’s true that I did well, but Alckx must have reported on what happened yesterday, so I don’t think it’s that surprising.

I looked around to see if there were still monsters hiding somewhere, but there were none.


“That thing of yours… can it move so quickly?”


So that’s it!

Come to think of it, in the mansion, at most, I was only floating at a speed similar to my jogging.

I think I reached 50km/h a while ago.

…but I still feel like I can go faster.

Would it be better if I really try to push its limits someday?

Well, let’s leave that aside.


“Yeah, yeah. I think it can get faster, but I don’t know by how much.”


“So that’s the case… can I have you fight alone for a little longer? Don’t worry, if you’re in danger, I’ll come to your aid.”


“……? Okay.”


I wonder if it’s easier to match with me after understanding how I fight a little more?

Well, I also want to practice fighting methods other than surprise attacks by myself, so is it just right?


As we move onward while talking, two monsters appeared from the front this time.


“Can you?”




The goblins also noticed us and attacked.


Let’s start at the front… “Attack the one at the back!” Hmm?


Following the instructions from behind, I changed my target and ignored the goblin in front, and aimed at the one on the back, I rose at once and accelerated.

It looked like it didn’t expect I would come forward, it showed a surprised face and stopped moving.

Just like before, I cut off its head, and when I looked back at the remaining one, Elena had already defeated it.


I see… so it’s like this.


“It went well. With your [Floating Orb], you can close the distance at once, so you should target the ones on the back.”




As expected from someone who has been a tutor, her teaching method is easy to understand.

Since I have the opportunity, I should learn the basics of teamwork.






Red lines are drawn on the walls and ceiling.

From here onwards is an area called the back of the shallow floors.

In our schedule, we would only be here until the middle of the day, and when I listened carefully, I could hear people’s voices, albeit faintly, in the back.

Those who became adventurers this year must be exploring over there.


That means, we are going to return?


“We can only go this far, let’s turn back. I’ll be the vanguard on our way back, so I’d like you to match your actions with mine. Can you do it?”


So I’m finally at the rear…


Since we switched places, I’ve been standing in front until now, and Elena occasionally gave me instructions to target “right” or “back” from behind, while extending her [Green Fang] like a spear to support me.

In short, I only need to pay attention to vertical movements.

That’s why I was able to respond to the support from behind, even though I had instructions, but…


“Well, you know…”


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”


“The one that you swing around like a whip. It’s impossible for me to match that action.”


It’s a fantasy world, and since there’s magic, there are people like Alex who have powers like the ones in games and manga characters that can do inhuman actions.

If anything, Elena is also a person like a character from the world of games and manga.

But that’s in terms of skill, not power.

I wouldn’t find it strange if she suddenly shouted some technique names.


“I-Is that so…? Then I should use it as a sword…”


She looks a little disappointed. So she actually intended to…

It’s true that our purpose was to test the usability of the item, but let me match that…


“Okay. Then tell me when you want to do it. I won’t get close.”


“……!? Of course. Leave it to me!”


It looks like she really wanted to do it, and her voice sounds lively.

Well, the items are fun after all… I know how she feels.


“Alright, let’s go!”


I feel like she’s a little too enthusiastic, but I wonder if I would have my turn on our way back?







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