Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 019

Chapter 019 


Early in the morning, I came to the Adventurer’s Guild with Elena.


My first exploration yesterday.

I had no injuries and I was just floating all the time, so I thought that it was easy-peasy, but it seemed that I was exhausted, and when I took a nap after lunch, I was sound asleep until morning, even though I only intended to take an afternoon nap.


Thanks to that, I’m very energetic!


“Oh maid girl, are you with Elena today?”


Did he remember me from yesterday? The tough-looking uncle at the reception started talking to me.

It can’t be helped since I really stand out a little.

He seems to know about Elena as well, partly due to the fact that she is the lord’s daughter’s attendant.


“Yes. She will be with me today. We will explore the shallow floors just like yesterday.”


Elena replied to the uncle while filling out the exploration form.

She wrote in the number of members, the names, the affiliations, and the area to explore.

It feels like filling out a hiking notification form, and when I took a peek, it seemed that she had finished writing it.


“Yep. I think you’ll be fine, but don’t die or something.”


The uncle who received the form said the same thing as yesterday, and the other strong-looking uncles around us said the same thing.

To that, I casually answered “Okay~” while waving my hand, and headed towards the entrance to the underground dungeon.


It was the same yesterday, but the atmosphere is relatively friendly.

You can usually become an adventurer after reaching the age of 14 years old.

Some people can also participate as apprentices when they are a little younger, but it seems that they are not very accepted and there are only a few of them.

Looking younger than even apprentices, I thought I would be treated more like a nuisance, but I was surprisingly wasn’t.


According to the rule of the country, the scions of nobles in the territory must experience fighting monsters in the shallow floors of the dungeon at least once or twice before attending school.

This is because they need to fight with weapons in order to protect the commoners in case of emergency.

There are knights, soldiers, and even adventurers, but they still have to be able to fight to some extent.


And since the power relationships are more clearly expressed by titles compared to commoners, they are trained to obey orders from above, even if it was only a child.

This sequence of instructions for the dungeon experience is ordered by the king.

When entering the dungeon, they are told to follow the instructions of the leader, so they seem to follow the instructions relatively well.


On the other hand, in the case of commoner children, the job of being an adventurer itself can’t be said to be reliable, so it seems that naughty or energetic children aim for it, but they don’t listen to their instructors and generally make a lot of mistakes.

That’s why most of them are not recognized and allowed.


Those who know seem to know that I was adopted by Seliana, so it seems that I am somehow treated as belonging to the aristocratic side.


At first, I was told “we won’t do you any harm,” but I feel like I’m even getting special treatment.

I appreciate it~.




“Now then, let’s go. Take out your [Floating Orb].”


After entering the dungeon, I followed Elena’s instructions to take out my [Floating Orb] and ride it.


I was told to refrain from using my [Floating Orb] outside for the time being.


It is vaguely known that gacha requires 10 divine coins.

On the lord’s side, it would be troublesome if they can’t collect divine coins if the commoners save them for some strange reason, and even if they were able to save 10 coins as commoners, it would be a big loss for them if what they get is a miss after using them for gacha, and if a thief were to break into their house to steal them, it wouldn’t be funny.

So it seems that the divine coins will be immediately exchanged as soon as it was obtained.


However, the details of blessings and bestowed items are hardly known to commoners.

And, of course, about ownership restrictions as well.

Perhaps for that reason, very rarely, attacks on people holding bestowed items would ordinary, although never against nobles.

In that case, it doesn’t matter if the assailant’s life is taken in a counterattack, but in my case, I don’t know how much combat ability I have, so just in case.


I don’t have any errands outside, but it’s pretty hard to walk all the way around.

Even if you don’t have to right now, I may have to go out in the future.

So if I show a certain amount of power here, I’ll get permission to use it outside, so I have to do my best!







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