Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 018

Chapter 018 




After returning, when I told Seliana about the results of my first dungeon delve, she was quite surprised.

Seeing her like this is quite precious, considering her usual snobbish face.


The exploration this time was mainly about Alex’s [Red Shield] trial in actual combat and my dungeon tour and practice, so we wandered around the middle of the shallow floors for about two hours.


The dungeon consists of shallow floors, upper floors, middle floors, and lower floors.

The pavement disappears from the middle of the upper floors, the appearance rate of monsters and the number of monsters appearing at once increased, and powerful monsters also began to appear.

The lower floors are full of powerful monsters, and unless you form a party, apply to the guild, and go through an examination, you won’t be able to get permission to explore.

For the shallow floors, as long as you are registered, all you have to do is submit an exploration form so it is quite strict for the lower floors.


I heard that most of the divine coins can be obtained from the middle floors, where there are many strong monsters.

It is a great achievement to obtain three divine coins on the shallow floors.


“What’s wrong?”


From a surprised face that seems to have calmed down, this time she has changed to a slightly bewildered face.

This is also an unusual expression for her, but isn’t it a bad thing to drop a lot of divine coins…?


“Yes… dungeon exploration is one of the vested rights of the lord… Do you know what vested rights are?”


I don’t know how that involves vested rights, but I nodded.

Will I be taxed or something?


“Right. The management of the dungeon is left to the guild, but the adventurers report the divine coins they get in the dungeon. And half of it is presented to the guild, that is, the lord. Although in return, they would also receive preferential treatment for their taxes.




I didn’t make a report, did I?


I looked at Alex and he shrugged his shoulders.


“That’s just an example for ordinary adventurers, and if you are contracted by a noble, which you are, by the way, you have to give one for every three. However, even for the two of them, they only get around three every year. There’s no such thing as getting three in one day.”


“Houhou. I only need to give one to you, right?”


The difference between one coin is huge.


“Also, as you saw, the bestowed items obtained by using divine coins become the property of the master, and then they are granted. I didn’t think you would suddenly obtain divine coins, so I didn’t explain it to you…”


Seliana looks apologetic.

Isn’t this expression from her rare too?


Leave that aside.


“I already have two of them, am I going to give them to you too?”


[Floating Orb] and [Shadow Sword] are my lifelines, so even if I have the right to use them, I’m a little hesitant to give them away, you know?


“It’s what you originally had, so it’s yours. But it’s different for the new things you’ll get from now on.”


“Well, no problem. Here.”


If I have these three things including my [Hideout], I won’t have any difficulties so it’s okay.


“Yes. Well done. I will keep records of it properly, so you need not worry. I will receive the report from Alex, so you can rest now for today.”


“Okie~. Thank you for your hard work~.”


It’s only just after noon, but it’s great to finish my job early.

I should hang around and relax later~.


I made up my mind and left Seliana’s room.




“So, how is she?”


“I can’t say anything about her skills. However, she is very smart. She can listen to instructions and won’t take unneccessary actions. Even without explanation, she tries to cooperate as much as possible, so she’s quite excellent for someone coming from an orphanage. She was able to make good use of the two bestowed items she has, so she’s probably fine even by herself in the shallow floors.”


Alex answered Seliana’s question while remembering how Sera acted inside the dungeon.


“Is that so? Elena, look after her tomorrow.”




“However, it bothers me that she obtained three divine coins in one day. I don’t think there have been any reports of that sort of thing from anywhere else… how curious.”


“Yes. It is a possible total unit for a party exploring the lower floors and monster realms outside, but if it’s just one person and it’s on the shallow floors…”


Elena also continued with Seliana’s words.


“We didn’t do anything particularly strange… but just in case, be careful watching her.”


“I know.”







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